Tuesday, September 29, 2009

open house

last saturday, with the help of all my family members, hani had cooked 5 kilo nasi dagang, gulai darat 7 ekor ayam, acar mentah nenas, timun, carrot and kobis and sambal. nasi impit and kuah kacang were also in our menu list besides jelly tapai, cakes and cookies. our guests were adik beradik hubby, my 3 brothers and closest friends only .. mak yot will be heading to dubai and mak mek will be back to her ranch in canada soon

except mak ngah ani and cik wan, semua anak mak were present and mak was grinning from ear-to-ear especially bila ternampak kelibat busu mail and his family. my brothers nd and ji came for lunch but aar and his family arrived for dinner.

kak ani abang faisal, kak mariah abang razak and jah pak rahman were the only friends invited for lunch whereas kak faizah abang brahim and kasmani rahiman were invited over dinner. aamal had only invited luna who came with mior and her sister, dr farah joint us later in the evening

it was a hectic day since the last guests left us at midnite, but it was full of fun and joy ..

surprise visit

we reached home sweet home at 5.00 am wednesday morning since we left cek's house around 8.30 pm on tuesday; traffic from pasir mas to k'lumpur was not that heavy cos not many likes to travel malam. all of us were sleepy and tired ..

around 11 am, hubby had received a call from his long lost friend, whom he had not met for more than 10 years. fadhil, a petronas staff is now working in kerteh and is back in selayang for hari raya. he and his family are already in the vicinity and plans to see us

there's nothing in the fridge and the store kitchen, maklumlaa after long holiday and had persuaded hubby to buy ingredients for spaghetti at the nearest shop; tup tup hubby balik bawa fadhil's family sekali; fadhil & lina and their 5 kids, his mum and his brother's family, mana tak panic ..

despite of gaining few kilos, lina is as cantik as ever, fadhil pun dah lebar and anak-anak semuanya dah besar2 and the first 3 are already in their final semesters kat uni and college

luckily my 3 kids boleh dikatakan cekap di dapur and aamal had helped to cook the sauce and gave hani and hubby the thumb up to entertain our guests .. tq aliff, aamal and aqeel

aidilfitri 2009

had performed solat sunat idilfitri in masjid pasir mas, every year orang terlalu ramai and we left home as early as 7.45 am tho solat is at 8.30 am. as usual, met many relatives and friends with multi colored baju melayu and baju kurung and sempat laa bermaaf-maafan

rendang ayam kampung, nasi impit, kuah kacang and meehoon goreng were the menu for the first day raya. lepas je makan-makan and bermaaf-maafan we had our normal family photo, this year my brothers fendi and anuzi tak balik kampung since giliran at their in-laws residence

we had received many visitors di sebelah pagi, especially neighbours and kengkawan ayoh; surprised to hear that budak2 kecik gelarkan ayoh sebagai tok guru .. had decided to visit our grand father, atok yasin in kg to'uban after solat zohor. we were served with laksa at my auntie, mokcik sah and her daughter, cikgu yati's house. currently, atok is staying with another auntie and cek ngah had cooked lontong for us. all the sedara mara were there ..

2nd day

ngan cek, hani had rebus 3 kilo daging untuk dimasak nasi daging, had never tried before but with full confident rasa macam pandai je .. tak sangka, it tasted very good and mendapat pujian ramai, cek had buat acar mentah and air asam to accompany the nasi daging. the whole day, kami menerima kunjungan sedara mara yang bertali arus; all the kerabat-kerabat yang jauh dan dekat came to greet ayoh and cek .. everybody was so busy and no photos yang sempat diambil

lessons learnt:
  • lain kali kena guna pinggan kertas je, tak de laa ayu and aamal menjadi penunggu setia kat sink
  • kena pasang khemah cos rumah ayoh dah tak muat untuk menempatkan everybody at the same time
  • get ready one core menu yang lebih banyak

alhamdulillah ayoh's condition had improved a lot but sad to say, my grandpa, who's almost 100 years of age had deteriorated, he'd hardly recognise hani and hubby tho we're his favourites before ..

3rd day

every year, my sister, ana will booked the 3rd day for the open house at her residence; guess this will be the last time buat kat rumah nii cos her new house is almost ready. she'd cooked mee kari, meehoon sup and sate besides fruit pudding, trifle, cakes and cookies. rumahnya penuh ngan relatives on both sides as well as students, riuh rendah ..

since we're coming back to klumpur that nite, had singgah rumah sedara-sedara and kengkawan ayoh yang dah tua; met mokmoh ayohme in lorong haji ahmad before stopping over at ayohlong and ceklong's house, then we left to rumah mak wan and cekgu him; all of them are happy to see us after a while tak ketemu ..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

berbuka kat kampung

this year, we'd celebrated the aidil fitri in pasir mas kelantan; actually we'd planned to celebrate raya puasa in kuala lumpur with mak and in-laws, and going back to kelantan only during hari raya haji, but with ijan's (anak kak ani abang zul) wedding on the 2nd day of raya haji in penang, there's a change of plan .. we'd not meet kak yot and felisa who were back from dubai and mek from canada

friday, 18th sep

we had reached cek's house at about 8 am since we left country homes at around 11 pm on thursday, had stopped over at kak long's house in desa jaya kepong to see mak before leaving to kelantan. queued at gombak's toll for a while since government had declared a free toll after 12 midnite, had to take the kuantan trengganu route since bentong was closed due to very heavy traffic. had our sahur in chukai and at the wee hour, ikan bakar and udang was so fresh .. aliff was on the wheel all night long

my younger brother aar and his family had reached cek's house earlier, they were from segamat since my sis-in-law is now a lecturer in uitm segamat. all of us tidur ngan nyenyak sepanjang pagi and after solat jumaat, kami sempat ke rantau panjang meninjau apa yang patut dibeli and to collect my baju raya at raihan's boutique; sedih cos for the first time, baju raya ku tidak siap tho the material was sent since january this year ..

knowing hubby is so fond of gulai darat itik serati, ayoh had bought 2 ekor and cek had cooked for iftar, we'd queued for ayam percik at lemal and aamal left to bazaar ramadhan to buy buah tanjung and akok. lepas je solat terawih, we left to jalan rantau panjang for colek perut, colek buah and ikan celup tepung, it's so delicious ..

saturday, 19th sep

hani had gone to the market with youngest sister, ayu to buy apa-apa yang patut untuk dimasak during the hari raya. we'd agreed to cook nasi impit, rendang ayam, kuah kacang and meehoon goreng for the first day raya and nasi daging (masakan utara) on the second day since we'd planned to celebrate cek & ayoh's golden jubilee and had invited only sedara mara ..

hubby had volunteered to cook 3 ekor rendang ayam kampung and hani had cooked nasi impit and kuah kacang. meriahnya berbuka since my sister, ana and her family had joint us for iftar and brought along ayam masak pedas since cek had cooked nasi kerabu, daging kunyit and ikan celup tepung, the kids dengan gembiranya bermain bunga api and mercun ..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

selamat hari raya

as usual, we'll be celebrating our aidil fitri in pasir mas kelantan and will be heading home tomorrow till the fourth day of raya. inshaallah today aliff will be driving home after iftar and aamal will be fetching aqeel after her class. my sister-in-laws from dubai and canada will be in kuala lumpur to celebrate hari raya and we'll be meeting them later ..

dikesempatan ini ani / kak ani / gee / cik ning / hani (banyaknya nama .. ) menyusun sepuluh jari memohon kemaafan diatas mana2 kekasaran bahasa atau perbuatan yang telah mengguris hati dan perasaan kengkawan semua di sepanjang pertemuan kita, baik di alam nyata mahupun di alam maya

Sunday, September 13, 2009

another weekend ..

weekends are always happening ..

it started with papa fetching aqeel back home from hostel on friday; for berbuka/iftar, hani had only cooked mixed tomyam and daging goreng kunyit since hubby will be buying ayam golek and kuih muih. aamal is breaking fast with her colleagues and aliff is not back this weekend .. after 11pm we went out to uptown rawang, hani'd never been there altho it'd been opened more than 4 months ago; ada je unplanned items yang dibawa balik

had promised aqeel and aamal to shop the casual baju raya on saturday in 1U, we left home after zohor since we'll be breaking fast at mak ngah's new house in mutiara indah, puchong with mak and adik beradik hubby. there were so many people, just like us, doing the last minute shopping, and there was a show on 'pesta nelayan'. aqeel bought more than he expects and was grinning from ear-to-ear while aamal is still scouting for the mng jeans

we left 1U at 5pm since had promised kak long to wait for them somewhere in kelana jaya since kak long tak tahu jalan to kak ani's house. we reached kak ani's house by 6.30pm, her house is now fully renovated with new furnitures and the landscaping was nicely done. kak ani and menantu2 had cooked nasi ayam and udang celup tepung; with abang zul, hubby had gone out to buy more kuih muih at the bazaar .. besan kak ani arrived shortly and followed by kak liza abang tom and anak2; we really had a good time and the kids siap main bunga api lagi ..

we left kak ani's house around 10pm and kak liza had insisted we dropped by at her house in kota damansara, to collect some things; hubby agreed to the idea and around 1 am, all of us went to the restaurant, papa rich for bersahur ..

an old friend, ainol dropped by early sunday morning, they'd been scouting for bungalow in hani's neighborhood and we're really happy ..

hani had to iron aqeel's uniforms since we'll be sending him back to hostel by 4.30 pm and with aamal, had our berbuka in suraya seafood in rawang town ..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sms clan

we're in a boarding school from 1973 to 1978, we grew up together, tak kira lelaki ke perempuan, had spent a 5-year duration to complete our secondary studies and we're like a big family .. the feeling of closeness and togetherness is not the same as diploma days, the degree time and the master group; to sms clan, who we are or what we are now is not important and we seldom discuss who's who until requesting for sponsorship ..

yesterday, together with hubby, hani attended majlis tahlil, berbuka puasa, solat maghrib and isyak, sunat hajat, sunat terawih and witir at azam's residence, in ukay perdana, ulu klang. azam is one of us and his wife, shima had been in and out of hospital for the last three months. shima had lost so much weight since she'd lost appetite and suffering of pain and ache the whole part of the body; lots of tests had been done and till now, her sickness is still a mystery. our imam, tok rosid lead the prayers and doa diiringi agar shima dapat pulih sepenuhnya ..

we'd nasi bungkus, nasi kukus ayam berempah and plenty of kuih muih yang dibawa oleh clans - hani really feel that we're so closed and really blessed to have friends like the sms clans ..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ready nak raya

today is the 13th ramadhan and syawal bakal menjelang ..

mr suppaya, the gardener dah settle
  • cut the grass and bubuh baja
  • sembur racun kerengga (dah beranak pinak) kat pokok helicornia
  • replant pokok 'tulang' kat luar gate since the big pasu dah pecah masa ribut kuat last thursday
  • kemaskan all the pokok-pokok di sekeliling rumah

baju-baju raya
  • tahun nii, no family color scheme, hence berwarna warni
  • tak beli baju melayu for the guys this year cos baju tahun lepas baru pakai sekali je and will be buying next year for aamal's wedding sekali gus
  • baju kurung for the ladies akan dibeli soon altho baju tahun lepas pakai sekali je .. hahaha
  • baju-baju casual for all dah beli guna isetan vouchers but akan ditambah lagi cos masih ada yang rasa tak cukup
biskut raya (rindu kat saadiah's cream horns)
  • jam tarts, the rock, mini popia yg diorder dah dapat
  • london almond will be delivered next week
  • my chomel had completed buat honey cornflake, actually buat awal nii nak post kat tunang dia ..
  • beli batang buruk bawa balik kampung cos cek loves it
  • will be buying 2/3 jenis nuts and asam
  • will be baking chocolate cakes later
tudung-tudung raya
had ordered beaded tudung-tudung to be distributed to close knit family members and will be getting it by early next week

kereta raya
alhamdulillah, today hubby drove back his new 3.0l 4x4 isuzu d-max to replace our 2.4l nissan terrano which we'd been using for more than 5 years

spring cleaning
since hani not been doing anything, had slowly started to clean the pondok, tak banyak sangat kerja except bersihkan tingkap and ceiling, yang lain tuu sentiasa dilap

no new cutrains, no furniture upholstery and no repaint since dah buat all out last year and before aamal's engagement baru-baru nii

guess we're ready to celebrate raya this year but perlu meningkatkan lagi amalan di bulan ramadhan yang hanya berbaki 2 minggu sahaja - didoakan everybody sihat sejahtera