Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ee bertunang

my cousin, mohd zaki izzudin @ Ee as he's known among family members were engaged to siti arfah @ effa in a ceremony held in kg sasapan, batu minangkabau, beranang last saturday. we were in a large convoy of 16 cars and around 70 people .. all the cousins in k'lumpur had accompanied ayah ngah & che ngah who came all the way from p'mas

the event started at around 2.30 pm with the datok2 adat leading the ceremony; ee had brought along 5 trays and effa had given 7 trays in return .. my auntie, cek ngah had placed the diamond ring on effa's finger and guess the wedding is gonna take place in september this year .. foresee another busy month for hani then ..

we were served with delicious lauk2 kampung such as masak lemak nangka, daging rendang tok/hitam and ayam goreng berempah, the ulam2 and sambal belacan besides many varieties of local kuih muih .. tq so much effa and family for entertaining our big family and the event had adjourned at 4 pm

Sunday, March 14, 2010

low bp

it'd been more than a week .. feel like sailing in a turbulent deep sea, pening dan kepala pusing; bila buka mata je, siling akan berputar dan hani rasa nak muntah, craved for mum's fruit cake, secret recipe's marble cheese cake and black pepper steak ... hubby been complaining he's having high bp ..

had gone to see dr jamil, the family doctor and upon testing, the bp reading is on the lower side 96/60 compared to hani's normal at 120/80 ... had experienced this feeling during the 3 pregnancies and really prayed hard for a negative urine test; cannot imagine bila aamal bersanding nanti dan hani ngan perut besar ...

dr jamil prescribed 'tanakan' and iron pills for 2 weeks and had advised on complete rest and the diet; makan hati, limpa, sea food, bayam, the green leafy vege and lots of fruits ... back home, all the kids are away and hani hardly cooked and will wait for hubby to be back from office for dinner or heavy tea; hani will normally go jogging with few friends and have breakfast, lunch will be salad or any of the frozen food in the fridge (stock for the kids) and then only makan ngan hubby ..

had texted friends that hani will be off from jogging for a week ... luckily, hani's handsome, aliff is around and many friends had dropped by .. kak asiah had specially cooked hati black pepper and steamed fruit cake ...

senantiasa bersyukur di atas rahmat dan anugerah MU ... alhamdulillah!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

speedy updates

lately, had been a little lazy blogging but still active with facebook ... it'd been so hot with an average room temperature of 33 degrees celcius ... alhamdulillah, cos there are yet evenings when rain started to pour

had been attending and going:
  • fetched and sent aqeel from/to hostel every week cos he's not that well
  • visited mak at kak long's house after sending aqeel back
  • usual morning jog with aini and kak faizah before meeting kak asiah abang din kat restoran ghazali
  • ceramah maulidur rasul oleh dato kamarudin zakaria, bekas imam masjid negara at dr kaisan's residence in usj last sunday, met many of sms clans regular faces
  • had attended hi-tea at kak ani abang faisal's residence on friday; ita and her besan, pn nor and maa were around
  • last friday nite, attended kenduri doa selamat at kak liza's residence in kota damansara; kak liza, abang tom and eddie left for umrah on saturday
  • saturday nite - went to lesma and zaini's residence in usj 12 for tahlil and doa selamat; had met an old friend from telekom, kak kamariah