Thursday, October 21, 2010


received text message early this morning, friday 22nd oct 2010 from a colleague, pn norbaini "baru dapat berita yang pn nor azizan che will meninggal" .. and a message at hani's fb from pn redziah quoting the same meaning ..

nor azizan che will was 2 years hani's junior in diploma in electronics engineering itm shah alam; we were then attached to sekolah latihan telekom timur based in marang trengganu. zae, as she's widely known hailed from pasir putih kelantan, married to en abdul mohamad, an engineer in telekom and have 7 grownup children ..

zae knew of her stage-4 lung cancer early last year and she'd opted out from work in june this year. over a phone conversation with hani late last month, she's still in a good condition despite of some back ache; vividly remember what zae's last words "kak ani, u r so lucky cos dapat enjoy life, tak mace zae" ... innalillah hiwainna ilaihi rojiun and al-fatihah to my buddy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


wednesday 20102010 a beautiful date indeed ... at 5.03 am, ijan and zulia's first baby was born ie: mak ngah ani's second grand daughter at naluri's maternity clinic in setiwangsa ..

and am wishing happy birthday to my beautiful friends, roslina omar, siti norhayati ahmad and noraishah ramlan .. stay the way u r and may the blessings be with u all always ..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

updating ..

so sorry, had been sometimes since hani blogged and hhmmm .. nukilan hani is full of spider web; to be frank, hani is not that very busy with aamal's wedding preparation since most of the activities are already sub-contracted .. and guess hani had been wasting most of my time on face booking ....

aznoran, hani's colleague who's recuperating from 'senseous disorder' came visiting with her faithful son, irfan moha, after her followup checkup at pantai medical center. noran had improved a lot since the last hani met her and she's still on daily physiotherapy treatment in seremban hospital .. praying hard for aznoran's speedy recovery

towards the end of syawal, a long lost friend and the family found her way to our pondok (the children had rekindled their friendship via the facebook) and hani had congratulated her for being a high-ranked officer and mum-in-law .. but her news had shaken hani's day "saya dimadukan 3 tahun yang lalu and just can't proceed with it any longer" ... we were both crying cos it had not been expected from her husband who seemed to love and care the family so much ... life is just full of unexpected news then

aamal's wedding preparation is almost 90% complete since the forms are fully signed .. the cards are ready to be distributed and the door gifts are done ... who's doing what were already informed and do really pray that everything will turned up as planned .. amim amin amin