Wednesday, April 28, 2010


dah berkali2 ku ulangi membaca artikel ini .. dan untuk renungan semua ..

Berapa ramai yg sanggup menyuapkan ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup mencuci muntah ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup menggantikan lampin ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup membersih najis ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup membuang ulat dan mencuci kudis ibunya?
Berapa ramai yang sanggup berhenti kerja untuk menjaga ibunya?
Dan akhir sekali
Berapa ramai yang boleh sembahyangkan jenazah ibunya?

Seorang ibu meminta tolong anaknya memcuci pinggan. Tiba-tiba anak itu menghulurkan sekeping kertas lalu si ibu terus membaca.

Kos upah membantu ibu:

1. Pergi kedai - 3 ringgit
2. Jaga adik - 3 ringgit
3. Buang sampah - 2 ringgit
dan seterusnya

Ibu tersenyum dan mengambil sebatang pensel lalu menulis dibelakang kertas yang sama.

1. Kos mengandung dengan penuh dugaan -percuma
2. Kos kesakitan melahirkan umpama telur dihujung tanduk -percuma
3. Kos berjaga malam kerana menjaga - percuma
4. Kos memberi susu ibu - percuma
5. Kos air mata yang selalu menitis kerana mu -percuma
6. Kos kerunsingan dan kebimbangan - percuma
7. Kos menyediakan makan dan minum -percuma
8. Kos pembelajran hingga ke menara gading -percuma

Lalu ibunya menyerahkan kertas tersebut kepada anaknya. Air mata anak berlinangan setelah membaca apa yang ditulis ibunya, lalu memeluk ibunya dan berkata
“ Sayang mama”
Pada muka surat yang sama, si anak menulis
“Sayang mama. Semuanya telah TERBAYAR”


Pada yang masih mempunyai ibu, ambillah peluang berharga ini kerana ia tidak akan kembali lagi.
Peluklah ibu kita selalu. Ciumlah kakinya dan meminta keampunan. Sayangilah dia dengan penuh keikhlasan kerana doa ibu paling mustajab. Apabila mencapai kedewasaan, hulurlah sedikit rezeki yang diperolehi, bukan kerana mereka tidak berwang, tetapi hanyalah sebahagian dari tanggungjawap sbagai seorang anak. mereka tidak meminta apa apa balasan. Keredhaan ibu adalah keredhaan Allah.

Kesenangan, kebahagian dan suami yang baik yang saya perolehi pada hari ini, adalah dengan iringan doa kedua ibu bapa saya walaupun tidak sempat melakukan semua perkara diatas kerana telah perginya mereka yang disayangi dikala usia masih kecil. Setiap doa yang dibacakan dan sedekah yang dihulurkan adalah untuk kebahagiaan mereka disana.
Pernah suatu ketika, dalam keadaan yang tidak diduga, saya berada disisi mak yang sedang menghadapi saat saat akhir dalam hidup. Saya memanggil berulang-ulang kali,lalu mak berkata,‘ Jangan panggil mak...Mak tengah menghadap...Mak dah ampun dosa semua anak mak...’

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Apalah nilainya yang kita ingin berikan kepada ibu sekiranya nilai pengorbanan ibu jauh lebih besar dari apa yang kita hulurkan. Hinggakan saat saat terakhir hidupnya pun masih lagi sempat mengampunkan dan mendoakan kesejahteraan anak-anaknya setelah ketiadaannya kelak. Bukan mudah untuk mendapatkan saat saat terakhir seorang ibu untuk melafazkan kata kata sedemikian disaat pemergiannya. Begitu jugalah dengan harapan saya, sebagai seorang ibu, yang mengharapkan agar dapat melafazkan kata kata sedemikian sebelum pemergian saya kelak.

Sayangi lah ibu selagi hayat masih dikandung badan. Tatapilah ibu selagi masih dihadapan mata.

Your life will be miserable if you don’t honour, love, and respect your mother. This is the fact of life. Remember, your mother is the queen of your heart.



wisdom words to be shared:

  • never argue with a fool; people might not know the difference
  • there are three sides of any argument; your side, my side and the right side

  • honesty is the best policy, and by elimination, dishonesty is the second best
  • one of the easiest things to do is to quit smoking; i do it many times each day
  • nothing is NOT impossible, people have been doing it for years
  • many people stop looking for work when they get a job

  • you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dearest friends

200410, tuesday
@ 10 am, with kak asiah, hani were at sofiah's residence for morning coffee .. it's a huge 12,000 sq foot villa with an open design and the session is held besides the swimming pool, varieties of food were served, there's nasi lemak with rendang ayam, fried meehoon, pancakes with honey, crispy puffs and many more; it's a small affair among friends and hani was lucky to mingle among the rich and famous datins in bch ..

@12 noon, left sofiah's villa for jamie's bungalow, visiting her husband who was recently involved in an accident in behrang; hazellah is lucky to escape with minor bruises tho his triton was badly smashed ..

@ 1.30 pm visited aini, hani's jogging mate who's having severe migraine and she'd seen a doctor .. complete rest will be much needed then

@ 2.30 pm, only realized there were few missed calls and two were from another closed buddy, kak ngah @ kak faizah who went back alone to alor star for her knee appointment in kmc. was informed that her knee needed operation for the long-torn ligament and scheduled to be this morning ...

@ 8.30 pm - had dinner ngan kak asiah & abang din at adnan lee's in bch ..

8.30 am on wednesday 210410
alone in front of the computer and praying that all my dearest friends are in the best of health .. amin amin amin

Sunday, April 11, 2010


sabtu lepas, 10hb april 2010 at 11 am, kami sefamili telah menjadi tuan rumah untuk majlis kenduri tahlil arwah dan doa selamat which was led by imam muda bch, ustaz haniff. our guests are the family members and closed friends only; mak, kak long & abang long, kak ani & abang zul with zarul & yus, kak liza with bell & daymi as well as eddie, ija & mom, mail & family and so is sarah & anak2. my brothers, fendi & family and aar & family were also around. kak asiah abang din & family, kak faizah & family as well as kak melini & adik, hanum & rahman and ain & jamal were also there besides kasmani & anak2; hani's immediate neighbours kak ani, abang faizal & eric, kak mariah & abang razak & ain as well as kak tengku & family were also present to make our day ..

we had pot-lucked the food and hani as the host, had cooked nasi dagang & kari ayam; co-host, kak asiah had cooked white rice with masak lemak nenas ikan masin, sambal udang petai and jelatah, kak faizah had brought along daging masak hitam and kuih tauhu ros, kak ani abang zul with ikan semilang bercili, kak liza ngan green salad and kak tengku had sponsored lai chee kang, karipap and apam, kak melini with her kuih2 sagu, sarah had brought along the popiah, zarina bawa karipap, kak long with her raspberry tarts, ella bawa muffin and eja bawa big apple doughnuts. imi had bought 100 pieces of roti john to be distributed ... we really had a surplus of food, alhamdulillah

majlis kenduri nii juga untuk meraikan ulangtahun perkahwinan kami yang ke26 and kak ani abang faizal had presented us with american chocolate anniversary cake, tq so much ... the day ended at 5pm and everybody seems so happy with the get-together and do really pray that we'll be able to host many more of such events in the future ..

hani had uploaded the photos in facebook and pls be free to browse thru ..

Monday, April 5, 2010


had not been blogging since cousin's engagement recently ... and had been spending most of the time on facebook ..

just an update of the activities done recently
  • last monday, had hosted the morning coffee among family and friends .. mak, kak long & abang long, aim & farah and mami's besan from penang as well as kak melini, kak asiah, kak faizan and yati .. had cooked rendang ayam, nasi impit & kuah kacang besides nasi lemak brought over by kak asiah
  • visited ayoh long & cek long at ismadiha's house
  • sent congratulatory wishes to dato dr kaisan who just had his datukship from kelantan
  • sent congratulatory wishes to dr wahab who's promoted to his jusa
  • a clan who had just celebrate the arrival of a grand daughter
  • had attended fardhu ain hosted by puan sri on thursday afternoon
  • aqeel was back for the weekend but not aamal (at litar sepang) and aliff (melaka)
  • kak melini had bought us, all the 'anak angkat' brunch at one of the restaurant in subang bestari on her 70th birthday
  • last nite, kak asiah & abang din had gave us dinner at her residence, we then resume for supper at bidayah past midnite
inshaallah, we'll be hosting majlis tahlil arwah & kenduri kesyukuran at our pondok this saturday