Sunday, March 1, 2009

aamal's engagement

we'd agreed to have aamal's engagement on the 15th feb, sun at 11.30 am after najmi's parents came to visit us a week earlier. hani's bakal menantu is mohd najmi yahya, 24 hails from sri gombak and najmi is aliff's friend since form one in sek men sains raub, pahang. we'd agreed on a simple and small occasion of 5 berbalas 7 hantaran, najmi presented the cincin, sireh junjung, sepersalinan kain baju, telekung and chocolate whereas aamal gave the cincin, sireh junjung, sepersalinan baju melayu, samping songket, quran, sejadah and buah2an.

we'd agreed to utilise pokok2 sekeililing pondok for the mini pelamin, green and off-white as our theme, both for the barang hantaran and bunga telur. hani'd been going back to kelantan to look for the bekas hantaran and the bekas bunga telur to put green scented candles from ikea. tq so much to my sis-in-law, kak liza who'd been busy doing the beautiful and unique hantaran and the garden pelamin. hani had bought white lily as the main item and fresh melur for the sweet smell. hani had catered nasi beriani and soto for more than 200 guests under a white and green-scalloped tent. alhamdulillah and tq to hani's colleagues who had brought many varieties of dessert, guess 4 small tables were used in the pergola accompanied by tea and coffee. tq so much to my bro, nd and cousin, cikgu ismadiha who'd been organising.

en khalid, our neighbour had been the mc and wakil for our side and abang khalid had ceriakan suasana pagi with his spontaneous jokes whereas najmi's father, cikgu yahya is the wakil on their side. najmi's mum, kak atikah had sarungkan cincin kat aamal and hani's father, cikgu lloh had sarungkan cincin to najmi. the doa was then recited by ustaz haji abdullah, imam from sri gombak. it was a sweet one since 2 weeks before, ayoh was hospitalised and bila dapat discharged je, hani had booked flight ticket for cek and ayoh to witness their first grand daughter's engagement. my sisters ana, aya and ayu from kelantan couldnot make it cos it's not school holidays ..

we'd invited guests for lunch, besides the adik beradik, hubby had only invited two cousins, mong came all the way from singapore and kak limah abang sahar from gombak. since hani's cousins are like adik beradik, had invited all the cousins in klumpur and everybody was there to meet cek and ayoh. all our chinese neighbours were around, many of aliff's geng from semesta attended, aamal's friends from st mary, plkn and college were around much earlier and so were aqeel's friends.

nasib baik laa food cukup for every body since after lunch, hani's smskel clans arrived. prof zali from saudi, prof ezani from ukm, prof nal, risam and family, the duta belgrade en asri, selma abe me and ramai clans came, tq to all. lina omar who was recently married to abe soh, from virginia states, usa was then asked to potong cake, pn ha and pn pah from putrajaya had also bawa bunga telur. later in the evening, pn aar, miton and siah came with their hubbies to hani's pondok.