Monday, July 26, 2010

alhamdulillah ..

syukur kepadaNya di atas rezeki yang telah dikurniakan

  • aliff, my eldest and aamal, my second, had started work after years in college
  • always surrounded by loved ones - family members and friends; had received early wedding gifts for hantaran, bunga pahar and door gifts
  • able to attend kuliah agama bulanan arranged by the perintis, sms clans
  • with hubby and aamal's help, managed to look after mak when the maid ran away ..
  • had nursed a friend, aznoran who'd suffered from Guillian Barre Syndrome which affects the nervous system (the whole body, except the brain is numb) 3 days a week in pantai medical center
berdoa agar senantiasa dilimpahi dan diberkali ... amin amin amin

Monday, July 19, 2010

busy week

last week was rather a busy week since mom-in-law was around. every morning, before hubby left to work, he'll buy breakfast for all of us and had helped hani bathe and settled mak's needs ...

on monday, after sending aqeel back to hostel (he'd missed school due to world cup final), we'd fetched mak at mami's house; the maid had again left us handicapped ...

tuesday morning, en hadi from sentosa catering and canopy came with the quotation for aamal's wedding ...

wednesday morning, kak melini and wati came to visit mak and followed by kak mariah from desa jaya. we'd received early gifts from kak asiah abang din who had given us the door gift's to aamal's wedding ..

thursday @ 11am, mami came to fetch mak cos mak is having an appointment on friday. then, hani had escorted kak faizah for nini's engagement spree and aamal left for her interview

friday - hubby was on medical leave due to flu and cough and after friday prayer's we'd left to fetch aqeel from hostel. aamal had fetched awanis (hani's niece) in uitm shah alam after her work interview

saturday - had prepared sardine sandwiches for breakfast and bought nasi2 lemak for the kids. by 1pm, we'd left to 'the club' for ira's pool birthday party .. it's a great event and eddie and ija had organised it so well; left the club at 5pm .. immediately after maghrib, we left to dr noreha zailan's house in d'villa botany in kota damansara for kuliah agama bulanan with the sms clans ..

sunday - had cooked nasi ayam for lunch and had pledged fendi to send awanis back to shah alam since we'll be sending aqeel back to gombak

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

thinking aloud

alhamdulillah, whatta relief ... ibrahim & fara's as well as su & eddie's wedding went very smoothly ... hope that the newly wedded couple will live happily ever after

now, najmi had left for a 3-month job stint and will only be back a month before the wedding and guess, he'd completely assigned his wedding task. hani has to put more focus for aamal's wedding since it's just around the corner .. we'd planned for a simple and sweet occasion at our pondok with khatam quran & marhaban and a small traditional majlis berinai before the akad nikah. as for the hantaran, mak icah had been assigned to lead with white and maroon roses ...

with aamal's consent, hani had booked and confirmed the pelamin as well as makeup & accessories; wedding cards had been sent for printing and the wedding attire are now at the tailor. aamal had chosen her friend, anas for the camera and faisal for the video ... but we're still in dilemma with the food catering & the canopy ... and still having an open opinion for the door gifts

we will be hosting a pre-wedding meeting after raya among family members for individual job assignment and will be discussing in detail on the event agenda

really wish that aamal's wedding is free from lots of hassle ... and things turn out to be as planned .. amin