Monday, December 29, 2008

senior model

not knowing what to do since had been idling and staying home, hubby had decided to be the model to chomel's camera. due to the uncertainties of the weather and most of his golf partners are outstation, he's forced to stay home with us. once aamal is back from the kenduri kahwin and in his worn pagoda, faded jeans and old cap, he'd made quite a pose with himself. being a senior, papa had directed the photographer and not vice versa as in normal circumstances. all the posts dalam our gate je and being a guy who has high sense of humour, papa had created few comical scenes and we really laugh thru the shooting. shown are few snaps in his serious mood cos yang lain tuu semuanya muka kelakar je ..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

where the heart is

it's a long holiday, since we're not going anywhere and hubby tak pegi menebas kat padang golf, we'd decided to weed the grass ourselves, tak upah husin or suppaya as planned earlier. hence, on saturday, lepas kena nasi lemak kat ali's corner, hubby, hani and aamal headed for nurseries in sungai buluh. actually it'd been a while since we bought plants kat sg buluh as it's now easier to beli kat kedai jeffry in bch je; banyak kedai bunga dah berubah for new buildings ..

personally, staying home and gardening is where hani's heart is, we're looking for carpet grass, size is approx 3x30 feet, nak ditanam kat tepi sebelah kanan rumah yang dapat sunlight almost half the day. actually those are the questions being posed by ms liew masa kami nak beli rumput, siap ngan teori and khutbah yang berjela, well hubby was very impressed with the explanation then. we'd bawa balik 45 pieces of 1x2 feet philipine type, jenis yang daun kecik and tajam, cam kat golf laa jugak ..

we'd had spent the whole of saturday evening and sunday morning ngan menyangkul, buang the old cow grass and batu bata, menggembur tanah and finally bubuh pasir before tanam rumput. it'd been a hard job especially to aqeel yang jarang pegang cangkul, and no wonder suppaya quoted till rm4,000. aamal was helping us on saturday but she's off to be a photographer at a friend's wedding on sunday. the job was fully completed by 4 pm and we'd then left for kedai makan, hani'd been a gardener and dapur pun tutup for the day ..

over the holidays, kami satu family had upgraded tepian kolam ikan where hubby had simbah batu kerikil to avoid air bertakung and had added few pokok to it.

"where the heart is" by shirley larson, is the novel currently hani's hooked to and it's been sometimes since hani dapat khatam novel yang ada kat arkib ku ini ..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dekat di hati

had attended a wedding reception hosted by one of the smskel clan, az last saturday and was rather shocked since hani and family je kawan yang dijemput. actually az is a teacher in mrsm kelantan and menetap in kubang kerian but had buat jamuan kat rumah one of the sisters in bangi. syahdu bila terdengar jawapan why hani je yang dijemput, the answer is : hani masih dekat di hati

tomorrow, xmas day at 11am, we'll be going to kajang for sara's engagement; sara is the daughter of ani ayi, one of hani's buddy kat office dulu. was initially excited to see old colleagues after 5 months but she ended the invitation with : hani je yang dijemput cos buat majlis kecilan and kami nii sebagai family members ..

on the 14th dec baru nii, received one pos laju with a wedding invitation from arau perlis, it's from liza, who'd spent her maternity leaves kat kampung. she'd called hani few times earlier urging us to attend the reception but we'd to decline due to some urgent matters. she'd then posted the bunga telur

had recently attended pn has punya jemputan raya and again, we're the only kawan yang dijemput since the rest are family members. my immediate neighbour, kak ani had hosted hi-tea in shangrila, hani and family je kawan yang dijemput besides her family ..

jauh di mata dekat di hati - gaya, poram, risam, miton, aar and muhi are the clans and so is nik ming and nik noni. thank you so much to all since hani is still considered as kawan yang dekat di hati and part of the family members. do really pray that the coming new year will be a better and more prosperous year for all of us

Saturday, December 20, 2008

friday nite out

we decided to give kak ani abang faizal a dinner treat last friday before they leave to europe for a month vacation. d'anjung restaurant in sungai choh rawang was the initial venue but we discovered that it's still closed for idul adha and we had to stop at one new restaurant in mutiara rawang for sate, tomyam, ayam merah, kailan ikan masin and udang goreng tepung. we'd ordered kerabu mangga and telur bungkus but till the end, these two dishes tak kunjung tiba. it's really frustrating especially bila kita dah janji nak bagi good dinner ..

aamal and aqeel had urged to singgah at secret recipe for their marble and newyork cheese cake; the adults agreed since we can have our latte and cappuchino besides the cheese cakes for dessert. aliff didnt join us since he'd a date with his friend. we were talking and laughing till almost 10 pm before adjoining the day with a promise of going out for breakfast the next day with kak ani since hubby and abang faizal are going for golf immediately after subuh.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

morning coffee

at 9.30 am yesterday, hani had attended the morning coffee hosted by kak ani abg faizal in her garden since she'll be leaving to europe for a month. the minum2, makan2 and chitchat session lasted till 12.30 noon and only her closest buddies were invited. kak melini and kak mariah came with the cucu, kyra melissa, 3 months and aiyra qistina, 6 months. kak asiah, jamie, kak norlia, ita and hani were there earlier but kak tengku joined us after 12 noon.

it's a pot luck session and hubby had been busy cooking rendang ayam, kuak kacang and nasi impit for hani to bring along. tq z, it's delicious and mendapat pujian dari mak2 dara nii. most of them bawa kuih muih since hani had volunteered to bring the core menu and the host had prepared drinks and fruits. as usual the chitchat session was full of laughter since everyone is updating their current situation; sedar tak sedar it'd been almost 5 months hani being a full time homemaker and time flies so fast ..

yesterday aamal was so sad since her zifi, the hamster yg dibela almost a year had disappeared. zifi nii yg cerdik sikit compared to zifa yang tahu makan and tidur je, zifi and zifa are both male hamster and memang sengaja pilih same sex so that they do not breed. well, guess now she'll bagi zifa to pet shop since she'd decided to bela rabbit. hubby had beli 43 baby japanese carps untuk dilepaskan to his newly completed kolam ikan and aqeel had bought few more guppy to the aquarium. as usual, hani nii tukang kebun kat rumah ..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

baby is 15 ..

15 years ago, when the nation was still busy looking for highland tower's victim, my youngest, aqeel farouqi made his way to the world. he was more than two weeks earlier since we'd anticipated him to be born early january the next year. from small, aqeel was an easy child to be taken care of and being the baby of abang and kakak, he was often been bullied when both of them came home for school holidays ..

those days, aqeel was more a round and shorty boy but now, he's lost lots of weight and is as tall as abang. as a baby, he's the fairest and cutest of them all and bibik had trained him cam budak indon, makan nasi kosong dulu, then only ratah lauk and till now, he'll cubit sikit2 ayam, daging or ikan and never gonggong tulang .. aqeel was always fussy and selective in choosing friends and alhamdulillah, till now he is in good company.

around 3pm, his boy friends were already at our pondok. hubby had been busy helping hani to cook spaghetti bolognoise, french fries and jelly. orange juice is to quench the thirst and earlier, kakak had bought tiramitsu cake. mama and papa's wish to aqeel, be cemerlang dunia akhirat and may aqeel the rich be a reality ..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

sg klah hotspring

hubby is on leave today bersempena keputeraan sultan selangor and we decided to go to sungkai, the sg klah hotspring and spa. around 9am, we left bch to pekan rawang to have heavy nasi lemak at ali's corner. sungkai is just 45 min drive from rawang and it's not that difficult to locate the place since there are many signboards around. tho it's in felda, it's nicely done and the resort and spa was recently officiated by najib.

the entrance fee is rm10 for adults and not knowing that cars can go in freely, we decided to take a walk to the hotspring area. aamal is busy capturing images in the land of serenity. orang dah ramai, tak kira chinese, indians and malays. we saw few bus from majlis perbandaran selayang, it's confirmed that they are holding their family day there. we stopped and tried our feet from one pool to another, from a pool of 30 degree to a 50 degree celcius and there's a place where we can directly boil the eggs, eggs are sold there ..

among us, aqeel's tolerance level to heat is the highest compared to aamal, who's dry all thru and looking after the bags. the toilets and the pools are clean and well taken care. we then decided to swim in one of the pool which is just like the temperature of our heater back home; more than an hour later we're trapped in the heavy rain. it's a beautiful hideout and we decided to visit this sg klah hotspring and spa soon ..

hubby had decided to balik kot jalan lama since he'd missed the mee kicap and pau in tanjung malim. all of us had mee and tapau the frozen pau to be taken back home.

Monday, December 8, 2008

idul adha

yesterday, mon 8th dec umat islam menyambut idul adha and this year, hani and family tak balik beraya kat p'mas cos mum-in-law had requested us to beraya dengannya kat rumah kak long. kat kampung, the family had tumbangkan seekor lembu depan rumah and we missed that .. in bch, hani had cooked nasi dagang with kari ayam and jelatah nenas. trifle and agar2 was for dessert. lepas je solat sunat idul adha, dengan sedikit bekalan kami bergegas kat rumah kak long in desa jaya to see mak, all the sis/bro-in-laws tak sampai lagi. kak long had served us with bakso since currently, lily, the bibik hails from indonesia. we were there till 2pm only since had promised adik2 that hani'll be around after 3pm.

my lil bro, aar and family arrived shortly then, followed by hani's closest colleague, pn has and family. another bro, nd and family joined us later. meriah laa juga beraya haji kat rawang nii bila hani's little nieces and nephews berlari kesana kemari and when the elderly was into carrom .. kak ani and abang faisal came before maghrib and later, wati and sakri joined us for nasi dagang. by 11pm, when everybody had dozed off, hani masih in the kitchen doing the cleaning up ..

Friday, December 5, 2008

dinner treat

last nite, my closest neighbour, kak ani and abang faizal had treat us for dinner at d'chiengmai restaurant in sungai buluh, to say thank you cos had helped them out masa kenduri kahwin fara dulu. now, both the daughters had followed the husbands, ferlynda and the boys had left for france and the newlywed, fara had left for sydney, tinggal laa mereka berdua je.

aliff had reached home earlier for cuti raya haji, managed to join us for dinner. we'd ordered tomyam campur, sweet sour siakap, udang petai, tempura sotong and kerabu mangga. sirap longan is for dessert besides coffee and tea. yummy yummy ..

we went in two cars and anak2 had headed straight home after dinner but the old folks nii boleh singgah for another supper session at ghazali restaurant in bch. we came home around 11pm and another neighbour, kak tengku and abang khalid had requested us to join them at their newly completed pergola. had another round of nescafe before adjoining the day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

balik kampung

sorry since dah more than a week tak jenguk blog nii, actually hani had balik kampung in pasir mas since the 26th nov to 2nd dec. altho it's raining and banjir kat east coast, ianya tak jeopardise our holiday, it'd been a pesta to us .. sepanjang kat kampung, breakfast will be a-dollar of nasi berlauk ayam and a-delicious-50sen pulut pagi .. almost everyday, hani, cek and ayoh dok kat steamer cos it's so cold outside

wed, 26th nov
my lil sis, ayu had fetched us, aqeel, aamal and hani from the airport at 8.30 am; sengaja took the earliest flight cos nak singgah breakfast nasi kerabu kat kedai pak lah in seberang pmas. had nasi kerabu with ayam and daging bakar and siap tapau for cek, ayoh and atok kat rumah, yummy .. lepas je zohor, aya and ayu ikut we all to rantau panjang. the weather was good and we did a little shopping. managed to buy bunga telur yang murah and unique. on the way back, sempat jenguk moksu yam, my auntie who suffered a minor stroke.

thu, 27th nov
it had been raining cat and dog the whole day. we didnt go for a shopping spree but on the look out for delicious mee celup and coconut shake. we had it for lunch and tried mee cambo for dinner.

fri, 28th nov
had our normal breakfast but singgah for another roti goreng while waiting for my sis, ana and her daughter, byla who wanted to follow us to pengkalan kubur. all the while, ayu will be with us and by 11am, we had reached p'kubur, a tax free zone. it'd been a while since we were there and lots of improvement can be seen, it's more or less like petaling street now. we didnt do much shopping but ana had bought 2 5-litre corning casseroles. sampai je rumah, my auntie, mokcik sah and her daughter, cikgu yati came visiting and over the phone earlier, had promised another auntie, che ngah to visit her and dalam kepenatan selepas asar, we left to her house. she had prepared kuih muih ubi kayu based for us, buah salak from her kebun and the daun serai wangi for the steamer.

sat, 29th nov
had received a call from smskel clang, azman and he's on the way to visit hani kat rumah. he's used to coming to our house masa kecik2 dulu and he'd his way with cek and ayoh. he was there till 12 noon. had promised ana to have lunch at her place immediately after azman left. late afternoon, received calls from dr yati and kak nik, confirming on our meeting at moon kopitiam somewhere near pengkalan chepa after maghrib nanti. around 3pm, aya had celebrated madhirah nur aisyah's 1st birthday kat rumah cek; only ana and family dijemput. we had sate, kuihmuih and birthday cake. lepas je maghrib, hani and anak2 left to meet old friends; we reached the place an hour late due to massive jam kat jambatan sultan yahya petra, bus rosak kat tengah2 and dah tersesat jalan. besides dr yati and kak anik, azman had joined us. it was a beautiful nite and we left the place after 12 mid nite.

sun, 30th nov
it's a rainy day and had promised cek to visit an uncle, ayah long in kubang terap who had just completed doing renovation at his villa. they'll be hosting the youngest daughter's wedding, ismazarni, a pathologist in march next year. ayoh long and cek long are ok despite of their age and urging aamal to appear on tv soon. ayu had left for kl, she'd to complete the unfinished task ..
rantau panjang dah banjir, kami anak beranak still went out to makan mee celup and coconut shake kat kedai moksu, it's the best so far.

mon, 1st dec
immediately left to kota bharu after breakfast with aamal and aya looking for batik in bazar buluh kubu. managed to buy batik sedondon fo cek and ayoh before receiving a call from an old friend who owns an outlet kat situ. managed to meet her and terbeli another sedondon suit for hani and hubby, few pieces of batik, kain hantaran and samping songket for aamal's engagement; tho it's on the higher end, hani's happy with the purchase due to its exclusivity ..

tue, 2nd dec
received news that rantau panjang dah clear, with aqeel and aamal, hani had left early in aya's myvi. air masih melimpah di sepanjang jalan, but it's not dangerous and there are lots of people around, it's just like the old days, banjir kecil is just like a pesta to everyone. sesampai je kat kastam r'panjang, terpaksa turned back cos air masih dalam and takut2 myvi aya tak lepas. aqeel and aamal were a little bit frustrated cos masih banyak yang hendak dibeli and hani is supposed to collect the raga hantaran which were ordered earlier. anyhow, singgah kat kilang ayam percik before heading to pasar p'mas. had bought 2 kotak to isi barang2. lepas je zohor, aya and her daughters, enni and sarah had sent us to the airport. had given them a treat after checking in. around 6pm, we are already in papa's car ..