Sunday, April 8, 2012

more and more quotes

from time to time, hani will try to share more beautiful quotes for "food for thought" ..

 1. just because we don't talk, doesn't mean i don't think of you .. i'm just trying to distance myself because i know i can't have you
2. if you truly love someone, then the only thing you want for them is to be happy .. even if its not with you
 3. marry someone who expects less and accepts more .. someone who realises that you tried, not someone who reminds you that you promised
4. don't change yourself to be someone else .. stay to be yourself, but change yourself to be better
5. when people walk away from you, let them walk .. your destiny is never tied to anybody who left 6. life is too short because it starts with a short cry and ends with a long silence
 7. it's not the presence of someone that brings meaning to life .. but the way someone touches your heart gives life a beautiful meaning
 8. the greatest weakness of most humans are their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're alive
9. not all scars show, not all wounds heal .. sometimes you can;t see the pain someone feels
10. no matter how many times they tell you "you are beautiful", never let beauty gets to your head .. no matter how many times they say "you are ugly", don't let that words get to your heart..always stay humble and just know you are way better than the person insulting you
11. outstanding people have one thing in common .. an absolute sense of mission
 12. you've got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you've got and remember what you had .. always forgive and never forget, learn from mistakes but never regret
13. i've learned that things change, people change and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it .. it simply means that that you move on and treasure the memories. letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be
14. friendship is like standing on wet cement .. the longer you stay, the harder it's to leave and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind
15. do we turn left, when nothing is right .. or do we turn right, when there's nothing left
16. never walk away from someone when you see some faults .. have patience and realize nobody is perfect, it's the affection that matters, not the perfection
17. loving someone doesn't need a reason .. if you can explain why you love someone, it's not called LOVE but it's called LIKE
18. don't ask why people keep hurting you .. ask yourself why are you allowing it to happen
19. everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life .. but i'd rather be your moon, so i can shine on you during your darkest hour
20. no matter who you are, or what you do, there'll always be someone opposing you ..

Monday, March 19, 2012

wish ..

as hani had updated the status in fb: how i wish my parents are here with me .. saturday 25th feb 2012, the first time hani boarded a plane home for cek's health reason since all this while it was ayoh who had not been so healthy; ayoh @ cekgu lloh is almost 12 years older than dearest mom @ cek ..

cek is suffering from severe fatique and tiredness which leads to insomnia and absence of appetite .. she suffered from irregular pulse rate which leads to problem of the heart and little blood stain in her urine; cek is so tired and unable to do much house work. hani wish that am able to lend a helping hand in this situation but distance is a hinderance. so many times, we had pestered cek and ayoh to stay with us in rawang and take a break from kampung, but still we receive a negative reply from them ..

with hani fully staying home, am able to cook for them and guess, it's much easier and more varieties of food choice available here .. during the day, hani is home alone and our pondok is so quiet and very serene for recuperating .. but as of now, both cek and ayoh are still not willing to leave behind their home and the surrounding ..

really wish that one fine day, cek and ayoh will be with hani here .. YA ALLAH, SIHATKAN DAN PULIHKAN KEDUA2 ORANG TUAKU

Sunday, March 11, 2012

al fatihah ..

lately, hani had been busy running around .. since hani's last posting, mum @ cek was not that well since she had lost her apetite and her migrain is getting from bad to worse by days; guess cek must be sooo tired in handling atok yasin who at the age of 107 is not able to take care of himself, ayoh @ cekgu lloh who's recuperating from his fall and sis aya, who'd just given birth to baby boy, mohamad naufal afham roslan a month ago ..

tq so much dearest hubby for letting hani balik kampung utk jaga cek and ngan aamal, hani had taken the earliest flight back on saturday 25th feb. youngest sister, ayu and niece, nabilah had awaited for us at the airport and we'd stopped over at kopitiam kita in kota bharu for breakfast. hani was so shocked bila sampai je kat pondok cek & ayoh, cos cek is so thin and was on drip kat rumah. actually the family had urged cek to be warded but she had refused and hani had consoled her again and again .. alhamdulillah, we managed to bring cek to the emergency ward husm kubang kerian; ayu, nabilah, aamal was with hani thru out the nite .. after the ultrasound and x-ray, cek is diagnosed with slight problem in the heart since her pulse rate is not constant and small stones in the kidney. cek had asked the doctor to be discharged and after completing 4 bottles of drip, cek is given an appoinment to see the specialist on monday, 19th march .. we reached home just in time for azan subuh. brothers anuzi and aar & family dah sampai balik dari kl to be by cek's bed ..

that same day, hani had received many phone calls from uncles and aunties saying that my grandfather, atok yasin who used to be under cek's care dah nazak kat rumah adik cek, cek ngah di kampung to'uban. since cek is still very weak, we left her with ayoh and we go visiting atok yasin .. on monday, with cek, who really insist to be with her father, ayoh and aamal (who's gonna fly back to kl with the latest flight) we visited atok gain and recited few rounds of yasssin .. atok passed away at 2.30am on tuesay 28th feb 2012 .. al fatihah and semoga ditempatkan bersama2 orang yang beriman ..

kat kampung, tahlil is done sampai malam ke7 and every nite is nasi hidang .. hani managed to be there every nite and had bade goodbye to cek and ayoh on wednesday, 7th march ie after 12 days away from dearest darling .. really pray that both cek and ayoh will be on their feet soon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more quotes

more quotations accumulated along the way:
1. don't get discourage, it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock
2. where there is love, there is life ..
3. every guy is a gentleman, it just takes the right woman to bring it out of him
4. one of the most important tools for a successful marriage relationship, is to be able to forgive each other for mistakes
5. sometimes you got to teach yourself how to get up from a fall .. because if you call for someone's help, they might just push you back down
6. talk is cheap .. but making it true is precious
7. MANners make a MAN .. please speak with respect for others, without his manners man is nothing better than an animal or barbarian
8. never try to teach a monkey to sing .. it only wastes your time and annoys the monkey
9. don't quit because something went wrong .. quit because you tried your hardest and nothing makes it better
10. no need for revenge, just sit back and wait .. those that hurt you will eventually screw up by themselves and if you are lucky, ALLAH will let you watch
11. forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate .. it is the power that breaks the chain of bitterness and selfishness
12. dont make a habit of pointing out other people's flaws .. you are not perfect either, look into the 'mirror' before you look out of the 'window'
13. you had the key to my heart, but you took it for granted .. so i changed the lock
14. without struggle, there is no progress
15. sometimes you have to shut up, swallow your pride and accept everything .. it is not giving up but it's growing up
16. things do not happen for no reason .. they happen to teach you something
17. itis really amazing when two strangers become the best of friends .. but it is really sad when the best of friends become two strangers
18. anyone can make you smile or cry .. but it takes someone special to make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes
19. do not worry if i argue with you .. worry when i stop because that means there is nothing left to fight for
20. having so many stones in your pocket .. U begin to forget and neglect the diamond you once had
21. the day you fall in love with someone, you think is the happiest day in your life .. but in actual, you become the weakest person who can't leave wothout someone
22. roses are red, violets are blue .. romeo loved juliet, but not as much as i love you
23. every man needs a woman when his life is a mess .. cos just like the game of chess, the queen protects the king
24. a man takes real notice of a woman after another man takes notice of her

P/S salam maulidurrasul .. and try to be the best among the best

Sunday, February 19, 2012

cooking time

guess it had been months since hani had been cooking cos most of the time kami tinggal berdua je. over the weekends when the children are back home, senantiasa ada je jemputan kenduri, tak kira laa kenduri kawin, kesyukuran or tahlil. thus, dapur hani is so clean and bawang2 yang ku beli dah jadi estate, beras pun kami beli yang sekilo je but out fridge is still full of lauk pauk yang dibeli entah bila bila ..

since those days, hani nii bukannya jenis pandai and rajin kat dapur and alhamdulillah, ALLAH had presented me a husband yang tak cerewet and berkira sangat bab2 makan. we are not the type yang terlalu memilih since we can makan cendol mamak yang tepi jalan, duduk kat warung and gerai and we can always popped in the hotels just for hi tea ..

this weekend ie mid february, papa had fetched aqeel from the apartment on friday and hani had prepared tomyam campur as well as daging goreng kunyit (campur kobis) and goreng ikan for dinner. we had an invitation from mak icah on saturday since aryl is leaving to sydney to pursue his geology course, had our lunch and dinner at mak icah's the whole of saturday ..

we had nasi lemak at kak kam's on sunday morning and well, guess it had been more than four months since hani last visit bch wet market. our regular fish mongers thought we had migrated elsewhere hahaha .. thought of cooking heavy lunch since najmi and aamal are also around .. had steamed ikan bawal emas with broccoli and tomato, bbq chicken and ikan goreng (hubby's favourite) with ulam peria and terung cicah ngan budu; papa really enjoyed his lunch after so long ....

aamal and najmi left before lunch since they had promised maa in sri gombak for lunch .. aliff called that he is coming back for dinner since nadia is on call .. initialy we decided to have a light dinner but hani had volunteered to cook for aliff and aqeel, had cooked ikan talapia goreng masam manis and ayam kunyit with kobis

Thursday, February 9, 2012

busy .. but happy

aamal had booked the morning flight to kota bharu on wednesday,1st february and papa had sent us to the airport. hani had met pn nornahaniah and hubby, one of the sms clan who's also boarding the same flight. had taken the taxi at the airport to pondok cek .. so happy to see the new addition to the family, muhammad naufal afham, aya and lan's baby boy (naufal had G6PD and had to be warded for almost a week, his hand is full of needles prick ..)

after 8am on thursday, left for kopitiam kita in kota bharu, hani had been craving for nasi tumpang but by the time we reached the place, nasi tumpang dah habis but we were happy with roti titab, nasi air dingin and pulut pagi .. left for rantau panjang to do some window shopping

friday - with ayu, aamal and hani decided to revisit pengkalan kubur in tumpat and we were rather happy with our shopping galore for the day .. papa and aqeel arrived pasir mas around 10pm that nite

saturday - as usual, had nasi berlauk for breakfast before cik san's family left for rantau panjang for another round of jamu mata .. aqeel managed to grab the jeans, sneakers, shorts and jersey and a pair of jeans for papa. stopped over at the coconut shake restaurant and we'd our mee celup as well ..

papa had dated poksu marzuki for golf in golok golf and resort and they left pondok cek before 7am sunday morning, sunday is the maulidur rasul holiday and with ayu and aqeel, aamal and hani headed for kopitiam kita again for a very delicious and yummy breakfast ..

monday - papa and aqeel had accompanied ayoh for his half-yearly appointment in husm kubang kerian, leaving us busy with the preparation for naufal's cukur jambul. aya had catered nasi kerabu and pulut kuning for the event which is to take place after solat zohor .. baby naufal was in deep sleep in the beautiful bakul throughout the selawat and cukur jambul .. we left to d'klasik kopitiam in kubang kerian to meet up with the sms clan and suriati had given a splendid and lavish treat; reached pondok cek after 12 midnite ..

tuesday - we packed all our things and left pondok cek before 10am, dropped over for coconut shake and mee celup before heading to home sweet home. reached our humble abode before maghrib and traffic was rather busy in cameron highlands and along the plus hiway

tho we are rather busy and always on the move, hani enjoyed every moment of it .. accompanied by loved ones .. alhamdulillah

pd and melaka revisit

sat 28th jan - with kak ani and abang faisal, we left to port dickson after taking our breakfast at ghazali restaurant in country homes rawang. papa drove abang faizal's hyundai while najmi had driven papa's d-max with aamal and aqeel; aliff and nadia waited for us in melaka since they attended a friend's wedding in linggi ..

traffic was so clear and we'd reached the ocean view apartment before 10am, had unpacked our belongings and recleaned the apartment before the children started to survey the beach and the swimming pool. by 12.30 pm all of us are out for lunch and we'd stopped at anna thai restaurant since the guys (abang faisal, papa, najmi and aqeel) are going for golf at the palmspring golf resort. with aamal on the wheel, we ladies headed for teluk kemang to do some window shopping and sightseeing ..

once the guys were back from golfing, we headed to melaka via the coastal road since kak ani and aamal wanted ikan bakar for dinner; it's also the advanced birthday treat for aliff who'll be celebrating his 27th birthday on the 7th feb. nadia and aliff waited for us at the muara ikan bakar in alai melaka. the food was not that bad tho .. all of us had decided to revisit jonker's walk and due to the chinese holidays, it was heavily packed and jammed. had not been to melaka recently and we discovered that many new buildings were up and the river cruise besides casa del rio was awesome .. reached the apartment around 2 am

sunday 29th jan and at 8am, the four of us (abang faisal, kak ani, hubby and hani) went to teluk kemang for breakfast and had brought home nasi lemak for the children. we spent our time along seri gemilang beach where it's just walking distance from our apartment and not many visitors were there. we'd played football, do some jogging and swimming before we took a dip in ghe swimming pool. left the apartment by 2pm andhad our lunch at the cowboy restaurant. had reached home sweet home before the anugerah juara lagu ..

Monday, January 23, 2012

cny 2012

this year, 2012 is the year of the dragon .. monday 23rd and tuesday 24th january is declared holidays .. but our cny holidays had started since friday 20th lagi
1. friday - epol & ana nikah .. aqeel balik for cny holidays
2. saturday - nadia & aliff as well as aamal & najmi balik ... menerima rombongan dari selayang and majlis perkahwinan di las palmas ... family dinner at madam lim's jusco and accidentally met a couple who's just back from bandung
3. sunday - the whole family attended nini's engagement ... aliff & nadia balik ke puchong
4. monday - hubby and hani went to pd to clean up the ocean view apartment .. aamal & najmi balik ke gombak
5. tuesday - hubby left for golf very early .. at home, only hani and aqeel
6. wednesday - left home at 7am to send aqeel back to campus since class starts at 9am and had good breakfast in shah alam .. papa singgah kat ofis .. ziarah mak kat desa jaya kepong .. lunch date with aamal & najmi at kl festival centre setapak .. ke kedai nik & anuar di keramat, grabbed a pair of telekung and a blouse


lepas je solat asar pada hari jumaat, bertempat di masjid cahaya iman, bandar country homes rawang, berlangsung majlis pernikahan antara zaefrul dan raihana; zaefrul @ epol adalah anak jiran lama kami di taman bidara selayang iaitu putera sulung imam sahak dan kak suriyati manakala raihana @ ana tinggal di pangsapuri las palmas country homes. lepas je majlis pernikahan di masjid, kami dipelawa ke jamuan teh di las palmas .. imam sahak telah menjadi imam bagi solat maghrib di pondok kami

kami telah mempelawa famili abang sahak untuk transit di pondok kami sementara menunggu majlis persandingan yang diadakan pada hari sabtu. kesemua anak menantu hani hadir untuk meraikan mereka dan mengikuti rombongan epol ke majlis persandingan pihak perempuan yang bertemakan merah putih ..

had our breakfast at gazali before leaving to kak faizah abang berahim's house .. sunday 22nd jan, nini is getting engaged to solehin after 2pm and hubby had helped abang berahim to organise the event and with kak faizah, hani was aiding her with the mini pelamin and the hantaran. known as the master of all, kak faizah had done it all alone .. nasi & lauk pauk, laksa siam, (.. and they had only catered kambing golek) hantaran, pelamin and makeup nini was kak faizah's; bravo kakak ..

we, cik san and abang faisal and family had planned to go to port dickson this coming weekends ie saturday 28th .. kak ani abang faisal had invited us to stay in their apartment at ocean view resort which had not been visited for more than 10 years. thus, abang faisal, kak ani, hubby and hani had left to see and clean the place before the children are there. we are trapped in the massive jam all the way from seremban to port dickson. alhamdulillah, tho nobody was there for so many years, the place are not that very bad but lots of mopping and dusting had to be done .. being the gentlemen, both kak ani and hani were asked to go and visit the beach while the guys did the cleaning up ..

we left the apartment before 5pm and had stopped over at kgns club for dinner .. this morning, hubby had left early for golf in lembah beringin, aqeel is still in sleeping zone and aamal & najmi had left to gombak leaving hani and the piles of clothing for laundry .. thank you ALLAH for the sunshine and alhamdulillah for everything

Sunday, January 15, 2012

fruitful sunday

the newly weds, aliff and nadia had urged hubby and hani to follow them for house hunting on sunday .. earlier, they were happy to see model houses at the mall and decided to grab it

since we are going for house window shopping (???) at areas away from town, the four of us decided to have nasi kerabu hitam for our brunch at moksu's in kundang .. hubby had drove us to sungai buloh country resort, taman saujana sungai buloh and off to desa coalfields. the newly weds were so eager to see the location of new residential area, taman seri coalfields which to hani, is rather far tho are linked with all the hiways.

both aliff and nadia are not happy with the location of taman seri coalfields and we had stopped over at few residential areas and developers .. before both of them had paid deposit and happy with the double storey linked house in saujana rawang, which is country homes neighborhood; a buyer had to terminate the snp agreement since his loan was not approved and it's a real rezeki to the newly weds since the house will be completed early next year ..

alhamdulillah, aliff and nadia will be near to our pondok and guess, it's easier for us to look after the grandchildren later, insyaallah .. had promised najmi and aamal to enquire on the land price from tanco development since both of them preferred to purchase the land and designed their own residence in country homes rawang later ..

alhamdulillah syukur diatas segala2nya ..

Friday, January 13, 2012

sat 14th jan

after not golfing for the whole of last week, papa left for golf immediately after solat subuh, aqeel is not back for the weekend since he'll be joining his friends to port dickson, aliff and nadia will be arriving after lunch, aamal will be meeting her secondary school friends at 10am since najmi is in campus completing his many many assignments .. and now, hani is home alone at pondokku

normally at this hour, hani will be on the phone bergayut ngan beloved cek but today, had called her as early as 7.30am .. now, she's getting ready cos by 9am nanti, one of ayoh's bestfriend, tok pa@ datuk mustapha muhamad, the minister will be paying him a visit after dengar that ayoh tak sihat. tok pa and ayoh used to be best buddies since they are umno hardcores but ayoh @ cikgu lloh had slowed down after too many commotions in the parti and so due to his age and health factor .. .

just now, cek was saying that there will be around 20 people and she'd not prepared anything heavy for breakfast cos tok pa's entourage will stopped over at rumah cikgu weng @ ismail for nasi dagang and laksam .. cek had only bought desserts such as cream puffs, cakes, karipap and local fruits besides kopi o and teh tarik .. guess now all my adinda adinda will be very busy helping ..

just talked to cek and tok pa's entourage just left pondok ayoh, more than 50 people followed .. reporters and photographers were also present

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more quotes

more quotes since there is still few in hani's collection:

1. never ignore a person that loves you, cares for you and misses you .. because one day, you might wake up from sleep and realised you had lost the moon while counting the stars
2. if someone stick by our side through our worst times .. then it's absolutely they deserve to be with us through our good times
3. sometimes the reason why we hold on to something so tight is .. because we fear something so great won't happen twice
4. a hopeless person sees difficulties in every chnace .. but a hopeful person sees chances in every difficulties
5. not all scars show, not all wounds heal .. sometimes you can't see the pain someone feels
6. anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do .. but to hold it together when everyone else understand if you fell apart, that's true strength
7. don't get discourage .. it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock
8. you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks
9. where there is love .. there is life
10. time decides whom you meet in life, your heart decides whom you want in life .. but your behaviour decides who will stay in your life
11. every guy is a gentleman, it just takes the right woman to bring it out of him
12. one of the most important tools for a successful marriage relationships .. is to be able to forgive each other for mistakes
13. sometimes u get to teach yourself how to get up from a hard fall .. bcos if u call for someone's help, ghey just might push u back down
14. talk is cheap .. but making it true is precious
15. MANners make a MAN .. pls speak with respect for others; without his manners, man is nothing better than an animal or barbarian
16. never try to teach a monkey to sing .. it only wastes your time and annoys the monkey
17. don't quit because something went wrong .. quit because you tried your hardest and nothing made it better
18. no need for revenge, just sit back and wait .. those that had hurt you will eventually screw by themselves and if you are lucky, ALLAH will let you watch
19. forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate .. it is also the power that breaks the chain of bitterness and selfishness
20. don't make a habit of pointing out other peoples flaws .. you are not perfect either, look into the 'mirror' before you look out of the 'window'
21. you had the key to my heart, but you took it for granted .. so now, i had changed the lock

Monday, January 9, 2012

mode - sad

actually hani had made this as a status in the facebook weeks ago .. mode - sad cos all my bling bling kurungs had shrink ..

receiving wedding cards is a pleasure and attending wedding invitations had been our happy events all these while .. cos we will be able to meet people we had not seen for ages, updating the current scenarios and glancing at the new met faces, but lately, it had been a problem cos hani had no proper and beautiful attire to wear. all hani's collection of bling bling kurungs had been three sizes smaller and baju kebaya is beyond buttoned .. had to rush for ready-mades and still had to wait for alteration done

for years, hani was a 45kg lady and during the three full term pregnancies, hani's weight was only around 60 - 65kg but now, my current weight is way exceeding. hani had been on a shopping spree scouting for new jeans and pants; had been queing at the '9 months' shop at the mall for blouses and shirts and luckily, big shabby blouses with tights are in trend ..

guess at hani's age where the metabolic rate is at freezing point, the eating apetite is not a problem and you can easily buy what you wannna eat are the main factors of who i am today. our family can easily popped into the restaurants that served black pepper steak, roasted chicken, grilled salmon, lamb and chicken chops, spaghetti, and lasagna ..

we will always go to restaurants that served good nasi beriani, nasi arab and nasi bukhara with kurma kambing and always on looked out for chinese muslim shops which sell delicious rice set and yummy noodles. capati, tose and roti canai will normally be our breakfast menu with teh tarik or nescafe at mamak stalls. sate besar and sate kajang is so good to be missed too ..

lately, hani had been commuting on monthly basis visiting cek and ayoh back home in kelantan and alhamdulillah, we had discovered many restaurants that sell delicious nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, laksa and laksam besides the best ayam percik in town. hani still has the sweet tooth and buah tanjung, akok and puddings are still my must have desserts ..

penning down all hani's favourite food made me realise that our crave for good and delicious food is the main contributor for hani's physical size change. had been jogging three times a week at the lake, on the exercise bike for 20 mins a day and sleeping in hani's infra red sauna set for half and hour three times a week will only help to sustain the current weight. since the last few years, if time and situation permits, hani had been fasting every monday and thursday but dearest hubby had always spoilt me since he'll be bringing hani to good restaurants for berbuka puasa ...

besides changing the whole wardrobe, hani will try best to be able to wear my beautiful bling bling collections and organza kebaya2 again .. alas, alhamdulillah the medical tests results show that hani is fit and fine, no medicines needed ...

Thursday, January 5, 2012


the desk top had corrupted and the laptops had been away with the kids, hani had no choice but to be addicted to the usage of the ipad2, tho the application is rather limited but it had stolen away most of hani's free time ..

postings on the blog had been via the ipad and thus, no photos can be pasted since it takes longer hours to mingle with it, thus for a moment hani is only able to write the happenings without any illustrations hahaha .. actually, those who had been hani's friends on fb is able to browse the albums ..

more and more games had been uploaded and hani had been rather addicted to it .. will be spending of hours with sudoku, scrabble, tetris and many more, except when there are invitations for makan2 and jalan2; what a way to spend time alone in the home sweet home

for this new year's resolution, hani had wished that "terjemahan alquran dapat dikhatam, difahami dan dihayati" insyaallah ..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

syukur ..

as usual hani will be calling cek around 8am every day .. today, thursday 050112 for the first time after ayoh sakit last november, he's there to pick up the phone which is located at the old wing of pondok cek. alhamdulillah, it shows that ayoh is now able to walk around the house tho with the help of the tongkat ..

setelah bertanya khabar and asking for cek's where about, ayoh did say "terima kasih banyak2, ani dah jaga ayoh semasa ayoh tengah sakit sangat2. tak sangka ani dapat angkat ayoh sorang2" ... hani's voice had changed and with tears on hani's cheek, hani had just managed to mumble "tak dok gaponye banding ngan pengorbanan yang ayoh dah buat untuk kami selama nii" ..

nobody heard the phone conversation since hubby had left for work but to hani, it's the best jingle heard over the years .. terima kasih YA ALLAH diatas semuanya

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello 2012

hani was rather busy on the last day of 2011 cos it's fakhril and sayidah's wedding; fakhril is the second son of kak faizah and abang ibrahim, one of hani's best buddy in country homes. we had marhaban in the morning before ketibaan pengantin but by 3pm, both hubby and hani were exhausted and we went back to home sweet home .. najmi, aamal and aqeel went home earlier

sunday 010112 - we had planned for saad's family day at mak icah's residence where the host had prepared bbq lamb and chicken and the rest of the siblings will be on potluck. hani had informed that we'll be bringing spaghetti. aliff came back alone cos nadia was on call and hubby had left after subuh for golf. with aliff who's looking for winter clothing, hani went to jaya jusco to have our breakfast as well as buying ingredients for spaghetti .. once papa was back and the spaghetti cooked, we left to mak icah's place. mak, mami and mak ngah & family were there besides the host. there's plenty of food and abang tom had bought durian for dessert .. we left mak icah's residence after maghrib

monday 020112 - aqeel had followed abang back to hostel and they left our pondok after having cempedak goreng since nadia will be back from work around 10am. with aamal and najmi, we decided to go to cholo cholo resort and spa in ulu kali which belongs to lokman hakim's family ie lilo's husband. lilo was aamal's college mate and we'd missed their wedding last november since hani was back to,pasir mas. the resort is so beautiful, serene and tranquil. we had our feet in the hotspring before both hubby and hani had the full body massage at the spa. we had a fun time with lilo and hubby and had left the resort almost by maghrib. lots of fruits were along the roadside and hubby had stopped over to buy very fresh and cheap durian and manggis .. insyaallah we'll be visiting lilo again