Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 - 4 days ago


  • lepas je subuh, hubby left for golf tournament in nilai
  • with chomel, had lunch at restoran indah rawang before heading to fetch aqeel in hostel
  • as usual, culik aqeel (without warden's approval laa tuu) to buy his weekly ration at giant, gombak
  • sent him back before 5 pm and decided to see mak kat rumah kak long; met farah, aim's fiance who hails from penang and is here for new job interview
  • before maghrib, hubby smsed he's already home
  • alhamdulillah, hubby came back with few hundreds of isetan vouchers; dapat shopping raya sakan ..


  • at 12 noon left to aini's kenduri kahwin in bch; who's who in country homes were there - meriah!
  • berkejar ke tasek puteri for zali's tahlil and bacaan yassin; mak & kak long as well as kak ani abang zul anak beranak were already there
  • so sorry, mak & kak long nak singgah rumah but we had to rush to putrajaya
  • managed to reach the hospital at 5 pm and had met ismajuri and sabariah; she's doing very fine and taking things light and easy, had received lots of support from family and friends as well as from ngo's
  • on the way out, terserempak ngan ayah long, cek long, ismazarni and ismadiha anak beranak; hubby had belanja kat cafetaria dulu
  • called an old friend, datin norbaini in precint 8; dropped by at her beautiful bungalow and we're too happy to see each other after our vss ..
  • left to country homes dekat maghrib and singgah solat kat r&r


  • kak long and mak came visiting at 11 am; had cooked chicken rice
lately, kak long had came to learn mathematics for upsr; she'd received banyak requests to teach maths during her tuition classes


  • with kak melini, kak faizah and wati, had our brunch in rawang and melawat rawang's wet market; all this while just lalu je ngan hubby
  • dated kak asiah abang din for supper at our normal meeting place

* kak siti had confirmed that hani will be hosting the datin noraini's fardhu ain last class before ramadhan this 13th aug, alhamdulillah ..

Friday, July 24, 2009


late evening yesterday, received sms from my paksu "juri's wife dah operate pagi nii, suffered from breast cancer" .. hani had called my cousin, cikgu isma in tmn pelangi rawang and confirmed the news and sabariah is recuperating in putrajaya hospital ..

will be visiting her tomorrow after the kenduri kahwin and tahlil since today, hubby ada golf tournament in nilai. ngan aamal, hani will be visiting aqeel in hostel kejap lagi and aqeel had informed that sekolah dia hari nii ada pesta buah-buahan, ihsan from pibg ke?

sabariah, a 43 beautiful lady hails from johore, is the wife to my cousin, ismajuri, menantu ceklong and ayahlong; pn sabar, similar to her name, is full of patience and a mum to 1+3 boys (the eldest had passed away long ago), an exec in one of the government sector and residing in bukit mahkota; a very bubbly and nice lady and easily get along ngan cousins ..

currently, undergoing a mastectomy and removing the affected areas is common and many had survived; in fact hani's best friend is a breast cancer survivor and she had amputated both the breasts since 13 years ago; now with the hubby, she's my husband's sparring mate in golf ..

anyhow, family's support is very important and that's what hani's been advising ismajuri, my cousin; inshaallah with the current technology, things are not that bad ..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


had been fasting since monday, 26th rejab but today, had given a go, tho it's thursday, cos ada kelas fardhu ain petang nanti .. my chomel had left home as early as 7.30 am cos she'll be sitting for her MCP exam paper at 9.00 and hubby is a little late this morning as he's having a meeting later ..

kak melini rang around 8 am and left behind 2 bungkus nasi lemak siap ngan kuih muih lagi and shortly, wati came ngan home cooked laksa penang yang boleh last till dinner. normally, akan ada sesi makan2 yang mengenyangkan after class and alhamdulillah, for the rezeki ..

it'd almost been a year hani is a home maker but terasa cam baru sekejap je duduk rumah, syukur di atas limpah kurnia dan rezeki oleh NYA ..

Friday, July 17, 2009


aliff and aqeel are back home for the weekend; aamal had just completed her videography (vg) paper today and the multi camera production (mcp) is due on the 23rd july; sesi makan buah2an tempatan especially durian and rambutan are always on when the kids are back home .. hubby and hani are always happy when they are around cos pondok kami will be full with laughter and usik mengusik especially at the dining and tv zone ..

lately nii, especially before ramadhan, hani will try to fast during the weekdays and weekends are always occupied ngan kenduri tahlil and kenduri kahwin. tomorrow, ija and eddie is celebrating ira's 6th birthday at mc donald's and aliff will be at bukit jalil for the MU match

Thursday, July 9, 2009


aamal had fetched aqeel from hostel since wednesday as he's having fever and dr jamil had given him a 2-day-mc .. received a call from aliff in melaka that he's unable to be back home this weekend since he's now sick and having flu

normally, from 2.30 to 5.30 thursday evening, hani will be attending the 'datin noraini's fardhu ain class' and yesterday, 9th july, pn hanum had played host. as usual, hani's handphone was on silent mode and upon checking it during the makan2 session, there were 10 missed calls and 3 messages; 7 calls were from my youngest sis, adik ayu, 2 were from my bro, nd and another missed call was from hubby; the mesages were from them ..

had immediately called cek in pasir mas and was informed that my ayoh, cekgu lloh had again suffered a stroke during the zohor prayer; as usual cek and ayoh akan sembahyang berimam and cek perasan ayoh kena attack masa tahyat terakhir; lepas je bagi salam he complained that he's so cold and menggigil, badannya dah lemah and tak bermaya; immediately dr roslan was summoned and so was abe li tukang urut ..

actually this is the 3rd time ayoh kena stroke and ketiga2 kalinya semasa sedang sujud tahyat akhir .. alhamdulillah, today he's back to his normal self except that he's a little pale and tired .. doa dipanjatkan agar ayoh dapat bertahan lebih lama lagi ..

Friday, July 3, 2009

.. nest

so sorry since nukilan hani had been filled with spiderweb and lately, hani had received comments from neighbors that am invisible .. actually, hani is safe and sound confined in the nest, my bedroom especially di bulan rejab nii, trying my very best to buat amalan2 sunat which was partially done when hani was a working nobody

had been fasting during the weekdays and try to complete at least 10 pages of quran after each solat fardhu. after work, hubby will bring back juadah untuk berbuka since now, kami tinggal berdua je ..

thus, hani will be spending most of the day time on the sofa depan tv in the master bedroom

.. but always on the look out for on-line news from the desktop, just outside the master bedroom, kat family room yang penuh ngan magazine and story books ..