Thursday, March 10, 2011

aliff is already engaged ..

saturday, 5th march 2011 at 9pm, hani's eldest aliff firdaus was officially engaged to dr khairun nadia kamaruzzaman in desa impiana puchong prima and inshaallah the wedding will be held before hari raya haji this year ..

the entourage from country homes rawang had stopped over at mak ngah's residence in mutiara indah puchong perdana where we'd performed aour maghrib prayers. only the uncles, aunties and cousins mengiringi aliff dengan membawa 5 dulang iringan dan sebentuk cincin merisik; ours was in orange whereas nadia had given us 7 trays with fresh roses and daisies .. tq so much to dearest sister-in-law, kak liza who'd produced beautiful and creative hantaran ..

nadia was so radiant and beautiful in rose pink kebaya labuh and aliff was handosme in the matching baju melayu .. pihak perempuan telah diwakili oleh pak long nadia, datuk abdul aziz whereas en mustaffa had represented aliff .. setelah doa dibacakan oleh imam hanif, kami dijemput untuk menikmati nasi beriani dan kuih muih di tepi kolam renang ..

semoga ikatan kekeluargaan yang terjalin akan berkekalan buat selamanya .. amin amin amin

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

al fatihah ..

at 1 pm on friday 25th february 2011, pn sabariah ahmad, 44 years old and wife to hani's cousin, ismajuri ismail had passed away in johor bharu hospital after almost 2-years battling with cancer. she'd left behind 3 small boys, izzat 8, irfan 6 and iman 3 years old ..

we had visited her few times in putrajaya hospital before she decided to be with her family in johor .. al fatihah dan semoga roh beliau bersama orang2 yang beriman

old friends meet ..

again, another overdue posting for february ..

credit to facebook since it'd helped us to get acquainted with old friends again .. after more than 3o years, hani was able to meet pn musirah who majored in accounting, pn azizah who'd done food technology and cik naimah, focusing in insurance and hani, with my electrical engineering way year 1979 .. we were dorm mates in our first year at asrama kenanga itm shah alam .. since then, we went our ways and had not crossed path, till we meet again on the 16th february in subang parade ..

naimah or well known as naim had came all the way from kuching sarawak and staying put at mus's residence in kota damansara and btw, mus who's now also a full time housewife had just been back from a 3-year stint in vietnam. zah is still working in the food industry and residing in subang jaya .. our good, naughty and mischievous young days were reflected back, lots of giggling and laughing had prolonged our lunch and everybody was so eager for updates .. we then retreat to zah's house before waiting for hubby to fetch us and called it a day ..

mus and naim had then decided to come over to hani's pondok the next day and it's a pity since zah couldn't make it cos she's working .. despite of the long silence, we'd not changed much except for the physical sizes and till we meet again dear all .. take care