Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my love

touched by the red valentine card found in one of the boxes to be thrown away .. sent by hubby to hani and is dated 14th feb 1984;

there are lots of ladies
in the world
but now and then you see
one who kind of sets the style
of what wives ought to be ...

one whose special qualities
make her stand out in the crowd
and whose kindness to her family
makes them awfully
pleased and proud

and honey, i feel happier
than i ever hoped to be
'cause the nicest lady
in all the world
is the one who married me!

.. and signed off with all my love on valentine's day and always

really pray hard that our love, patience and compromise will remain .. till death do us apart

Sunday, January 24, 2010


hani baru je sampai rumah selepas menghadiri majlis tahlil kat rumah arwah pn shima, isteri azam who left us last week, in ulu klang. the event started at 11 am and ended at 1 noon ... aqeel was with us since we'd fetched him much earlier from the hostel

it was a large crowd since many of the relatives and friends were around; most of the clans regular faces were there ... we were rather sad seeing adam, arwah's youngest son who is barely 4 years old holding tight to his elder brother ..

tq so much azam ... kami dihidangkan dengan makanan2 yang enak - nasi kerabu, ayam percik dan daging bakar disamping kuih akok, puding dan bubur kacang. we'd also surplus of fruits and drinks.

semangat setiakawan yang ditunjukkan oleh pihak perintis tidak dapat dipertikaikan ... hani and family are so glad to be part of the group

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

penuh adat

last saturday, hubby and hani were in serdang .. we were to accompany ayah ngah & cik ngah (my auntie ie: adik cek) for sessi merisik untuk anak sulungnya, zaki izzudin@Ee and siti arfah@effa .. as usual, hubby dilantik sebagai orang perantara ..

as a token, cik ngah had brought along 3 bakul: cincin merisik & chocolate, sepersalinan kain baju dan buah2an dan dibalas dengan 3 kotak lilac - fruits, chocolate and cake .. been wondering cos merisik pun ada balasan ...

majlis pertunangan ditetapkan pada 14th mac nanti and majlis pernikahan will be 6 months later and wow, can imagine how busy hani will be this year ...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

warmest congratulations

.. to my chomel, aamal farhain who'd begged the award for the best script writer and producer in her final year project. together with mike, zizan and luna, her group, pancromatic pictures had brought home 9 of 10 awards presented on 14th january in finas

they had produced a 30 min short drama "jubah untuk ibu" and shooting was done for 3 days in kg kubu gajah; students were asked to select at least 2 artists and dramatists aznah hamid and bell nasri had taken the lead role

despite of shortage of funds and resources, they had worked very hard to overcome all obstacles and alhamdulillah, they'd proved it ..

tomorrow, aamal will be out working with her lecturer-cum-producer, en zaki in seri kembangan, serdang and all the best to aamal farhain zakaria with her new life ....

Thursday, January 14, 2010


pn hashimah, 50 had left us at 5.15pm, on wednesday 13th jan 2010 after seven months battling with a rare disease; she'd left behind her husband, en azam salleh, one of the smsk clans and 8 children ranging from 26 to 4 years old

jenazah telah disembahyangkan di masjid baru taman melawati pukul 9 pagi tadi dan selamat dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan islam AU5 lembah keramat ... semoga roh beliau ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman, al fatihah ....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sweat vs food

regular exercise and controlling food intake are the main formula in being healthy and fit. hani had been going for morning jog or brisk walk almost every weekdays ie: 5 days a week with kak faizah & aini at emerald hill and lake for almost 3 months now ...

with good companions around, we'll normally stopped over for tea tarik and tose/capati at mamak stall or any of the friends house for morning coffee. really spent our time laughing and giggling ... ooops no gossiping!!!!

the weighing balance had not shown any lost in weight since then altho hani had spent another half hour in the sauna before dozing off for few minutes ... hani really feels good and fit

my appetite is also growing and alhamdulillah, everybody in our family can still appreciate good food; with no ending invitations especially over the weekends, hani couldn't imagine how i'll look in my best kebaya then ....

Monday, January 11, 2010

1st new year's reunion

the sms kelantan clans had a get-together at hajjah latifah and haji jaafar's residence in bangi on saturday, 9th january recently; it is the first for the new year 2010 before series of upcoming similar events ..

it was a house warming reception as pah had recently moved to this beautifully furnished house and we were served with yummy nasi ayam and laksa johor besides varieties of desserts and drinks ... tq pah and hj jaafar for being so supporting and sporting all this while

solat hajat was also performed after solat zohor for pn shimah, azam's wife who is still battling for life at ppum ..

we left pah's residence at 5.30 pm and headed to prof dr zainal's residence in kota damansara; prof nal had then cooked special nasi arab for our family and we left their residence only after mid-nite .. tq so much to nah & nal

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year's weekend

friday 010110

hubby left early for his golf and the kids were back late last nite for watching the fireworks in putrajaya. hani had only cooked fried meehoon for the whole day since we'd planned to having pizza for dinner. hubby and hani left to kak asiah abang din's house imediately after isyak prayers to lend them helping hands for their eldest daughter's engagement on saturday

saturday 020110

it's suraya zainuddin's engagement day and at 10 am, with hubby and aamal, who will be the main photographer for the whole event, hani left for mum's bakery to collect the pre-ordered fruit tartlets to be brought over to kak asiah's bungalow. the men's entourage is expected to reach bch at 11 am and while waiting, we were served with a yummy home made nasi lemak

eddie who hails from gombak had brought 5 trays of black and silver hantaran and suraya had prepared 7 trays of turqoise and silver hantaran .. suraya was so stunningly madeover in her cream kurung and gold veil .. it was a sweet and awesome event and by 2.00 pm, all of us are heading home

aamal had done a good job, all the photos taken were so beautifully snapped and slight editing will be done before distributions .. we had taken a short nap since will be attending juliany a.k.a adik's birthday party immediately after isyak ..

as promised, we'd attended adik's cake cutting ceremony after being served with delicious nasi dagang and roti jala, tq kak melini and family for including us into their happy moments ..

sunday 030110

it's a sad day for aqeel since he's to go back to hostel to start his form 5, leaving behind the family and his newfound girlfriend ... the school and hostel registration starts at 2.30 pm and finished at 4.30 pm; the school, hostel and tuition fee is rather costly ...

after bading aqeel goodbye, hubby and hani headed to the hospital, ppum to visit pn shimah, azam's (sms clan) wife who's in coma .. it was rather sad seeing shimah full of tubes and wires and do really hope that azam and family will be strong to face any consequences; had met dr zainal and missus, pn maznah who were there earlier

had stopped over at kak long's house to see mak and alhamdulillah, mak is so good and after solat maghrib, we headed to home sweet home ..

new year 2010

the first day for the year 2010 is a friday; thus it means that we'll be enjoying a 3-day leave ... as for hani and family, we'd been invited for makan, makan and makan ..

major events expected to be in 2010
  • aqeel's SPM in november and early december
  • aamal's wedding due in december
  • inshaallah, aliff and aamal will be out working
  • ibrahim & fara as well as suraya & eddie's wedding in june
  • hubby and hani will be celebrating our 50th birthday .... coooolll !!!
to all hani's friends out there - hoping that this new year will be a better year for all of us and being nourished with health & wealth ..