Thursday, December 30, 2010

alhamdulillah ...

alhamdulillah, aamal and najmi had left for their honeymoon after the wedding reception and they are now in shenszen, hong kong and disneyland for a week ..

hani had been busy with the wedding preparation since aamal is so tied with her work as her telemovie titled 'tiramisu' is very busy shooting .. hani had automatically been the wedding planner and guess, it's not an easy task but alhamdulillah, the wedding turns out to be as planned .. without closed family members' and friends' help, success won't be with us; tq so much to my sisters kak liza who'd designed the hantaran, bilik pengantin and tangga and kak yot (flew in from dubai on friday and out on saturday) who'd resume her normal duty as the bag keeper. the tq so much wish is also dedicated to hani's closest friends in country homes, kak asiah, kak faizah, kak melini, kak tengku and kak ani abang faizal who'd been besides hani all the while. to cikgu sharifah, kak anum and siti hawa as well as the others, tq so much ..

events which had taken place (photos are already uploaded in albums of rahani abdullah's fb)
  • solat hajat dan majlis berinai kecil - khamis malam 16hb disember @ lepas isyak and closed family members and friends je; food served - sate, nasi impit, kuah kacang, karipap, teh o and kopi o
  • bacaan yassin dan marhaban - jumaat 17hb disember @ 10 am, ladies only dan diketuai oleh pn hajjah liza and hajjah hasanah; delicious laksam, kuih badak and rempeyek besides teh o were served
  • majlis akad nikah - jumaat 17hb disember @ 3 pm di pondok kami and in a heavy rain; western food was catered - grilled lamb, chicken wings & drumsticks, spaghetti, mushroom soup and garlic bread, sausages, corns, fruits and apple kiwi as the drink
  • majlis persandingan - sabtu 18hb disember di pondok kami and the weather was so good; nasi beriani, ayam goreng berempah, daging bistik, sambal sotong, acar buah, dalca, buah2an dan air sirap oren; kat sudut kopi - kopi o, teh tarik, mee/mee hoon soto, kuih bakar, bengkang ubi dan kuih bengkang
  • majlis bertandang - ahad 19hb disember @ 12.30 pm di dewan beringin seri gombak; rombongan kami is almost 70 orang
syukur ke hadrat illahi kerana semuanya berjalan seperti yang dirancangkan .. tq so much to all friends (lama dan baru) yang sudi singgah ke pondok kami bagi memeriahkan majlis persandingan puteri tunggal kami, aamal farhain zakaria dan mohd najmi yahya ..

inshaallah, we'll meet again next year for majlis buat putera sulung kami, aliff firdaus dan dr khairunnadia kamaruzaman .. amin amin amin

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iduladha 2010

oopss, sorry for letting this page full with spider webs .. guess been busy with aamal's wedding preparation

for another 2nd consecutive year, we'd celebrated hariraya korban @ aidil adha in kuala lumpur and my daughter aamal cannot be away from her very busy schedule. as usual, kami mengerjakan solat sunat aidiladha di masjid country homes before going to kak asiah abang din's place for breakfast. we were served with nasi minyak and ketupat pulut ..

from kak asiah's bungalow, we left to meet mak and the siblings at mak icah's house where abang tom was very busy at the bbq site. many varieties of food were on the table since we'd planned for pot luck and hani had brought along spaghetti, mak ngah with her pasembor and besides the lamb and chicken wings for bbq, mak icah had also cooked nasi lemak; it's just like the food galore event ..

left mak icah's house after zohor since we'd promised kak faizah abang ibrahim with her daging korban; they'd the whole cow for them and we really enjoyed the get together, the food and the laughter. we were there till almost 7pm ..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

big 5

last tuesday 9th nov 2010, it's hani's 50th birthday and hubby had arranged a surprised birthday dinner with closed family members and friends at our pondok; except hani's chomboy, aqeel who's in the hostel and kak faizah was in trapped in alor star, the rest of the quorum were able to make it .. kak asiah came with a full set of nasi tomato and kak ani abang faisal with the american chocolate cake ..

initially hubby had informed hani that he's taking the family out for dinner after maghrib but after the arrival of few friends, hani knew that he'd arranged something .. tq so much to my hubby who'd made the day as a special day, aliff, aamal & najmi who came back early from work and hani's closest buddies .. tq so much for the gifts and the prayers

hani had received hundreds of wishes and prayers from the fb friends .. tq so much for the thought and glad to know you

Thursday, October 21, 2010


received text message early this morning, friday 22nd oct 2010 from a colleague, pn norbaini "baru dapat berita yang pn nor azizan che will meninggal" .. and a message at hani's fb from pn redziah quoting the same meaning ..

nor azizan che will was 2 years hani's junior in diploma in electronics engineering itm shah alam; we were then attached to sekolah latihan telekom timur based in marang trengganu. zae, as she's widely known hailed from pasir putih kelantan, married to en abdul mohamad, an engineer in telekom and have 7 grownup children ..

zae knew of her stage-4 lung cancer early last year and she'd opted out from work in june this year. over a phone conversation with hani late last month, she's still in a good condition despite of some back ache; vividly remember what zae's last words "kak ani, u r so lucky cos dapat enjoy life, tak mace zae" ... innalillah hiwainna ilaihi rojiun and al-fatihah to my buddy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


wednesday 20102010 a beautiful date indeed ... at 5.03 am, ijan and zulia's first baby was born ie: mak ngah ani's second grand daughter at naluri's maternity clinic in setiwangsa ..

and am wishing happy birthday to my beautiful friends, roslina omar, siti norhayati ahmad and noraishah ramlan .. stay the way u r and may the blessings be with u all always ..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

updating ..

so sorry, had been sometimes since hani blogged and hhmmm .. nukilan hani is full of spider web; to be frank, hani is not that very busy with aamal's wedding preparation since most of the activities are already sub-contracted .. and guess hani had been wasting most of my time on face booking ....

aznoran, hani's colleague who's recuperating from 'senseous disorder' came visiting with her faithful son, irfan moha, after her followup checkup at pantai medical center. noran had improved a lot since the last hani met her and she's still on daily physiotherapy treatment in seremban hospital .. praying hard for aznoran's speedy recovery

towards the end of syawal, a long lost friend and the family found her way to our pondok (the children had rekindled their friendship via the facebook) and hani had congratulated her for being a high-ranked officer and mum-in-law .. but her news had shaken hani's day "saya dimadukan 3 tahun yang lalu and just can't proceed with it any longer" ... we were both crying cos it had not been expected from her husband who seemed to love and care the family so much ... life is just full of unexpected news then

aamal's wedding preparation is almost 90% complete since the forms are fully signed .. the cards are ready to be distributed and the door gifts are done ... who's doing what were already informed and do really pray that everything will turned up as planned .. amim amin amin

Sunday, September 12, 2010

eid 2010

selamat hariraya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin dari hani & famili buat semua followers di nukilan hani nii; maklumlaa hani hanya insan yang lemah dari segala segi ...

friday, 10th sep 2010

aidilfitri 2010 disambut sederhana dipondok kami dibch rawang; bersembahyang solat hariraya aidilfitri bersama ribuan jemaah lain di masjid cahaya iman di bandar country homes tepat jam 8.30 pagi with only a-15 min khutbah raya; hani had cooked 3 kilo nasi dagang ngan gulai darat ayam with jelatah nenas and sambal ..

hubby had welcomed our first visitor, mr chin who had brought along a bag of chocolate; kak tengku abang khalid dropped by before leaving to melaka and kami sempat bermaaf maafan. then wati sakri ngan anak2 arrived before kak ani abang faizal. later, kak asiah abang din & family arrived before leaving to kedah and followed by mr leslie, our fashion designer who'd brought along mini karipap and dodol ..

all of us left to kak melini's, there are already many guests and we'd to cut short our stay when we received a call from zarul, our nephew who is already in front of our pondok; after solat jumaat, with zarul & family, we'd left to see mak at kak long's place in desa jaya kepong. only sarah & the kids were there since mak ngah, mak icah and busu mail had just left to mak icah's at kota damansara. kak long had served us with lontong and so many other food; as usual, our family photo session is full of laughter tho with only one third of saat's ..

all of us then left to mak icah's place where we were served with laksa johor, ketupat palas, rendang and etc. tho it rained we're again in our transport to mak ngah's in mutiara indah bukit puchong where mak ngah had served us with ketupat palas, rendang and so many more. had received a call from kak melini informing us that his son, mr jay is coming over to our pondok. we left puchong after 10pm with a very heavy stomach and aching body ..

saturday, 11th sep 2010

hubby had left for his golf as early as 6.30am and by 9.30am he's already having breakfast with us back home. leaving aqeel behind since he's to study for his trial spm, we left to digital mall in pj cos hubby is replacing hani's compact camera; we'd bought a semipro nikon camera for hani's usage since aamal's camera is too bulky and too sophisticated for hani to carry around .. then, we're in a busy midvalley since hubby's collecting his serviced watch, then had our lunch at kenny rogers ..

sunday, 12th sep 2010

we'd agreed to go to sepang gold coast and had left our pondok at 10am; stopped for breakfast in kaya kopitiam at r&r sungai buloh. it's a 2-hour journey and we'd reached sepang gold coast at noon; the place is already congested with people, especially the chinese. sepang gold coast ws properly planned and the place is heaven but the beaches are muddy and dirty; we'd taken few shots with our new bought nikon camera.

we're craving for seafood in bagan lalang but the shops are only opened at night; thus hubby had decided to follow the coastal roads to morib since the children had never been there before; we passed telok gadong, the place where bodies and ashes of datok sosialwati lawiya were found; we'd seen police helicopter, many police cars and the tv stations transport around besides so many people curios for the latest updates ..

been a long time since hani was in morib, and now, the place is still under construction and being a holiday, there're so many people around; had our sotong bakar and air tebu before sitting comfortably in hani's kitchen for sate kajang .. hubby had received a call from his buddy, mr mamud who'll be stopping over at our pondok after maghrib; we'd served them with spaghetti bolognoise ..

monday, 13th sep 2010

hubby had left for his golf after solat suboh and aliff had left for work around 8am. with aamal, who is still on leave, hani is going to buy things for aamal's wedding. hubby will be fetching mak this evening ...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cuti nuzul quran

it's a public holiday for selangor and we (except aliff, who's working in kl) decided to go back to pasir mas, visiting cek and ayoh. hubby's plan is to see hani's 100 years old grandfather who was staying with cek and his condition is deteriorating and our close neighbour, pak cik razak is recuperating from his heart operation ... and shopping galore in pengkalan kubur and rantau panjang too

on thursday, aamal was on leave but hubby went to his office for a while; at 2pm, we left pondok to pick aqeel from the hostel and had our break fast in gua musang where we'd sup daging and perut, ayam masak merah, kangkung belacan and telur dadar. had dropped over at kelantan bistro (besides p'mas police station and near lorong hj ahmad) for more makan2 and hani had a delicious plate of colek perut. reached parent's house around 11 pm ..

early friday morning, with hubby, we had visited pak cik razak who's now, so much better and then, with only ayu & aamal, hani left to pengkalan kubur for window shopping .. after solat jumaat, all of us went to rantau panjang and our d-max was fully loaded with door gifts for aamal's wedding .. we're so happy since ana and family had joint us for break fast where cek had cooked nasi kerabu, percik ayam, lemak ketam and etc ..

hubby and aqeel had left early morning for berurut session and by 12 noon on saturday, we're ready to visit my dearest friend dr norhayati razak @ mek ti in kubang kerian and she's recovering from her knee operation; had managed to persuade her to tag along to kedai seriemas in jalan merbau for kelantan's delicacies and hani had bought kuih akok, buah tanjung, jala emas, tahi itik and pauh dilayang in a large quantity since we'll be bringing back to kl for our dearest friends to taste it .. had stored at my sister's (ana) fridge

after solat terawih, hani had planned to meet up with old friends, dr razali md zin & wife, cikgu karimah who're back from saudi arabia and azman yusof, the manager of khalifah inn in lemal but the mee udang shop was closed and we decided to meet at kelantan bistro .. lots of catching up to be done and we're there till 1 am ..

we're to shoot back to kl on sunday morning but had decided to leave in the afternoon since our sambal daging yang ditempah earlier will be ready by 10 am; hani had taken the opportunity to go to the market to buy beras nasi dagang, rempah2 and macam2 lagi .. had then left rumah cek after 12 noon

since aliff had planned to break fast with his colleagues, we decided to have ours in selayang and by 9 pm, we'd reached home sweet home .. it was a happy and hectic journey tho ..

cuti nuzul quran

it's a public holiday for selangor and we (except aliff, who's working in kl) decided to go back to pasir mas, visiting cek and ayoh. hubby's plan is to see hani's 100 years old grandfather who was staying with cek and his condition is deteriorating and our close neighbour, pak cik razak is recuperating from his heart operation ... and shopping galore in pengkalan kubur and rantau panjang

on thursday, aamal was on leave but hubby went to his office for a while; at 2pm, we left pondok to pick aqeel from the hostel and had our break fast in gua musang. had dropped over at kelantan bistro (besides p'mas police station and near lorong hj ahmad) for more makan2 and hani had a delicious plate of colek perut. reached parent's house around 11 pm ..

early friday morning, with hubby, we had visited pak cik razak and then, with only ayu and aamal, hani left to pengkalan kubur to survey for door gifts .. after solat jumaat, all of us went to rantau panjang and our car was fully loaded with door gifts for aamal's wedding .. we're so happy since ana and family had joint us for break fast where cek had cooked nasi kerabu, percik ayam, lemak ketam and etc ..

hubby and aqeel had left early morning for berurut session and by 12 noon on saturday, with hubby, who's already back home and aamal, hani went to kebang kerian visiting my dearest friend dr norhayati razak @ mek ti who's recovering from her knee operation; had managed to persuade her to tag along to kedai seriemas in jalan merbau for kelantan's delicacies and hani had bought kuih akok, buah tanjung, jala emas, tahi itik and pauh dilayang in a large quantity since we'll be bringing back to kl for our dearest friends to taste it .. had stored at my sister's (ana) fridge

after solat terawih, hani had planned to meet up with old friends, dr razali md zin & wife, cikgu karimah who're back from saudi arabia and azman yusof, the manager of khalifah inn in lemal but the mee udang shop was closed and we decided to meet at kelantan bistro .. lots of catching up to be done and we're there till 1 am ..

we're to shoot back to kl on sunday morning but had decided to leave in the afternoon since our sambal daging yang ditempah earlier will be ready by 10 am; hani had taken the opportunity to go to the market to buy beras nasi dagang, rempah2 and macam2 lagi .. had then left rumah cek after 12 noon

since aliff had planned to break fast with his colleagues, we decided to have ours in selayang and by 9 pm, we'd reached home sweet home .. it was a happy and hectic journey tho ..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

20th - 22nd aug 2010

friday, 20th august

aliff was not back for break fast since he'd a date with his mmu friends in nelayan, titiwangsa. aamal had break fast at the shooting site in kayangan heights, shah alam. aqeel was not allowed to be back home this weekend. thus, it's only hubby and hani ..

hubby came back early from work and we'd decided to break fast at kenny rogers, the curve; had met mak icah and the family as well as ijan & zulia who happened to be at little penang .. hubby had managed to grab a white shirt and hani had bought a white blouse ...

saturday, 21st august

with hubby and aamal, hani had left home as early as 11.30am .. we're supposed to go to jalan ipoh to print our huge family photo, then to jalan pudu to collect aamal's wedding card and to jalan tar to collect the baju melayu and aamal's wedding dress ...

aamal is on standby since her telemovie is on shooting mode; altho she'd excused herself not to go down to the set, she's still receiving lots of phone calls which needs her advice ... we'd sent our photos for printing in jalan ipoh before meeting en zainal from lambang kasih to collect the wedding cards in jalan pudu ...

by 4.30pm aamal had received a phone call from siti, the executive producer to be one of the talent since the artist couldn't make it. we'd to cancel our trip to jalan tar and headed straight to the location. aamal is to be the presenter and after an hour of makeup, she's ready for action. aliff was waiting at the curve since we had planned to break fast at bubba gump and we managed to leave the location by 7pm ...

sunday, 22nd august

we went to fetch aqeel from the hostel around 12 noon and headed straight to ampang park to buy tudung for ayu and hani since my favourite shop, silk shop is only in ampang park. then, we left to wangsa walk to purchase aqeel's ration as well as window shopping; there were so many people around preparing for the raya celebration ... before sending aqeel back to hostel, we'd stopped over at leha kel food in wangsa melati for ayam percik, kerabu mangga, kuih buah tanjung, akok and belbab ubi ...

after not eating rice for 3 days, we're so happy cos the food bought was delicious and having it at home sweet home ..

Friday, August 20, 2010

ramadhan al-mubarak

selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak to all ... today is already the 11th day of ramadhan and guess this year, is the best ever ramadhan since hani had only missed 2 days of sunat teraweh and witir at masjid annur, bch ...

my eldest, aliff still managed to come home for break fast with hubby and hani but not my chomel, aamal who normally eats in the office or at the shooting set and hani's youngest, aqeel will only be back during weekends ..

normally for break fast, hani will cook rice and the main dishes but the dessert/kuih will be bought at the bazaar ramadhan. together with kak asiah abang din, we'll be stopping over at bidayah or ghazali after solat and will be having our drinks and noodles or roti canai before bading good nite .. we'll be up at 5am for sahur and it'll only be milo and kurma for all of us ..

hani had been trying hard to khatam quran this ramadhan and will read more pages after solat subuh compared to solat zuhur .. we'd planned to go back to pasir mas this friday (cuti nuzul quran) since we'll be celebrating idul fitri with hubby's family in kuala lumpur ..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fever, flu & cough

since last friday, the whole family were down with fever, flu and cough. it started with aliff who got it from office and was then spread to hani and then hubby. aamal who spent most of her time in the office is still sparred and so is aqeel, who is in hostel ..

aliff had fully recovered but not hubby and hani; twice, we'd visited our dr jamil in tasik puteri and hope that hani'll be ok by this week .. had not been visiting my friend, aznoran for a week and today, her son irfan had called hani asking about my condition ...

Monday, July 26, 2010

alhamdulillah ..

syukur kepadaNya di atas rezeki yang telah dikurniakan

  • aliff, my eldest and aamal, my second, had started work after years in college
  • always surrounded by loved ones - family members and friends; had received early wedding gifts for hantaran, bunga pahar and door gifts
  • able to attend kuliah agama bulanan arranged by the perintis, sms clans
  • with hubby and aamal's help, managed to look after mak when the maid ran away ..
  • had nursed a friend, aznoran who'd suffered from Guillian Barre Syndrome which affects the nervous system (the whole body, except the brain is numb) 3 days a week in pantai medical center
berdoa agar senantiasa dilimpahi dan diberkali ... amin amin amin

Monday, July 19, 2010

busy week

last week was rather a busy week since mom-in-law was around. every morning, before hubby left to work, he'll buy breakfast for all of us and had helped hani bathe and settled mak's needs ...

on monday, after sending aqeel back to hostel (he'd missed school due to world cup final), we'd fetched mak at mami's house; the maid had again left us handicapped ...

tuesday morning, en hadi from sentosa catering and canopy came with the quotation for aamal's wedding ...

wednesday morning, kak melini and wati came to visit mak and followed by kak mariah from desa jaya. we'd received early gifts from kak asiah abang din who had given us the door gift's to aamal's wedding ..

thursday @ 11am, mami came to fetch mak cos mak is having an appointment on friday. then, hani had escorted kak faizah for nini's engagement spree and aamal left for her interview

friday - hubby was on medical leave due to flu and cough and after friday prayer's we'd left to fetch aqeel from hostel. aamal had fetched awanis (hani's niece) in uitm shah alam after her work interview

saturday - had prepared sardine sandwiches for breakfast and bought nasi2 lemak for the kids. by 1pm, we'd left to 'the club' for ira's pool birthday party .. it's a great event and eddie and ija had organised it so well; left the club at 5pm .. immediately after maghrib, we left to dr noreha zailan's house in d'villa botany in kota damansara for kuliah agama bulanan with the sms clans ..

sunday - had cooked nasi ayam for lunch and had pledged fendi to send awanis back to shah alam since we'll be sending aqeel back to gombak

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

thinking aloud

alhamdulillah, whatta relief ... ibrahim & fara's as well as su & eddie's wedding went very smoothly ... hope that the newly wedded couple will live happily ever after

now, najmi had left for a 3-month job stint and will only be back a month before the wedding and guess, he'd completely assigned his wedding task. hani has to put more focus for aamal's wedding since it's just around the corner .. we'd planned for a simple and sweet occasion at our pondok with khatam quran & marhaban and a small traditional majlis berinai before the akad nikah. as for the hantaran, mak icah had been assigned to lead with white and maroon roses ...

with aamal's consent, hani had booked and confirmed the pelamin as well as makeup & accessories; wedding cards had been sent for printing and the wedding attire are now at the tailor. aamal had chosen her friend, anas for the camera and faisal for the video ... but we're still in dilemma with the food catering & the canopy ... and still having an open opinion for the door gifts

we will be hosting a pre-wedding meeting after raya among family members for individual job assignment and will be discussing in detail on the event agenda

really wish that aamal's wedding is free from lots of hassle ... and things turn out to be as planned .. amin

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

busy alas happy week

this saturday, 26th june, mami's youngest son, ibrahim & fara as well as kak asiah abang din's eldest, suraya & eddie will be holding their wedding reception concurrently ... this week is scheduled to be a very busy and happy week since hani will be helping kak long mami and kak asiah withe their final wedding preparation, alas so happy since surrounded by loved ones ..

monday - no jogging cos puasa sunat hari isnin and the only day left to do the house chores

tuesday - went jogging and before lunch, with aamal, we were already at mami's house in desa jaya; kak ani abang zul and kak liza were already there. we'd made over the bride's bedroom and the staircase while brainstorming for the living and pelamin decorations

wednesday - jogging, will be leaving to mami's house before lunch for the pelamin and living room decor; had to stopover at sunenergy and ssf to buy more flowers and sponges. after maghrib, we will be at kak asiah's house in country homes to wrap cakes and goodies for the marhaban group

thursday - no jogging since will be at kak melini's house by 9am to help with the bunga rampai for kak asiah; inshaallah by 2.30pm will be attending datin nik noraini's kelas fardhu ain at pn rohana's house and after maghrib, will be at kak asiah's place for majlis berinai kecil

friday - will be at mami's house since morning for final touchups, majlis berinai and the lamb bbq. will rush back to country homes before 6pm for suraya's akad nikah at 9.30pm then ..

saturday - aim & fara's wedding reception in FRIM with lilac as the color scheme; hubby & hani are assigned to welcome the guests and aamal & najmi will be the bridesmaid ... will be missing suraya and eddie's wedding in country homes

sunday - will be fetching aqeel from hostel to attend hadiyati @ mak mek & family's farewell lunch at 'the club' before they leave to australia ..

* my brother-in-law from kelantan, cikgu bakarudin and niece, awanis will be arriving via firefly on friday at 10.55 pm - awanis will be registering for the CAT (UK) in UITM shah alam on saturday morning, had liased with brother fendi to look after ..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

hectic day

yesterday, 20th june passed by with a very hectic and busy mode; we'd to be in stadium ATM, sungai besi by 7.45 am and had to send aqeel back to hostel before 6pm .. alhamdulillah, we'd spent the whole day with loved ones ..


papa left for golf after subuh and aliff left to genting with his friends before najmi came to fetch aamal for kursus kahwin kat masjid taman tun dr ismail; hani was left with aqeel who's finishing his school folio. papa came back and took us out for lunch in restoran ikan laga, rawang where we'd ikan patin gulai tempoyak and asam pedas ikan merah. on the way home, had dropped by at kak asiah abang din's bungalow to see their final wedding preparation which is due this 26th june; was then busy ironing aqeel's school uniform before staying put in front of tv set for father's day cerekarama


left pondok at 7am since hani'd had promised zul & bit to meet them at 7.45 am in muzium angkatan tentera in sungai besi. had not met bit & zul for quite sometimes but been actively communicating with the couple via facebook. the couple were hani's buddy during our diploma days in itm shah alam and now, they are the proud owner of IQSB (info quest sdn bhd) whose company had been exposing students to flight simulators and aspiring them to be pilots. aqeel plans to be a pilot after his spm and the personal invitation from uncle zul & auntie bit had really inspire him to do well in his coming spm. he was at the simulator for more than 4 hours and we were impressed by his skills and passion ...

after lots of persuasion, we'd bade goodbye to bit & zul with a promise to have lunch in the new future and now, heading to mami's house to pay mak a visit before sending aqeel back to hostel. we'd a very good lunch at e&o kari kepala ikan in taman wahyu. had met mak, mami, ayah, farah and busu mail & family and we were making final adjustment for ibrahim's weding reception this saturday .. by 3.30pm, we had left to send aqeel to gombak ..

by 5.30pm, hubby and hani were at mak icah's house in kota damansara to meet sis-in-law, hadiyati @ mak mek and family who are from canada. aamal joint us after her kursus kahwin and by 7pm, hubby urged us to be back since he's gonna watch football match at home ....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

she is 22

this had been a belated posting since our only princess, aamal farhain turned 22 on 7th june .. no big birthday celebration was held but saturday, the 5th june, the whole family were out for seafood dinner in port klang together with her fiance, najmi, whose 25th birthday was on 2nd june ..

my chomel was born in husm, kubang kerian via c-section and weighing at 3.8kg when abang is 3 years and 4 months old. as a baby, she's so easy to handle despite of having a loud and shrinking voice ... being the younger of the two, she'll always get her way till the arrival of baby aqeel when she's almost 6 years old ...

aamal had never attended pre-school since she cried the loudest in class and started schooling in sksu, selayang till std 3, she had completed her primary studies in st mary's. chomel then continued her secondary studies and staying at sultan ibrahim secondary school's hostel in pasir mas, kelantan before registering herself in mmu melaka doing her alpha studies in law ... a year in melaka, she'd then surprised us by enrolling in diploma in broadcast studies in akademi tv3 (miim) in setiawangsa, k'lumpur. now, aamal had graduated with a diploma and currently, she's a freelance focusing on photography and videography ..

being the only rose among the thorns, aamal was as active as the boys and those days, hani was a little worried cos she just refused to wear gown and dresses, instead she'll be happy to be seen in shorts and shirts. we're so happy when chomel had opted to be more feminine and girlish compared to being a tomboy as she matures gracefully ... 15th feb '09, aamal had tied a knot with najmi and the wedding is planned to be in december this year ..

doa mama buat chomel "jadilah seorang isteri mithali yang setia buat suami dan seorang anak yang sentiasa berbakti terhadap kedua ibubapa dan semoga hidup anak mama senantiasa diberkati dan dirahmati" ... amin amin amin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

aim & fara's wedding

saat's family were in penang from the 10th june - 13th june to celebrate ibrahim mansor (mami's youngest) and farah hasniza hassan's wedding in bayan baru. we're in eden seaview apartment in batu feringghi and the nikah was successfully done in masjid bayan baru after solat jumaat. we'd never witness a mass wedding before where 5 pairs of newly brides were solemnized at the same time in front of a very big crowd ...

farah's reception was held at dewan masyarakat penyayang, besides the governor's mansion at 8.30pm on saturday. we'd a grand welcome an the event went smoothly till 10pm with the makan beradab and majlis tepung tawar ... we were caught in a heavy jam to batu feringghi then ..

Monday, June 7, 2010

jemputan makan ..

had been attending so many 'makan' invitations lately ... almost every weekends ada je jemputan kahwin, kenduri kesyukuran atau birthday party, apatah lagi di musim cuti sekolah nii ...

lunch, 29th may - we were in puchong, anak dara abang mokhtar & kak kiah, sepupu hubby; all in the family were in lilac and purple and so is the pelamin, canopy and the door gifts ..

dinner 29th may - ngan kak asiah & abang din, we'd attended datin puteh & dato ikram son's wedding in quality hotel, shah alam ... the theme was of green, white and red and the bride & groom were so radiant in siver. it's awesome since the master of ceremony who was once a popular singer had rendered few evergreen love songs ... dato' nizar jamaluddin, who is the groom's uncle had also given a short tazkirah before the hosts gave the thank you note ...

lunch 5th june - kenduri kesyukuran at kak ani abang faisal's bungalow sempena kelahiran remi yusoff, ferlynda's 3rd son ... relatives and few closed friends were there and we're served with delicious nasi campur, pulut kuning and kuih muih ..

dinner 5th june - the whole family were in bagan restaurant, port klang to celebrate aamal and najmi's birthday; najmi's birthday is on the 2nd june whereas aamal's on the 7th june ... we'd varieties of seafood, ketam goreng cili, buttered prawns and squids, sweet sour lala, ikan jenahak steam ngan asam and jugs of orange juice ..

tea 6th june - the whole saat's clans were at mak ngah ani's house in mutiara indah, puchong to celebrate zara's 3rd birthday .. we were served with nasi lemak, ayam goreng, rendang and roti jala with kuah durian besides the delicious birthday cake ..

Monday, May 31, 2010

saat's bowling

after carom, table tennis and futsal matches, the saat's clans had decided to celebrate the family day at cineleisure bowling center in curve / 1utama on saturday, 22nd may recently .. around 30 of us were there; sarah & family had represented mami's family, mak ngah ani & abang zul as well as ijan & zulia, mak icah & abang tom, eddie & ija & ira, bell & ijal & daymi, aryl and ellis as well as hasan & whole family had enlighten the day ...

we'd met at 5pm and surprisingly to see all in mak icah's family came in red t-shirts. hubby is a real sportsman since he'd won the overall champion, followed by nephews ijal and ijan .. mak icah, mak ngah and ija had showed their gymramic skill in bowling and sarah is our shalin zulkifli in the making (both the outfit and skills) ... all of us inclusive of the young ones had enjoyed the get together and and the event had adjourned at 10pm after having our western dinner at d'fortune restaurant in menjalara, kepong ...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

he's 50 ..

hubby turned 50 yesterday, 19th may 2010 ... with aliff and aamal who were home (aqeel is back in the hostel), hani'd planned for a surprised and small makan2 with closed friends only .. kak ani & abang faisal, kak tengku & abang khalid, kak melini, kak asiah & abang din, kak faizah & abang brahim (nini is back from college) and hanif & sharifah (.. and hannan cutie). najmi is just back after a-3-months stint ...

menu of the day - mee tulang, fruit cocktail pudding, keropok lekor, trifle and tiramitsu cake; grape juice and teh o were also served ...

hubby, zakaria @ hasan is a guy who'll take birthdays seriously and guess he's a little upset when hani told him that we're not gonna have anything for this year's birthday and will only celebrate on the 22nd may, ie saat's family day ... he came back before 4pm from work with the intention of taking us out for dinner in one of his favorite restaurants in kuala lumpur. he was a little bit suspicious when we declined the offer (had never done that before) and after 8pm, he's grinning from ear-to-ear when one after another families arrived ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

may 2010

every year, the month of may will be quite a busy month for us ...
  • 1st - labor day
  • 3rd - abang faizal's 63rd birthday
  • 9th - mother's day
  • 10th - kak ani faisal's birthday
  • 14th - abang khalid's 55th birthday
  • 15th - usrah bulanan at pok teh and cekgu saidah's house in kota warisan, sepang
  • 19th - hubby's 50th birthday
  • 22nd - saat's family day at bowling centre, 1U
on saturday, 8th may
with papa and aamal, we went to jalan pudu scouting for aamal's wedding card; hani had never been to that area and it's a little frightening ... selected few designs and will be back to confirm once najmi is back from his voyage. then, we went to plaza pudu since papa is helping aamal to buy speed light and few accessories for her camera. had our late lunch in sambal hijau restaurant in sungai penchala. papa & aamal had bought a small cheese cake for mother's day ...

on sunday, the 9th
we'd fetched aqeel from the hostel and heading straight to the yong tow foo restaurant in setia wangsa. then we decided to go to wangsa walk to see the computer external hard disc and buying something for mak on mother's day ... left to mami's house with chocolate cake and roti boy besides the tea set from harmonika ...

monday, 10th may
hubby is on leave and we went to mps to settle the tax, then headed to aamal's college to collect her transcript, etc ...

saturday, 15th may
hubby will be attending the golf tournament in glenmarie, shah alam at 10 am and hani had promised the clans that will be attending the usrah bulanan at pok teh's house in kota warisan, sepang; it's also their house warming since pok teh and cikgu saidah had just shifted to this beautiful and big house. luckily aamal is willing to drive and join our session; tq so much dear chomel .. hani had been missing for the last 2 months since it coincides with hubby's golf and we're outstation. had met our long lost friend, rahana zakaria, hani's classmate whom had never cross path since our mce days ..

reached country homes after 11pm and with aamal, had dated papa and aliff at bidayah .. papa had came home with fat vouchers from jusco, a brand new golf and computer bags, a 4G pendrive, medals besides t-shirt and cap .. bravo dear

sunday, 16th may
had fetched aqeel from the hostel and we'd headed for bambinos pizza in setiawangsa before spending most of our time in jusco, keramat. papa had bought a brand new golf pants, aliff had taken 2 new slacks and aqeel had brought home a new short and 2 shirts. the ladies had chosen only the undies ... before sending aqeel back, we'd stopped at sate kajang

we were with mak at kak long's house till papa received a call from his childhood friend, mazlan who hails from kedah .. we'd never met him for more than 20 years and he's waiting for us at the food court. mazni and his family joint us later ...

with the new version, had problems in uploading the photos since it fails to move and drag ...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


dah berkali2 ku ulangi membaca artikel ini .. dan untuk renungan semua ..

Berapa ramai yg sanggup menyuapkan ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup mencuci muntah ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup menggantikan lampin ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup membersih najis ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup membuang ulat dan mencuci kudis ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga ibunya?
Dan akhir sekali
Berapa ramai yang boleh sembahyangkan jenazah ibunya?

Seorang ibu meminta tolong anaknya memcuci pinggan. Tiba-tiba anak itu menghulurkan sekeping kertas lalu si ibu terus membaca.

Kos upah membantu ibu:

1. Pergi kedai - 3 ringgit
2. Jaga adik - 3 ringgit
3. Buang sampah - 2 ringgit
dan seterusnya

Ibu tersenyum dan mengambil sebatang pensel lalu menulis dibelakang kertas yang sama.

1. Kos mengandung dengan penuh dugaan -percuma
2. Kos kesakitan melahirkan umpama telur dihujung tanduk -percuma
3. Kos berjaga malam kerana menjaga - percuma
4. Kos memberi susu ibu - percuma
5. Kos air mata yang selalu menitis kerana mu -percuma
6. Kos kerunsingan dan kebimbangan - percuma
7. Kos menyediakan makan dan minum -percuma
8. Kos pembelajran hingga ke menara gading -percuma

Lalu ibunya menyerahkan kertas tersebut kepada anaknya. Air mata anak berlinangan setelah membaca apa yang ditulis ibunya, lalu memeluk ibunya dan berkata
“ Sayang mama”
Pada muka surat yang sama, si anak menulis
“Sayang mama. Semuanya telah TERBAYAR”


Pada yang masih mempunyai ibu, ambillah peluang berharga ini kerana ia tidak akan kembali lagi.
Peluklah ibu kita selalu. Ciumlah kakinya dan meminta keampunan. Sayangilah dia dengan penuh keikhlasan kerana doa ibu paling mustajab. Apabila mencapai kedewasaan, hulurlah sedikit rezeki yang diperolehi, bukan kerana mereka tidak berwang, tetapi hanyalah sebahagian dari tanggungjawap sbagai seorang anak. mereka tidak meminta apa apa balasan. Keredhaan ibu adalah keredhaan Allah.

Kesenangan, kebahagian dan suami yang baik yang saya perolehi pada hari ini, adalah dengan iringan doa kedua ibu bapa saya walaupun tidak sempat melakukan semua perkara diatas kerana telah perginya mereka yang disayangi dikala usia masih kecil. Setiap doa yang dibacakan dan sedekah yang dihulurkan adalah untuk kebahagiaan mereka disana.
Pernah suatu ketika, dalam keadaan yang tidak diduga, saya berada disisi mak yang sedang menghadapi saat saat akhir dalam hidup. Saya memanggil berulang-ulang kali,lalu mak berkata,‘ Jangan panggil mak...Mak tengah menghadap...Mak dah ampun dosa semua anak mak...’

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Apalah nilainya yang kita ingin berikan kepada ibu sekiranya nilai pengorbanan ibu jauh lebih besar dari apa yang kita hulurkan. Hinggakan saat saat terakhir hidupnya pun masih lagi sempat mengampunkan dan mendoakan kesejahteraan anak-anaknya setelah ketiadaannya kelak. Bukan mudah untuk mendapatkan saat saat terakhir seorang ibu untuk melafazkan kata kata sedemikian disaat pemergiannya. Begitu jugalah dengan harapan saya, sebagai seorang ibu, yang mengharapkan agar dapat melafazkan kata kata sedemikian sebelum pemergian saya kelak.

Sayangi lah ibu selagi hayat masih dikandung badan. Tatapilah ibu selagi masih dihadapan mata.

Your life will be miserable if you don’t honour, love, and respect your mother. This is the fact of life. Remember, your mother is the queen of your heart.



wisdom words to be shared:

  • never argue with a fool; people might not know the difference
  • there are three sides of any argument; your side, my side and the right side

  • honesty is the best policy, and by elimination, dishonesty is the second best
  • one of the easiest things to do is to quit smoking; i do it many times each day
  • nothing is NOT impossible, people have been doing it for years
  • many people stop looking for work when they get a job

  • you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dearest friends

200410, tuesday
@ 10 am, with kak asiah, hani were at sofiah's residence for morning coffee .. it's a huge 12,000 sq foot villa with an open design and the session is held besides the swimming pool, varieties of food were served, there's nasi lemak with rendang ayam, fried meehoon, pancakes with honey, crispy puffs and many more; it's a small affair among friends and hani was lucky to mingle among the rich and famous datins in bch ..

@12 noon, left sofiah's villa for jamie's bungalow, visiting her husband who was recently involved in an accident in behrang; hazellah is lucky to escape with minor bruises tho his triton was badly smashed ..

@ 1.30 pm visited aini, hani's jogging mate who's having severe migraine and she'd seen a doctor .. complete rest will be much needed then

@ 2.30 pm, only realized there were few missed calls and two were from another closed buddy, kak ngah @ kak faizah who went back alone to alor star for her knee appointment in kmc. was informed that her knee needed operation for the long-torn ligament and scheduled to be this morning ...

@ 8.30 pm - had dinner ngan kak asiah & abang din at adnan lee's in bch ..

8.30 am on wednesday 210410
alone in front of the computer and praying that all my dearest friends are in the best of health .. amin amin amin

Sunday, April 11, 2010


sabtu lepas, 10hb april 2010 at 11 am, kami sefamili telah menjadi tuan rumah untuk majlis kenduri tahlil arwah dan doa selamat which was led by imam muda bch, ustaz haniff. our guests are the family members and closed friends only; mak, kak long & abang long, kak ani & abang zul with zarul & yus, kak liza with bell & daymi as well as eddie, ija & mom, mail & family and so is sarah & anak2. my brothers, fendi & family and aar & family were also around. kak asiah abang din & family, kak faizah & family as well as kak melini & adik, hanum & rahman and ain & jamal were also there besides kasmani & anak2; hani's immediate neighbours kak ani, abang faizal & eric, kak mariah & abang razak & ain as well as kak tengku & family were also present to make our day ..

we had pot-lucked the food and hani as the host, had cooked nasi dagang & kari ayam; co-host, kak asiah had cooked white rice with masak lemak nenas ikan masin, sambal udang petai and jelatah, kak faizah had brought along daging masak hitam and kuih tauhu ros, kak ani abang zul with ikan semilang bercili, kak liza ngan green salad and kak tengku had sponsored lai chee kang, karipap and apam, kak melini with her kuih2 sagu, sarah had brought along the popiah, zarina bawa karipap, kak long with her raspberry tarts, ella bawa muffin and eja bawa big apple doughnuts. imi had bought 100 pieces of roti john to be distributed ... we really had a surplus of food, alhamdulillah

majlis kenduri nii juga untuk meraikan ulangtahun perkahwinan kami yang ke26 and kak ani abang faizal had presented us with american chocolate anniversary cake, tq so much ... the day ended at 5pm and everybody seems so happy with the get-together and do really pray that we'll be able to host many more of such events in the future ..

hani had uploaded the photos in facebook and pls be free to browse thru ..

Monday, April 5, 2010


had not been blogging since cousin's engagement recently ... and had been spending most of the time on facebook ..

just an update of the activities done recently
  • last monday, had hosted the morning coffee among family and friends .. mak, kak long & abang long, aim & farah and mami's besan from penang as well as kak melini, kak asiah, kak faizan and yati .. had cooked rendang ayam, nasi impit & kuah kacang besides nasi lemak brought over by kak asiah
  • visited ayoh long & cek long at ismadiha's house
  • sent congratulatory wishes to dato dr kaisan who just had his datukship from kelantan
  • sent congratulatory wishes to dr wahab who's promoted to his jusa
  • a clan who had just celebrate the arrival of a grand daughter
  • had attended fardhu ain hosted by puan sri on thursday afternoon
  • aqeel was back for the weekend but not aamal (at litar sepang) and aliff (melaka)
  • kak melini had bought us, all the 'anak angkat' brunch at one of the restaurant in subang bestari on her 70th birthday
  • last nite, kak asiah & abang din had gave us dinner at her residence, we then resume for supper at bidayah past midnite
inshaallah, we'll be hosting majlis tahlil arwah & kenduri kesyukuran at our pondok this saturday

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ee bertunang

my cousin, mohd zaki izzudin @ Ee as he's known among family members were engaged to siti arfah @ effa in a ceremony held in kg sasapan, batu minangkabau, beranang last saturday. we were in a large convoy of 16 cars and around 70 people .. all the cousins in k'lumpur had accompanied ayah ngah & che ngah who came all the way from p'mas

the event started at around 2.30 pm with the datok2 adat leading the ceremony; ee had brought along 5 trays and effa had given 7 trays in return .. my auntie, cek ngah had placed the diamond ring on effa's finger and guess the wedding is gonna take place in september this year .. foresee another busy month for hani then ..

we were served with delicious lauk2 kampung such as masak lemak nangka, daging rendang tok/hitam and ayam goreng berempah, the ulam2 and sambal belacan besides many varieties of local kuih muih .. tq so much effa and family for entertaining our big family and the event had adjourned at 4 pm

Sunday, March 14, 2010

low bp

it'd been more than a week .. feel like sailing in a turbulent deep sea, pening dan kepala pusing; bila buka mata je, siling akan berputar dan hani rasa nak muntah, craved for mum's fruit cake, secret recipe's marble cheese cake and black pepper steak ... hubby been complaining he's having high bp ..

had gone to see dr jamil, the family doctor and upon testing, the bp reading is on the lower side 96/60 compared to hani's normal at 120/80 ... had experienced this feeling during the 3 pregnancies and really prayed hard for a negative urine test; cannot imagine bila aamal bersanding nanti dan hani ngan perut besar ...

dr jamil prescribed 'tanakan' and iron pills for 2 weeks and had advised on complete rest and the diet; makan hati, limpa, sea food, bayam, the green leafy vege and lots of fruits ... back home, all the kids are away and hani hardly cooked and will wait for hubby to be back from office for dinner or heavy tea; hani will normally go jogging with few friends and have breakfast, lunch will be salad or any of the frozen food in the fridge (stock for the kids) and then only makan ngan hubby ..

had texted friends that hani will be off from jogging for a week ... luckily, hani's handsome, aliff is around and many friends had dropped by .. kak asiah had specially cooked hati black pepper and steamed fruit cake ...

senantiasa bersyukur di atas rahmat dan anugerah MU ... alhamdulillah!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

speedy updates

lately, had been a little lazy blogging but still active with facebook ... it'd been so hot with an average room temperature of 33 degrees celcius ... alhamdulillah, cos there are yet evenings when rain started to pour

had been attending and going:
  • fetched and sent aqeel from/to hostel every week cos he's not that well
  • visited mak at kak long's house after sending aqeel back
  • usual morning jog with aini and kak faizah before meeting kak asiah abang din kat restoran ghazali
  • ceramah maulidur rasul oleh dato kamarudin zakaria, bekas imam masjid negara at dr kaisan's residence in usj last sunday, met many of sms clans regular faces
  • had attended hi-tea at kak ani abang faisal's residence on friday; ita and her besan, pn nor and maa were around
  • last friday nite, attended kenduri doa selamat at kak liza's residence in kota damansara; kak liza, abang tom and eddie left for umrah on saturday
  • saturday nite - went to lesma and zaini's residence in usj 12 for tahlil and doa selamat; had met an old friend from telekom, kak kamariah

Sunday, February 28, 2010

maulidur rasul

.... Celebrated Maulidur Rasul @ rumah Kebajikan Khadijah in Gombak...thanks to my aunty who organised it. Looking at them make us feel so lucky about what we have in our life...Please stop complaining about how bad is our life, our parent, how at the end of the month we can't buy new lens for our DSLR, about our non fancy electric guitar or how small is our new LED TV...this kids, they just happy with what they have now... :)...At the end, I know they go to school so they can have a better future To all who would like to donate...please feel free to contact them. you may contact them at +60193638441 (Nek Esah) ...

the above paragraph and photos was copied and paste from eddie's, hani's nephew from his facebook status ... yeah, it'd been an annual affair among hajjah mahara's anak2 cucu and lead by kak long @ mummy; mak, abang long, mak ngah ani and ijan suami isteri, mak icah and eddie & ira, cik san anak beranak and sarah satu family were there ...

the event started as early as 10.30 am and we'd brought along food, money and clothings ... in return we were entertained with few songs of nasyid and doa2 senantiasa berkumandang; it's always a touching event and thank you so much to nek esah and the staffs .. the event had adjourned around 12 noon

Friday, February 19, 2010

cny holidays

we'd planned to go back to kelantan and had left our pondok around 1am on saturday; aliff came back a day earlier, aqeel was fetched after friday prayers and aamal came home after completing her asignment. traffic was so busy and the r&r was heavily packed .. it's just like going back for cuti raya

we reached pasir mas around 8am and had gone straight to have our nasi kerabu in seberang p'mas and had packed for family back home in kg dangar ... after taking our nap, with aamal and ayu, hani's youngest sis, we left to rantau panjang to collect my awesome kurung suits before doing some shopping spree ...

by evening, all of us were already at ana's new house; ana's house is already 90% complete and there are still minor touches to be done, bold and beautiful curtains were hanged and all the rooms are equipped with new bedroom sets with different colors for different child ... ana & family has a big and beautiful one, congrats sis ..

as usual, after having nasi berlauk and pulut pagi for breakfast, we'd left to pengkalan kubur for window shopping and we're lucky cos the tax-free town was highly congested towards the afternoon ... we'd gone straight to rantau panjang since all of us had something to buy there ... so many cars around and again, we're trapped in a heavy jam

as early as 8am, hubby left to see his tukang urut ... with aliff, hani had gone to the market to buy our rations to bring back home; rempah2 gulai, keropok, beras nasi dagang, beras pulut, gula melaka (nnise) and many more. aliff was rather shocked cos all this while he didn't know that his mum had also bought all the bawang2 from kampung ....

hani's younger sister, ana had her new house warming fest and we were there the whole day .. it was such a big event and hani'd managed to meet our relatives and long lost friends

with heavy heart, we'd left rumah cek around 8.30am, had stopped over at tanah merah for our breakfast and had our lunch in raub ... again, we're trapped in a heavy jam from raub to bentong and hubby had decided to go via fraser hill, route which we'd never followed before .. perjalanan di lereng kaki banjaran titiwangsa agak mencabar dan terlalu sunyi .. alhamdulillah, we'd reached home sweet home around 6pm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

he's 25

7th feb 2010 marked the 25th birthday of my eldest handsome, aliff firdaus ... he'd brought joy to all of us since on hani's side, he's the eldest grandchild to cekgu lloh & cik hasmah as well as the eldest grand grand child to tok yasin and nenek minah .. the aunties and uncles were so happy to have him tho the difference between aliff and ayu, hani's youngest sister is barely 2 years ..

aliff was born in kota bharu general hospital via c-section due to his big size, 4.2 kg upon delivery .. despite of being showered with full love and care, he cried a lot due to his hernia problem and it's not that easy to handle ... hubby and hani lost a lot of weight during his infant stage in kuala trengganu and alhamdulillah his sickness was cured before he's hardly a year old ... would like to extend this appreciation to my brother fendi who was then waiting for his spm result and our first maid, dah who'd helped us a lot ...

being the eldest to working mum and dad, aliff had shown great responsibility, dedication and leadership among siblings and peers; he left to be in a boarding school in pahang since he's 13 and had continued his studies in melaka ... despite of all the hassles, aliff had succeeded to be an engineer and am proud of you, congratulation aliff firdaus!!!

guess mama is still waiting for handsome to introduce us to his steady girl friend ... doa mama agar aliff dipertemukan dan dijodohkan dengan seorang yang solehah dan dari keturunan yang baik-baik ...