Sunday, February 28, 2010

maulidur rasul

.... Celebrated Maulidur Rasul @ rumah Kebajikan Khadijah in Gombak...thanks to my aunty who organised it. Looking at them make us feel so lucky about what we have in our life...Please stop complaining about how bad is our life, our parent, how at the end of the month we can't buy new lens for our DSLR, about our non fancy electric guitar or how small is our new LED TV...this kids, they just happy with what they have now... :)...At the end, I know they go to school so they can have a better future To all who would like to donate...please feel free to contact them. you may contact them at +60193638441 (Nek Esah) ...

the above paragraph and photos was copied and paste from eddie's, hani's nephew from his facebook status ... yeah, it'd been an annual affair among hajjah mahara's anak2 cucu and lead by kak long @ mummy; mak, abang long, mak ngah ani and ijan suami isteri, mak icah and eddie & ira, cik san anak beranak and sarah satu family were there ...

the event started as early as 10.30 am and we'd brought along food, money and clothings ... in return we were entertained with few songs of nasyid and doa2 senantiasa berkumandang; it's always a touching event and thank you so much to nek esah and the staffs .. the event had adjourned around 12 noon

Friday, February 19, 2010

cny holidays

we'd planned to go back to kelantan and had left our pondok around 1am on saturday; aliff came back a day earlier, aqeel was fetched after friday prayers and aamal came home after completing her asignment. traffic was so busy and the r&r was heavily packed .. it's just like going back for cuti raya

we reached pasir mas around 8am and had gone straight to have our nasi kerabu in seberang p'mas and had packed for family back home in kg dangar ... after taking our nap, with aamal and ayu, hani's youngest sis, we left to rantau panjang to collect my awesome kurung suits before doing some shopping spree ...

by evening, all of us were already at ana's new house; ana's house is already 90% complete and there are still minor touches to be done, bold and beautiful curtains were hanged and all the rooms are equipped with new bedroom sets with different colors for different child ... ana & family has a big and beautiful one, congrats sis ..

as usual, after having nasi berlauk and pulut pagi for breakfast, we'd left to pengkalan kubur for window shopping and we're lucky cos the tax-free town was highly congested towards the afternoon ... we'd gone straight to rantau panjang since all of us had something to buy there ... so many cars around and again, we're trapped in a heavy jam

as early as 8am, hubby left to see his tukang urut ... with aliff, hani had gone to the market to buy our rations to bring back home; rempah2 gulai, keropok, beras nasi dagang, beras pulut, gula melaka (nnise) and many more. aliff was rather shocked cos all this while he didn't know that his mum had also bought all the bawang2 from kampung ....

hani's younger sister, ana had her new house warming fest and we were there the whole day .. it was such a big event and hani'd managed to meet our relatives and long lost friends

with heavy heart, we'd left rumah cek around 8.30am, had stopped over at tanah merah for our breakfast and had our lunch in raub ... again, we're trapped in a heavy jam from raub to bentong and hubby had decided to go via fraser hill, route which we'd never followed before .. perjalanan di lereng kaki banjaran titiwangsa agak mencabar dan terlalu sunyi .. alhamdulillah, we'd reached home sweet home around 6pm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

he's 25

7th feb 2010 marked the 25th birthday of my eldest handsome, aliff firdaus ... he'd brought joy to all of us since on hani's side, he's the eldest grandchild to cekgu lloh & cik hasmah as well as the eldest grand grand child to tok yasin and nenek minah .. the aunties and uncles were so happy to have him tho the difference between aliff and ayu, hani's youngest sister is barely 2 years ..

aliff was born in kota bharu general hospital via c-section due to his big size, 4.2 kg upon delivery .. despite of being showered with full love and care, he cried a lot due to his hernia problem and it's not that easy to handle ... hubby and hani lost a lot of weight during his infant stage in kuala trengganu and alhamdulillah his sickness was cured before he's hardly a year old ... would like to extend this appreciation to my brother fendi who was then waiting for his spm result and our first maid, dah who'd helped us a lot ...

being the eldest to working mum and dad, aliff had shown great responsibility, dedication and leadership among siblings and peers; he left to be in a boarding school in pahang since he's 13 and had continued his studies in melaka ... despite of all the hassles, aliff had succeeded to be an engineer and am proud of you, congratulation aliff firdaus!!!

guess mama is still waiting for handsome to introduce us to his steady girl friend ... doa mama agar aliff dipertemukan dan dijodohkan dengan seorang yang solehah dan dari keturunan yang baik-baik ...