Thursday, January 29, 2009

cny holidays

chinese new year is on the 26th and 27th jan ie: mon and tue but most of the schools, cam sekolah aqeel are closed for the whole week. as usual, hubby's office will be closed for ten days and aliff is back home for three weeks break; only aamal is so busy with the assignment and classes since her exam is due soon. hani is recuperating from flu and fever and now, dah berjangkit kat hubby; hence we decided just to stay home and visit close family members only ..

it's a hot monday, kami lima beranak left for curve to have lunch at kenny rogers and was surprised to see so many chinese there, just couldnt understand how the younger generation celebrates chinese new year now; cheongsams are rarely seen, most ladies are only in short skirts and not being at home with the elderly. it was a big crowd at curve and we decided to visit kak iza in kota damansara immediately after lunch. abang tom is not around since he's left to bahrain for a week's forum and bell is spending her time with mum-in-law in keramat, thus leaving ariel and elisya with kak iza.

we'd decided to have table tennis matches between kak iza and hasan's families and all the kids are called back for the match and dinner. bell and ijal came home earlier before eddie and family joined us. it was a tough match before we adjourned for dinner, a home made tomyam steam boat. we left kak iza's house after 10pm with an invitation for lunch at our pondok the next day.

hubby left to bch's pasar early tuesday morning to buy chicken and stuff for nasi dagang and gulai darat ayam and magic mirror as well as water melon for dessert. it was sometimes since our pondok had been on spring cleaning, hani and the kids sweep, vacuum and mop the floor immediately after breakfast. hubby and hani started cooking at 10 am and by 12 noon, we are ready to receive guests. kak iza and anak cucu sampai around 1 and all of us had few helpings of nasi dagang and dessert before lawan carrom pula .. the pondok was so bising, mengalahkan orang yang celebrate cny

tea, coffee and cold drinks were served along goreng pisang, kacang2 and mandarin oranges before adjourning for another round of nasi dagang which hani had cooked more than 3 kilos. lots of ideas and suggestions for our family day were brainstormed thru out and all of us had agreed to have futsal matches this coming saturday in one-u. our guests left after 10 and by then, hani dah flat ..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

orang kampung

the whole week in pmas, kami selimut guna toto yang tebal cos at nite, it's so cold sampai ke tulang hitam since during the days, ada laa drizzle kejap-kejap; reminded hani of musim tengkujuh kecik2 dulu .. well, since ayoh kat hospital and hani balik sorang2, dapat laa tidur ngan cek tiap2 malam

balik je ke rawang, the temperature is so high and malam kena on the aircond baru laa boleh tidur nyenyak. on monday, went to kl with aliff to settle the unfinished business and dear, it's so hot and dry. sampai je rumah, both aliff and hani kena flu and demam till today, nampak sangat kami nii jenis yang jarang keluar rumah, cam orang kampung gitu, sekali sekala keluar dah demam ..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

last weekend

every morning will call cek in pmas to know of ayoh's progress and alhamdulillah, ayoh's condition is improving and on friday dah nak drive sendiri to the mosque for friday prayer, that's cikgu loh who is a very strong and determine person ..

hubby had canceled his golf date, guess he wants to spend more time with hani kot; both of us left early to makan nasi lemak at our favorite corner in rawang and then tapau for the kids yang masih dibuai mimpi. singgah kat nsk to buy groceries and had bawa balik ekor, tulang rusuk and burung puyuh untuk disimpan in case ada visitors coming over during the weekend

aamal had promised aida, the tailor for fitting baju and by 1.30 pm, aamal and hani dah ada kat the pink shop in country homes. actually kami sentiasa melintasi kedai nii and today is the first time kami drop by. had closed a deal with pn rozie, the owner who is a nice lady and this shop is a one-stop-centre for andaman and baju pengantin

had cooked spaghetti since anak2 just had their nasi lemak and then all of us took turn to gunting rumput yang cepat panjang. excited to know the result of ktrengganu election which was held earlier

received a very morning call from mum-in-law saying that she'll be coming over for lunch ngan family kak long. hubby and hani left to bch's market to have our lontong and meehoon sup kat kedai kak kam and to buy kepala ikan for lunch. we came back at 11.30 am and our visitors dah sampai kat rumah.

with the help from lily, mak's maid, hani managed to masak lemak kuning 3 kepala ikan kerapu, burung puyuh digoreng kunyit, ayam goreng halia, telur dadar and sambal belacan with ulam2an. normally, kepala ikan will be masak sup or kari je and had never masak lemak before but recently, had makan a delicious one ngan ayu kat restoran kamal pasir mas, tuu yang nak minta hubby, the kids and mak to taste, terasa cam makan nasi belauk kat kampung je ..

kak long and all were in rawang till anugerah juara lagu is over and we had pisang goreng for tea and meehoon goreng for dinner. luna, aamal's friend came over since they'll be leaving to temerloh very early monday morning for their directing assignment; her group is to follow en a.jamil, anak dato sarimah, the film momok's director till wednesday. all of us were engrossed with faizal tahir's hingga syurga in ajl and aliff is so happy since the inde band, meet uncle hussin won the award for the best song ..

Friday, January 16, 2009

in a week

12.30 pm thu, 8th jan
mak ngah mon (refer to the earlier entry) passed away peacefully in her sleep after a week in coma due to stroke. jenazah telah dibawa balik ke kediaman di taman ehsan, hubby and hani hadir ke pengkebumian immediatelty after solat asar but couldnt stay for the tahlil cos anak2 semua tak ikut. mak, kak long, kak ani and busu mail were also there. al-fatihah ..

8.30 am fri, 9th jan
as usual hani will be calling cek to hear the updates in pmas. was so shocked to hear cek crying on the other side, ayoh kena heart attack masa subuh and now, tengah urut since tak boleh gerak. at first, hani ingat my atuk yang semakin tenat but it's now my father, cikgu loh yang tak boleh bangun. had called hubby who'd just left for work, then called my brothers nd, aar and g for next action. hubby izinkan hani balik dulu ngan adik2 and we decided to walk-in kat lcct for 3 pm's flight since tickets are still available upon checking kat internet. flight was delayed due to fire and we'd took a taxi back to pmas; reached home around 6, ayoh tengah nyenyak tidur and badannya terlalu panas. cek and adik2 dah pujuk ayoh ke hospital but he refused and lepas je maghrib, we'd brought ayoh to klinik ruslan, our family doctor. ayoh was having fever and both his legs dah sembab and dr ruslan had advised us to bawa ayoh ke hospital.

9.30 am sat, 10th jan
pagi nii ramai orang kat rumah hani cos news yang cikgu loh and tok yasin tak sihat dah merebak. hani and mokcik sah, my aunt were talking depan ayoh who'd tutup mata lepas je makan ubat, was so shocked cos tiba2 je mata ayoh terbeliak and tangannya menggeletar. hani ran straight to ayoh and suruh dia mengucap while my aunty was shouting for cek who was in the kitchen. cek had urut muka and mata ayoh and bila ayoh sedar, he's not aware what had happened and sambung tidur. the whole day, ayoh had slept thru and bangun for lunch and solat je, his body condition was so weak, cam tak de tenaga gitu, btw hani had personally pegi pasar and cooked steam fish, ayoh's favourite dish.

the whole day, kami satu family dok pujuk ayoh untuk ke hospital, but his reply is always tunggu sehari dua lagi till his nephew, yo, sampai dari rpanjang. yo is the eldest son of arwah ayohsu, ayoh's only brother who'd left us 4 years ago. hani had called dr yob, a family friend and he'd promised to tunggu ayoh kat husm around 9 pm nanti. together with nd and g, hani were in the emergency ward for almost 4 hours before ayoh was warded at the 7th floor. ayoh was diagnosed with sakit jantung, paru2 berair and kaki sembab. it's nd's turn to jaga ayoh and we reached home past 2 pagi ..

sun, 11th jan
left home early with g to arrange ayoh to a single executive ward. actually this is the second time ayoh was admitted and the first was in may 2006, in kbmc bila ayoh kena stroke. well, everybody requested ayoh to be in a single room but our request was turned down since ayoh's condition is not stable, we couldnt get the approval from the specialist, the main condition to transfer patient to the executive ward. was in the ward till maghrib and cek couldnt visit ayoh since cek dah demam and arranging cek ngah to bawa balik atuk yasin kejap.

had sent sms to all my in-laws that aamal's planned engagement is postponed to a later date due to ayoh's condition. received many visitors during the visiting hours and ayoh doesn't mind staying in the open ward cos to him, he wants the best treatment but to us, anak2 nii, we are fighting for both, treatment and keselesaan; toilets kena share and jauh laa juga from the bed. malam nii, g's turn to jaga ayoh and his condition is improving, boleh bangun sendiri

mon, 12th jan
g is still making noise for ayoh to be transfered to either executive ward or kbmc. we're still appealing to medical officers to release ayoh to a better place but again our request is turned down. had called dr yati, hani's sms clan for advice and she paid us a visit after work, had given her advice to all of us and ayoh was so happy to hear the clarification; ada lagi adinda2 yang tak happy with the situation. ayoh had received so many visitors and since cek was ok, we'd left her with ayoh for a while. ayoh's condition was so good and dah boleh pegi toilet sorang2 je, malam nii aar's turn to jaga ayoh lak.

well, bila dok ramai2 tuu, we'd made new friends and ayoh terjumpa his old colleague, cikgu zaman muda dulu. dia pun sakit macam ayoh, jantung and paru2 but he was later transfered to 8th floor, bila kena stroke masa zohor. had met a very strong petite old lady, been in the ward for 2 weeks jaga husband cos the husband, who suffered serious kidney failure tak nak orang lain jaga kat wad ..

tue, 13th jan
had called aar and he said that ayoh dah boleh balik ari nii but has to wait for the report from bone specialist. alhamdulillah, ayoh was given the best treatment and we didnt expect kaki sembab been examined by the bone specialist. aar and g will be flying at 3 pm today; ayu and nd had sent them to the airport, tinggal laa hani sorang2 jaga ayoh kat ward.

dapat released letter around 4 pm, since ayoh tengah tidur, hani left to settle the cheapest bill ever, had collected a 3- month medication ration and ayoh's next appointments. oh, masa lunch, one old patient died due to heart attack. ayoh teringin makan nasi kerabu and we had singgah beli kat town, had reached home almost maghrib. hubby called informing of aamal's accident on the way to college ..

wed, 14th jan
since ayoh is back home, senang laa sikit hani nak plan for the day's activity. decided to be back in rawang on thursday with 3 pm flight. with ayu, hani went to rpanjang and pencarian ku telah berakhir cos hani managed to buy all is needed for aamal's engagement. first time hani kena bayar tax kat kastam in rpanjang. kami singgah at moon kopitiam on the way to the airport. balik rumah almost maghrib and visitors masih ramai.

thu, 15th jan
decided to have breakfast kat salor, pekena nasi kerabu and ayam bakar with nd and ayu. had tapau nasi kerabu with ayam and daging bakar for ayoh and cek. singgah kat pasar to buy beras nasi dagang, beras pulut and rempah2 to bring home. had also bought small kuih baulu for visitors kat rumah cek and also to bawa balik. time is running so fast and had to kemas kotak before keluar lagi to beli ayam percik at lemal for my loved ones back home. received call from my cousin, cikgu yati ajak lunch kat rumah baru dia but had to turn down since masa tidak mengizinkan. left rumah cek after 2.30 pm and at 6 pm, hani dah ada dalam kereta hubby to home sweet home ..

Monday, January 5, 2009


school had reopened, only aqeel is in school and still waiting either he'll be schooling in bch or sekolah men teknik. as for hani, my wish is biarlaa dia buat form 4 & 5 kat rumah, senang hani nak monitor, but as for him, he wants to go away, nak belajar berdikari like abang and kakak before ..

had been a little busy lately, mencari apa2 yang patut untuk aamal's engagement which is due soon. it'd been sometimes since hani had been involved totally in any engagement preparation and it's not an easy task since mum still with her traditional style and daughter ngan her modern taste; but whatever it is, we'll only go for a simple and moderate one .. now, kami dok kiv on the food, bekas hantaran, makeup, small pelamin, bunga telur and the guest list. inshaallah once, hani's bakal menantu is back from work, things will be confirmed and my doa is hope things will go as smooth as planned ..

had been to rawang, kota damansara and kl looking for the bubu ikan, we'd ordered earlier kat r'panjang but couldn't collect since banjir kat pantai timur and till now, pencarian kami belum berhasil. pernah minta tolong my youngest sis ayu pegi collect but tak jumpa juga, guess we'll have to cari alternative lain laa kot ..

hani's grandfather is seriously ill with sakit tua in pmas at the moment and most probably hani'll be back home any time now. my atok yasin is staying with my cek and he's almost 100 years old, despite of his old age, he does not suffer from any hypertension or diabetes, he's still as sane except that dah bongkok sikit. being the eldest cucu, hani is very close to atok yasin and his reference is always hubby bila dapat menantu baru in the family. in times of trouble, hubby will always seek atok's advise since he's a wise guy, maklumlaa pernah jadi towkey lembu dulu ..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st jan 2009

hope that 2009 will be a better and prosperous year for all of us. had sent this beautiful phrase to some and do really hope kita semua dapat hayati "perkataan paling ingin didengar adalah HIDUP KAYA dan yang paling tidak ingin didengar ialah MATI MISKIN" dalam mengharungi hidup seharian both for rohani and jasmani.

as for hani, it's been a routine to ngaji few pages of quran after solat subuh and had immediately changed to jogging suit since hubby had promised to teman hani jogging kat tasik puteri jogging track. it was around 7.15 am when we left our pondok. an hour later, we're already eating nasi lemak antarabangsa in tasik puteri and had then tapau for aamal and aqeel.

we then left to kundang golf since now hani kena teman hubby for golf lak, as for preparation hani dah bawa novel seindah derita by norhayati berahim. while hubby dok menyabit rumput tuu, hani managed to bergayut ngan cek in p'mas and had baca half of the novel before heading home.

after lunch, we'd to go to rumah kakak hubby, mak ngah ani in selayang yang buat kenduri tahlil. ramai sedara mara sebelah hubby were there, mak, kak long and aim, kak iza and anak menantu and so is makcik chik, adik arwah abah from j'bharu and her youngest daughter suraya. received news that mak ngak mon, the late arwah pak ngah omar's wife kena stroke kat melaka. we were at kak ani's residence till 6 pm before semua adjourned home with a full stomach ..