Tuesday, June 22, 2010

busy alas happy week

this saturday, 26th june, mami's youngest son, ibrahim & fara as well as kak asiah abang din's eldest, suraya & eddie will be holding their wedding reception concurrently ... this week is scheduled to be a very busy and happy week since hani will be helping kak long mami and kak asiah withe their final wedding preparation, alas so happy since surrounded by loved ones ..

monday - no jogging cos puasa sunat hari isnin and the only day left to do the house chores

tuesday - went jogging and before lunch, with aamal, we were already at mami's house in desa jaya; kak ani abang zul and kak liza were already there. we'd made over the bride's bedroom and the staircase while brainstorming for the living and pelamin decorations

wednesday - jogging, will be leaving to mami's house before lunch for the pelamin and living room decor; had to stopover at sunenergy and ssf to buy more flowers and sponges. after maghrib, we will be at kak asiah's house in country homes to wrap cakes and goodies for the marhaban group

thursday - no jogging since will be at kak melini's house by 9am to help with the bunga rampai for kak asiah; inshaallah by 2.30pm will be attending datin nik noraini's kelas fardhu ain at pn rohana's house and after maghrib, will be at kak asiah's place for majlis berinai kecil

friday - will be at mami's house since morning for final touchups, majlis berinai and the lamb bbq. will rush back to country homes before 6pm for suraya's akad nikah at 9.30pm then ..

saturday - aim & fara's wedding reception in FRIM with lilac as the color scheme; hubby & hani are assigned to welcome the guests and aamal & najmi will be the bridesmaid ... will be missing suraya and eddie's wedding in country homes

sunday - will be fetching aqeel from hostel to attend hadiyati @ mak mek & family's farewell lunch at 'the club' before they leave to australia ..

* my brother-in-law from kelantan, cikgu bakarudin and niece, awanis will be arriving via firefly on friday at 10.55 pm - awanis will be registering for the CAT (UK) in UITM shah alam on saturday morning, had liased with brother fendi to look after ..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

hectic day

yesterday, 20th june passed by with a very hectic and busy mode; we'd to be in stadium ATM, sungai besi by 7.45 am and had to send aqeel back to hostel before 6pm .. alhamdulillah, we'd spent the whole day with loved ones ..


papa left for golf after subuh and aliff left to genting with his friends before najmi came to fetch aamal for kursus kahwin kat masjid taman tun dr ismail; hani was left with aqeel who's finishing his school folio. papa came back and took us out for lunch in restoran ikan laga, rawang where we'd ikan patin gulai tempoyak and asam pedas ikan merah. on the way home, had dropped by at kak asiah abang din's bungalow to see their final wedding preparation which is due this 26th june; was then busy ironing aqeel's school uniform before staying put in front of tv set for father's day cerekarama


left pondok at 7am since hani'd had promised zul & bit to meet them at 7.45 am in muzium angkatan tentera in sungai besi. had not met bit & zul for quite sometimes but been actively communicating with the couple via facebook. the couple were hani's buddy during our diploma days in itm shah alam and now, they are the proud owner of IQSB (info quest sdn bhd) whose company had been exposing students to flight simulators and aspiring them to be pilots. aqeel plans to be a pilot after his spm and the personal invitation from uncle zul & auntie bit had really inspire him to do well in his coming spm. he was at the simulator for more than 4 hours and we were impressed by his skills and passion ...

after lots of persuasion, we'd bade goodbye to bit & zul with a promise to have lunch in the new future and now, heading to mami's house to pay mak a visit before sending aqeel back to hostel. we'd a very good lunch at e&o kari kepala ikan in taman wahyu. had met mak, mami, ayah, farah and busu mail & family and we were making final adjustment for ibrahim's weding reception this saturday .. by 3.30pm, we had left to send aqeel to gombak ..

by 5.30pm, hubby and hani were at mak icah's house in kota damansara to meet sis-in-law, hadiyati @ mak mek and family who are from canada. aamal joint us after her kursus kahwin and by 7pm, hubby urged us to be back since he's gonna watch football match at home ....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

she is 22

this had been a belated posting since our only princess, aamal farhain turned 22 on 7th june .. no big birthday celebration was held but saturday, the 5th june, the whole family were out for seafood dinner in port klang together with her fiance, najmi, whose 25th birthday was on 2nd june ..

my chomel was born in husm, kubang kerian via c-section and weighing at 3.8kg when abang is 3 years and 4 months old. as a baby, she's so easy to handle despite of having a loud and shrinking voice ... being the younger of the two, she'll always get her way till the arrival of baby aqeel when she's almost 6 years old ...

aamal had never attended pre-school since she cried the loudest in class and started schooling in sksu, selayang till std 3, she had completed her primary studies in st mary's. chomel then continued her secondary studies and staying at sultan ibrahim secondary school's hostel in pasir mas, kelantan before registering herself in mmu melaka doing her alpha studies in law ... a year in melaka, she'd then surprised us by enrolling in diploma in broadcast studies in akademi tv3 (miim) in setiawangsa, k'lumpur. now, aamal had graduated with a diploma and currently, she's a freelance focusing on photography and videography ..

being the only rose among the thorns, aamal was as active as the boys and those days, hani was a little worried cos she just refused to wear gown and dresses, instead she'll be happy to be seen in shorts and shirts. we're so happy when chomel had opted to be more feminine and girlish compared to being a tomboy as she matures gracefully ... 15th feb '09, aamal had tied a knot with najmi and the wedding is planned to be in december this year ..

doa mama buat chomel "jadilah seorang isteri mithali yang setia buat suami dan seorang anak yang sentiasa berbakti terhadap kedua ibubapa dan semoga hidup anak mama senantiasa diberkati dan dirahmati" ... amin amin amin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

aim & fara's wedding

saat's family were in penang from the 10th june - 13th june to celebrate ibrahim mansor (mami's youngest) and farah hasniza hassan's wedding in bayan baru. we're in eden seaview apartment in batu feringghi and the nikah was successfully done in masjid bayan baru after solat jumaat. we'd never witness a mass wedding before where 5 pairs of newly brides were solemnized at the same time in front of a very big crowd ...

farah's reception was held at dewan masyarakat penyayang, besides the governor's mansion at 8.30pm on saturday. we'd a grand welcome an the event went smoothly till 10pm with the makan beradab and majlis tepung tawar ... we were caught in a heavy jam to batu feringghi then ..

Monday, June 7, 2010

jemputan makan ..

had been attending so many 'makan' invitations lately ... almost every weekends ada je jemputan kahwin, kenduri kesyukuran atau birthday party, apatah lagi di musim cuti sekolah nii ...

lunch, 29th may - we were in puchong, anak dara abang mokhtar & kak kiah, sepupu hubby; all in the family were in lilac and purple and so is the pelamin, canopy and the door gifts ..

dinner 29th may - ngan kak asiah & abang din, we'd attended datin puteh & dato ikram son's wedding in quality hotel, shah alam ... the theme was of green, white and red and the bride & groom were so radiant in siver. it's awesome since the master of ceremony who was once a popular singer had rendered few evergreen love songs ... dato' nizar jamaluddin, who is the groom's uncle had also given a short tazkirah before the hosts gave the thank you note ...

lunch 5th june - kenduri kesyukuran at kak ani abang faisal's bungalow sempena kelahiran remi yusoff, ferlynda's 3rd son ... relatives and few closed friends were there and we're served with delicious nasi campur, pulut kuning and kuih muih ..

dinner 5th june - the whole family were in bagan restaurant, port klang to celebrate aamal and najmi's birthday; najmi's birthday is on the 2nd june whereas aamal's on the 7th june ... we'd varieties of seafood, ketam goreng cili, buttered prawns and squids, sweet sour lala, ikan jenahak steam ngan asam and jugs of orange juice ..

tea 6th june - the whole saat's clans were at mak ngah ani's house in mutiara indah, puchong to celebrate zara's 3rd birthday .. we were served with nasi lemak, ayam goreng, rendang and roti jala with kuah durian besides the delicious birthday cake ..