Thursday, September 29, 2011

more quotes

hani's collections of beautiful quotes increases day by day ..

  • LOVE is not a matter of counting the years, it is making the years count .. LOVE is the master key that opens the gate of happiness
  • face your problems .. don't facebook your problems
  • today i saw a girl with crazy colored hair walking down the street with a shirt that said 'don't judge', my friend tapped my shoulder, pointed at her and started laughing .. then she turned around, the back of her shirt said "i'm just having fun with my hair before chemo" .. pls don't judge anyone
  • if the road is beautiful, then worry about the destination .. but if the destination is beautiful, then don't worry about the road .. marriage is a blessing
  • patience with family is love, with others is respect and with self is confidence
  • a pain which arises the reality within is better than a joy which keeps ignorance
  • let your smile change people, but don't let people wipe away your smile
  • if you really want to give someone a gift, try giving them your time and attention .. a loving heart doesn't expect anything more than that
  • never conclude a person by his present status, because time has the great power to change a useless coal into a valuable diamond
  • you may be out of sight but not out of my heart, you may be out of reach but not out of mind
  • praying for those who love you, that's sincerity .. praying for those who hurt you, that's maturity
  • be like a flower that gives fragrance, even to hands that crushes it
  • every successful person has a painful story, every painful story has a successful ending . accept the pain and get ready to success
  • when we feel being poisoned by stress, pressure, pain and failures, the best antidote is PRAY .. nothing more nothing less
  • the world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people
  • you can always forgive someone who hurt you, but you can never forget what they did, and unfortunately it still hurts somehow every time you are reminded about it
  • do you know what's harder after making other people happy? it's when they don't realize that you also need someone to do the same
  • do not make your aim like the garden because everyone walk on it .. but make your aim like the sky so everyone wish to touch it
  • don't depend on anyone in this world including your shadow, because even it will leave you when you are in darkness
  • do not leave yourself in the process of treasuring someone too much and forgetting that you are special and valuable too
  • never leave something good to find something better, because once you realize you had the best, the best has found better
  • the difference between a corrupt and honest person is the corrupt person has price and the honest person has value
  • sometimes we can fall in love with someone for the wrong reasons, and still love them after all the heartache .. because most of the time we can't pick who we love, and even though we know we shouldn't love them, we do and always will, because there are just some people in our lives who will get to us for reasons we can't explain
  • happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought and a state of mind
  • never hate people who are jealous of you . BUT respect their jealousy because they are the ones who think you are better than them
  • women are like tea bags, they don't know their strengths unless put in hot water
  • respect the emotions in someone's heart, rather than the expression on someone's face because expression is just a formality but emotions are reality ..
  • life is like a coin, pleasure and pain are two sides, only one side is visible at time, but remember the other side is also waiting for it's turn
  • the alphabets in cheating and teaching are same ..thus the one who cheats you always teaches you something in life
  • 90% of our problems in relationships are due to the TONE of our voice .. it's not about what we say, it's about how we say it

Sunday, September 25, 2011

syawal's last weekend

it was a very busy weekend for our family since on friday, we'd received few phone calls from old friends saying that they'll be dropping over on saturday. with everybody around, we'd decided to cook nasi kebuli, ayam goreng berempah, dalca daging tetel and sambal tomato as well as nasi impit and kuah kacang. aqeel had helped hani in baking 2 butter cakes and aamal had cooked jelly. with najmi as his assistant, papa had cooked 5 kilos of nasi kebuli and hani had prepared the dalca ..

aliff and aqeel had swept and cleaned the exterior pathway since we'll be serving the food outside whereas the rest of us are busy cooking inside. we'd served hot fried chicken, and aamal & najmi had volunteered to fry the chicken as and when needed, it's really a tedious job indeed .. by 12 noon all food is ready to be served

mak icah and elise were the first to arrive followed by kak melini and the family. the late yusliza's family, dropped by on the way to another friend's house and by noon, the pondok was full of laughter and giggling ..

by 8.30 sunday morning, with aqeel we'd left to jasin melaka since hubby's cousins held a wedding reception and many family members were there. kak long had brought mak to meet her relatives and mak looked so happy and cheerful. after 12 noon, we'd left to kesang where papa had visited few of his cousins ..

we'd left jasin and heading to batu 9 cheras where hani's colleague aziz and wifey, zakiah called for the doa selamat since they'll be leaving to perfom hajj this thursday. had met few sms clans there and we'd promised pn zaiton to be at her residence then ..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wedding checklist ..

tho it's just a small event and with not more than 3 weeks to aliff and nadia's wedding, still many more things to scout .. and hani is praying hard that everything will be smooth sailing

  • venue - confirmed and deposit paid; kerusi pelamin confirmed
  • food - caterer and varieties confirmed
  • cards - completed and some had been posted
  • guests - finalised and still on the move
  • door gifts - ordered and yet to deliver
  • attire - theme decided and still with the tailor
  • hantaran - yet to send to mak icah's; flowers still not decided????
?????? still a lot to do, help ...

Monday, September 19, 2011

balik kampung 160911

alhamdulillah lately we managed to balik kampung on a monthly basis since ayoh @ cekgu lloh's condition is not that good .. family from kelantan is not coming to aliff's wedding since it is not school holidays, it's proper if aliff is back home to see ayoh & cek and seek their blessings ..

with aliff on the wheel, we left home sweet home at 12 midnite via kuala lipis - gua musang route and had reached cek's house around 6 am and the traffic is not as heavy as the festive season. that thursday night, only aqeel is at home since he'd planned with his friends and aamal & najmi is putting a night in gombak

had called kak tengku, hani's immediate neighbour who's also back in kota bharu upon reaching rumah cek since we'd planned to go to pekan mundok, thailand's border after more than 25 years. we'd crossed the border via sampan and it only cost a dollar each. initially, hani was rather afraid upon looking at our askar on our malayaland and the soldadu thai on their land but with an entourage of 15 members, the feeling was gone seconds later ..

we'd placed orders for aliff's door gifts the last time we're home and just in time to collect them; were rather disappointed cos the gifts are not ready and we'd to wait for another 3 weeks, hence we'd decided to buy anything on the shelve ..

cek's house which is still in renovation mode is almost complete except for the small touchups here and there and at last, cek is able to have a peace of mind and some time on her own; poor cek has to bear with all the mess and the workers for more than half a year ..

my mom, cek is taking care of her father, tok yasin who is almost 100 years old is looking too frail with only bones and skin, his memory had deteriorate and so is his hearing. most of the time, atok is seen sleeping except for makan time .. didoakan yang terbaik buat atokku and to cek who'd been so patient with her father's kerenah, hani salute and tabik spring ..

had managed to visit cousin haiqal in pasir pekan, poksu ki's eldest boy who managed to secure MARA scholarship to do mechanical engineering in ireland and haiqal had left malayaland yesterday. all the best to haiqal and welcome to the engineers club ..

immediately after solat subuh sunday morning, we'd left rumah cek and had stopped at restaurant tepi sungai in tanah merah for breakfast and had taken gua musang - cameron highland for out route home. we'd stopped for more than an hour to have our brunch and feel the cold wind blowing in cameron highland and the place is so serene and tranquil, alhamdulillah cos masih dapat menikmati keindahan alam .. around 2.30pm, we'd reached our pondok and aamal had packed us lunch

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

nukilan ..

yesterday, hani had been browsing my old writings in nukilanhani .. and was very happy to read it back cos it rekindled back the old memories, especially when there's the day and date

most of hani's writings is about us, hani's family and those who are just around hani .. and indeed, hani is not suprised since those days, our avtivities are merely makan makan and jalan jalan .. besides my collection of best and beautiful quotes

before using the new blog format, hani is so eager to upload photos but currently, guess it's not that user friendly and demanding more of hani's time, hani just stop by to pen few sentences before it's filled with spider webs .. and to hani's silent readers ( know of few ..) tq so much and can add hani at the fb since many photos are uploaded ..

guess a good writer has all the advantages ... hani is writing just for fun and a memoir to my anak cucu

Monday, September 12, 2011

beautiful quotes ..

# when you were 15 years old, i said i love you .. you blushed, you look down and smile ..
when you were 20 years old, i said i love you .. you put your head on my shoulder and hold my hand, afraid that i might disappear ..
when you were 25 years old, i said i love you .. you prepare breakfast and serve it in front of me, and kiss my forehead and said "you better be quick, it's gonna be late .."
when you were 30 years old, i said i love you .. u said "if you really love me, please come back early after work .."

# when you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you

# you get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself

# people pay more attention to what you do that what you say

# doing what we like is freedom, liking what what we do is happiness

# freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better

# everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

# a beautiful life does not just happen .. it is build daily in humility, sacrifice and love

# the result of anger is more painful than the reason of anger

# life is simple, it's just not easy ..

# map out your future, but do it in pencil

# he that dares not venture must not complain of ill luck

# use your stumbling blocks as stepping stones

# you may not be perfect in many things, but many things cannot be perfect without you

# don't trust too much, don't love too much, don't hope too much ..cos that too much can hurt you too much

# you'll not meet the right person, until you let go the wrong one .. you'll never reach happiness, until you set free all the tears .. you'll never taste freedom, until you open your mind for others .. you'll never feel people's pain, until you witness their struggle ..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wedding preparation

alhamdulillah, within a period of 10 months, we are getting 2 new members to the family and a most welcome to najmi yahya, who's with us since december 2010 and insyaallah in october 2011, khairunnadiah kamaruzzaman will be part of zakaria saat's (zs) clan ..

as a mum and overseeing the whole process, hani noticed that there's a vast difference in the wedding preparation between the bride and groom side. for aamal's wedding, we'd decided to hold the event back in our pondok and many small touches were done much earlier. as the host, many events had to be planned such as the berinai, marhaban, nikah and the reception as well as the bertandang to the man's side. for all events, different caterers and door gifts were chosen ..

as for aliff, only a small reception for majlis menyambut menantu (bertandang) are planned and we'd decided to hold it at 'piasa' in country homes resort. the theme, caterer and door gifts had been identified and taken care. before the majlis akad nikah which is to be held at masjid putrajaya, hani had decided to play host for kelas fardhu ain and doa selamat by datin nik noraini. well, the door gifts for this event had not been chosen yet ..

really pray that aliff and nadia's wedding will be a smooth sailing event .. and all the children will live happily ever after in sakeenah and rahmah

Monday, September 5, 2011

salam eid fitri

another apology for keeping this blog full with spiderwebs .. guess it's not too late to wish all friends (silent / openly) selamat hariraya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin ..

for another 2nd consecutive year, we're not celebrating our hariraya in kelantan since papa wanted to be with mak who's not that fine. insyaallah, we'll be home during the eid adha ie: after aliff and nadia's wedding reception. hubby and hani had flew back for a week during the nuzul quran holidays .. it's so good to be with cek and ayoh for iftar and solat terawih

plenty of hariraya photos were uploaded in hani's facebook; as usual the first day is occupied with visiting family members and they came visiting us on the second day ..