Wednesday, April 29, 2009

morning coffee

at 9.30 am yesterday, hani and kak ani abang faisal left bch heading towards kota damansara for a pre secheduled morning coffee at kak iza, my sis-in-law's house. another friend, kak tengku is supposed to follow us but she'd an urgent meeting to attend to; house-wives to petronas senior officers, wati and ella were already there when we arrived

the host had prepared nasi lemak, sambal udang, cheese cake and berbagai kuih muih besides hot tea and coffee for us and hani had brought along sweet and delicious mangos (buah pauh from rantau panjang). another two mak datins, nik and faizah arrived shortly and the house was so meriah .. current issues such as the swine flu and evergreen problems of poligamy were heavily debated till the morning coffee and brunch adjourned at 2 pm; thank you daun keladi to kak iza

had stopped over at wati's big bungalow since kak ani had never been there, tumpang solat zohor and then, had our hi tea, sambung our gossip session till almost five .. well, we had agreed to have this morning coffee only on wednesday once a month at alternate venues, kalau tak, all the diet and line dance session goes into the drain

Monday, April 27, 2009

kampung trip

1st day

left home with chomel as early as 7 am, heading towards sri gombak to fetch najmi and his mom since we'd planned to go back to kampung together. actually hati hani nii terasa risau and berdebar juga since hani'll be with kak ti, najmi's mom sepanjang perjalanan to pasir mas. we hardly knew each other except during the engagement .. it's a working day, we're trapped in heavy jam along mrr2 and after meeting them, we went to have breakfast kat kedai mamak

before 9 am, we're already in karak and najmi was at the wheel, alhamdulillah the journey was very smooth and we stopped at gua musang r&r to have our lunch. aamal took the wheel and all this while, bila driving home to kampung, hani will doze off sepanjang jalan, but now with kak ti as a companion, hani tak terasa mengantuk and we were laughing and talking, just like catching up with old friends

we caught cek by surprise since we reached home as early as 2.30 pm, ingatkan sampai dalam pukul 5; najmi and his mom then left to tanah merah to visit their relatives. together with hani's youngest sis, ayu, who had just reached home from her course, we had mee celup kat lemal for dinner

2nd day

as usual, had nasi belauk and pulut pagi for breakfast. had promised my atuk yasin to botakkan kepala and cukurkan his misai and janggut pagi ni; at home hani normally guna mesin untuk cukur rambut hubby but kat kampung, hani terpaksa guna shaver, kesian juga to atuk yasin yang dah terlalu tua and kurus terpaksa tahan for hours to complete the task.

hani then left to rantau panjang with aamal to collect my baju kurung kat raihan boutique, sedih since it's still tak siap. kami merayap dalam pasar rantau panjang sekejap before visit my auntie, kak yam who'd stroke and oyie, her son who is recovering from accident, patah kaki and tangan.

had promised my sis, ana, to attend the hi-tea kat rumahnya in kg tal tujuh, pasir mas. memang meriah rumah adindaku ini, mejanya penuh ngan sate, mee tomyam, trifle and macam2 lagi. my brother-in-law, din had also invited his sisters and family, najmi and kak ti arrived shortly since dah tersesat jalan and all of us left ana's house lepas solat maghrib

3rd day

early in the morning met ayoh long who came to visit atok. najmi and kak ti will be fetching us kat rumah cek to go shopping kat rantau panjang and pengkalan kubur since they had not been there for sometimes. kak ti is on a very heavy shopping spree tak kira laa for herself or anak cucu at both places; hani tak banyak sangat shopping in rantau panjang cos had came earlier but bought few beautiful personal things in pengkalan kubur. lepas je maghrib, ayu had treated us to a delicious dinner, najmi and kak ti then tidur kat rumah cek

4th day

at 6.45 am, najmi amd aamal had sent ayu kat stadium pasir mas for tasek kenyir, she'll be there till thursday for kursus bina insan guru. my cousin, siti nur baya sampai pagi2 lagi and we left rumah cek at 8.30 am for home sweet home. kami sempat singgah breakfast kat nasi kerabu pak lah in seberang pasir mas. traffic was a little heavy and we saw 2 accidents along the way, had reached sri gombak before 5 pm and arrived bandar country homes at 6 pm

the kampung trip was a happy and memorable one; sentiasa berdoa agar jodoh kami kekal hingga ke akhir hayat

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rehat sekejap

this whole week, the temperature is so hot and perit, dalam 30 degrees celcius; on monday and wednesday, hani had attended the morning coffee hosted by kak asiah and kak faizah. aamal and hani had been going out sekejap2 to have our lunch kat pekan rawang. yesterday we managed to visit dr zainal's family in kota damansara, they'd been asking for us since balik from umrah a month ago

inshaaallah early friday morning we'll be driving back to kelantan; it's been sometimes since kami drove back home cos semenjak dua menjak nii we normally flew back. aamal, najmi, kak ti (najmi's mum) and hani will leave as early as after subuh to ensure that we reach tanah merah and pasir mas before maghrib

our going back home to pasir mas is totally to visit my parents as well as the siblings. kak ti and najmi will be visiting the grand mother in tanah merah before najmi leaving to another 6 months mission atas kapal. aamal is a little free on friday and monday, thus decide to balik kampung in her new swift. lawatan berkali2 ke rantau panjang is a must and so is to eat at all our favourite food stall. will be back by monday and it's a little sad to leave hubby alone during the weekend, or guess dia dah siap buat golf appointment ..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the weekend

aliff reached home after solat jumaat, as predicted my bro, g arrived fifteen minutes later; dia dua orang nii dari dulu till now are very close and will spend time kat play station. aamal had fetched aqeel from the hostel and as usual, aqeel with his black plastic bag full of kain untuk dicuci, sampai rumah before hubby balik. actually aqeel was in taiping for a week for inter school rugby competition .. pondok bising ngan gelak ketawa anak2 ku

we'd planned to have steamboat for dinner but upon booking, discovered it's closed; thus hani agreed to cook dinner. a simple dish of black pepper chicken, masak lemak udang ngan kobis, ikan goreng, sambal belacan and ulam was served and it's great, throughout dinner penuh ngan usik mengusik, macam dah lama tak makan sama2 ..

as agreed, we'll be hosting a small and simple majlis tahlil untuk arwah abah at eleven pagi nii, my newly married cousin, ustaz marzuki, ismazarni's hubby, lead the tahlil and bacaan yassin. actually adik beradik my hubby had been organizing the majlis tahlil every year since abah left and guess, tiap2 tahun kat rumah anak lelaki dia, hasan ..

nasi, pulut kuning (silver jubilee), kari ayam, rendang daging, ikan goreng, sambal belacan, ulam2an, buah tembikai, air laici and teh o is catered from kak mariah, kepong. hani had ordered kuih tauhu ros from kak faizah and wati had brought along kuih serimuka. we did not invite many guests, kak ani abang faizal and kak tengku abang khalid are the only neighbours yang dijemput besides my cousins, ismadiha and ismazarni. mak came with kak long and abang long, kak ani abang zul anak beranak, kak iza abang tom and anak2 as well as eddie and family. busu mail, in his new spectra hitam, came alone since zarina is working. wati sudirman and the boys as well as ella were around. my bro nd and family were also there; it's totally a family affair and alhamdulillah, it turned out to be great and fun

since this is the first time hani jumpa ngan menantu ayoh long, ustaz marzuki, we'd handed him a belated wedding gift. it's good to have an ustaz in the family sice it's very easy and convenient to minta tolong; aamal had requested ustaz to buat air untuk her new swift. when the last guest left home around 3 pm, aamal and hani left to rumah kak melini to hantar sikit pulut kuning and rendang daging

at 9 pm, all of us dok depan tv and enjoying the weekly af consert

hubby and hani had breakfast of mee rebus kat kedai kak kam and tapau lasi lemak sotong and ayam for the kids. as usual, aliff and aqeel will bring along banyak kain untuk dicuci, lipat and ironed; by the time nak siapkan all the laundry work tuu, dear hubby had cooked fried meehoon for lunch and hani dapat laa tengok melodi and nona .. after solat asar, we left to send aqeel back to the hostel; he'd been complaining of a very short weekend and belum puas dok kat rumah lagi

aliff left to melaka only early this morning, all seem to miss home ..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

dinner time

it's been a while since hani being busy in the kitchen especially for dinner. since aqeel left to hostel, aamal being so busy with her course work and aliff still in melaka, hani had not been cooking dinner. since day one of marriage, hubby is not the cerewet type especially for food and it really makes hani's life so easy

normally hubby will call bila dia dah sampai kat sungai buluh asking what and where to have dinner. if both of us dah kenyang, we'll just go out for supper kat ghazali restaurant in bch je; if not, immediately after solat maghrib, we'll be out for jalan-jalan cari makan. we'll be trying kedai-kedai makan kat rawang, sungai buluh and kota damansara. we'd tried delicious tomyam at d'chiengmai, yummy steam boat at house of rendang, spicy ayam kampung at d'abang, rich seafood tomyam potek at d'anjung and many more, alhamdulillah both of us still dapat merasai nikmat makanan and minuman sepenuhnya

when it's just the two of us having dinner, teringat zaman bercinta dulu-dulu and now, we're experiencing it again ..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

red swift

last nite, aamal had brought back her brand new suzuki swift with her birthdate as the plate number. it is a 1500 cc red car and very sweet for her to commute to college. she collected the car with her fiance, najmi who is still around, tq ..

initially, we'd booked a persona se but due to the long waiting time, we'd to cancel the booking. aamal hardly waited for more than ten days to drive the swift back; well chomel, drive carefully and hope it'll be accident free ..

Monday, April 13, 2009

silver jubilee

actually this coming saturday morning, 18th april we'll be hosting majlis tahlil arwah and guess it's the right time to celebrate the silver jubilee too

alhamdulillah, we'd celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary, in a very modest manner last sunday, 12th april. only chomel was around since both abang and adik were in school. aamal had presented us with a cheese cake later in the evening, tq chomel, and till today, masih banyak lagi kat dalam fridge

early this morning had received a call from hani's bakal besan, cikgu yahya, jemput kenduri cukur jambul cucunya in seri gombak lepas subuh (typical kelantanese) also on saturday and nampak gayanya terpaksa give it a go since we'll be hosting the majlis at 11 am. earlier, had apologised to kak sharifah, a closed friend in telekom who had invited us for kenduri kahwin anak sulong, also this saturday, in setapak.

looking back 25 years ago
it was an easy and quick decision, met 4 months ago and we were 23 years old then, had decided to get married in less than 2 weeks. we'd surprised and shocked everybody, tak kira yang kat kelantan or in klumpur, actually nothing bad had happened and it's just that hubby wanted to follow hani balik kampung for the chinese new year. well, hani being the role model and eldest cucu, those days to my parents, it's tak manis bila ada lelaki datang tumpang rumah kita unless ada string attached

dulu, klumpur and pmas was so far cos there's no alternative route except kena lalu kot the coasters of trengganu and the air fare was so expensive. after few phone calls between arwah abah, hj saad in desa jaya kepong and my father, cikgu lloh, in pmas kelantan, we'd decided to host the akad nikah lepas solat isyak hari khamis malam jumaat. mak, abah, kak ani, abang zul, kak iza (tengah pregnant bel), abang tom and zarul had travelled to kelantan on wednesday. abah and mak visited ayoh and cek early thursday morning for merisik.

hani was not around pagi tuu since baru nak mencari barang2 hantaran and tq ana, my sis who'd followed me to kota bharu. dek tak nak menyusahkan ayoh and cek, with a small budget, hani had bought only cheap things, then balik gubah sendiri for the nite's occasion. had borrowed a white laced baju nikah from kak iza, did my own makeup and hair do .. sedih juga bila tengok balik the wedding album. cek had catered nasi puteh, delicious ayam percik and other lauk pauk for the majlis.

it was a small family affair, arwah mok and tok yasin, ayoh long and family, arwah ayohsu and family, mokcik sah and family, cekgu him and mok wan, cekgu abu hasan and kak nik yah, few of cek and ayoh's best friends as well as closed neighbours were there. cekgu shukri cekgu daud (kawan baik) was one of the saksi, my lil bro aar, tengah pakai kain pelikat cos belum baik sunat lagi and my youngest sis, ayu asyik nangis je cos bising and ganggu dia tidur, she's not even a year old then

two weeks later, on sunday the 29th april 1984, majlis menyambut menantu was held in taman desa jaya, kepong. it was a big occasion, siap ngan kompang and pelamin maklumlaa hubby nii the eldest boy after 5 girls. ayoh, ayoh long, arwah ayoh su and poksu (he's in upm, serdang) and many of hani's telekom friends attended the majlis. my sis-in-law mek hadiyati and hubby's buddy, mazni were the pengapit

after the wedding, hani stayed with the in laws in desa jaya kepong for only four months before kena pindah ke sek latihan telekom, rusila trengganu. initially hani stayed with orang bujang in taman pmint jaya since hubby was still working in the bank in kelana jaya before tendering his resignation by end of the year

25 years is a long duration, more than half of our own age and with three precious gifted juniors, alhamdulillah our life is blessed and complete. terlalu banyak pahit manis and suka duka, lots of compromising, giving and taking, tears and laughter happened and shared

LOVE is only a four letter word but it had so much effect in one's life; once cupid had striked, you'll be tied to it for the rest of your life

to my precious aliff, aamal and aqeel, mama and papa's wish is :
  • know your true love; no forcing
  • nourish your love; don't take things for granted
  • keep your love to the end; relationship needs hardwork, understanding and compromising

another sunday

since aqeel enrolled himself into the hostel, hani had missed the sunday leisure, unless his turn to be back home; no more tv programs such as melodi and nona for me.

now, as early as 10 am we had left home and heading to gombak; we'll take aqeel out for an early lunch and his shopping spree. since small, aqeel is not the kind yang favour nasi and he's more into the western food. he had lost almost 5 kilos and guess, he's too active with rugby and currently is representing the school. sunday lunch will be pizza, the sandwiches (mcd/kfc), yong tow foo or nasi at special places.

lepas je lunch, ada je la nak beli the week ration, food, stationaries or toiletries and luckily, kat setiawangsa or wangsa maju tuu banyak shopping complex yang kami boleh lepak. before sending him back to hostel, we'll tapau him with sandwitches from mcdonald.

yesterday, 12th april, upon request we'd lunch at yong tow foo in wangsa melawati before leaving to carrefour for his normal routine. after sending aqeel back to the hostel, we had visited an old friend, ahmad in wangsa maju who was hospitalised earlier due to acute asthma and difficulty breathing. ahmad was an old acquaintance during my diploma days and we'd lost touch after graduating in 1981. he'd left to glasgow and worked in jb for few years. we'd never crossed path until end of july last year, tho he's married to my kampung mate. the mrs, cikgu nik had served us with delicious laksa and colek buah. we were there till 5 pm before heading to home sweet home for abp. dear ahmad, take good care

Sunday, April 12, 2009

everlasting white and green

kat luar pondok, hani preferred pokok2 berdaun hijau rather than yang berbunga. all this while, for internal, hani had been admiring all kinds of white and green flowers especially the lilies family and recently, had chosen them for aamal's engagement tak kira laa kat hantaran, pelamin or bunga tangan.

after the ceremony, hani had rearranged all the white and green lilies to enhance our pondok and most of them puji the white and greens. the calla lily which was at the pelamin earlier had been rearranged into a big gold vase like tempayan and is now sitting confidentially kat grandfather's clock.

now, our pga dining table is also decorated with a vase of white and green calamine flowers which blends femininely with the bamboo blinds. the dining vicinity is so sweet since currently, hani is using the english roses dinner set.

aamal's bunga tangan masa bertunang dulu is comprised of smaller white lilies and hani had decorated the quran, which najmi had posted last year from egypt, kat the pga trolley.

well, the everlasting white and green flowers had definitely brightened hani's pondok and am happy buat kerja2 gini semasa pencen ..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a full sunday

yesterday, sunday, we left home as early as 12 noon, aamal is having a meeting with her mcp group at 1 pm and we'd decided to have lunch near her college before sending aqeel back to his hostel. actually aqeel is allowed to be back home every fortnite and last friday, hubby went to fetch him and as usual, beg plastic hitam penuh ngan baju kotor will be brought back

it was the first time we'd lunch near the college's food court and the food was good and cheap. all of us had ikan bakar, chicken curry, ulam2an and kerabu besides the sirap limau and it's hardly rm20, guess sekali sekala dapat student rate .. we were then joint by aamal's colleage and aqeel went to tapau popia at nadia af punya stall, it's yummy

before leaving our pondok earlier, aqeel baru perasan that we're supposed to sew his name tag yang baru dapat kat school uniform and papa was mad about this, it's a last minute thing .. most of the kedai jahit was closed since it's a sunday but alhamdulillah, we managed to jumpa sorang pakcik tukang jahit kat gombak who's willing to help us, kalau tak, aqeel kena jahit sendiri then

had planned to visit najmi's mum yang kurang sihat kat sri gombak after sending aqeel and what a surprise, meriahnya meja, najmi's family dah ready ngan meehoon goreng, keropok, cake and mangga. thank you so much najmi, who had put all the effort since mum and kak nor tak sihat, he's the one yang busy kat dapur, keep up the good work

promised to fetch aamal at 6, we'd stopped at wahab's house, wahab is hani's cousin and also residing in sri gombak. kak pah, the wife had served us ngan home made roti goreng yang sedap and rangup besides duku langsat from johor; the son-in-law is commuting from johor every week. it's so sweet cos rumahnya penuh ngan anak menantu yang cam adik beradik ..

luna, aamal's friend is still with her bila kami pegi fetch her kat college. aamal will be staying kat rumah kak long mami in desa jaya for a while before dapat her new car since it's more convenient for najmi to pick her up for college. at least aamal boleh tolong mami jaga mak who's currently staying with her and maid baru je lari. mak was in her jovial mood and we'd declined mami's offer to have dinner since we're so full and lepas je maghrib, hubby and hani left for country homes

Thursday, April 2, 2009

overdued updates

so sorry since had not been posting due to both, the desk top and the lap top being corrupted besides been so busy with everyday chores especially when mum-in-law is around ..

just to date:
my sis, ana, hubby din and six kids were around for two nites before leaving to kota kinabalu on a four-days vacation sempena cuti keputeraan sultan kelantan. had cooked dinner and invited my bro's family, nd and cousins ismadiha and ismazarni too. najmi, hani's bakal menantu, was around and dapat mingle ngan family ona

last week, aamal's satria, bge 8209 dah kena trade-in ngan pesona se after lots of complaints, accident and terlalu banyak telan minyak. till now, pesona belum dapat altho the salesgirl tuu janji seminggu je and susah la sikit going to college, luckily for this final semester her class is only on tuesday, thursday and friday. nampak gayanya, her fiance najmi will be the temporary driver kejap

aqeel had been doing good in the hostel, he had been selected to be the dorm leader and the council for cleanliness. all this while, hani went to collect the baju kotor on saturday and will be sending the cleaned and ironed on sunday. guess lepas nii, biar laa dia belajar cuci baju sendiri

my nephew, shaqir fendi just registered in teknik kuala selangor, also doing electrical engineering. nampak gayanya bertambah ramai cucu atok yasin yang jadi engineers

hani's cousin, haiqal marzuki (anak paksu ki) scored straight A1 in his spm and will be doing mechatronic engineering soon

besides doing the daily chores, hani had managed to attend kelas fardhu ain ngan ustazah datin noraini every thursday evening