Saturday, February 28, 2009

new updates ..

had not been updating nukilan hani for more than a month, so sorry since hani had been occupied with aamal's engagement and aqeel's staying in hostel ..

early february
had flew back to pmas since ayoh had suffered a heart attack

7th feb
abang, my eldest 24th birthday; still without a steady tapi his answer will always be "ada laa, saja tak nak tunjuk je". didoakan agar aliff cemerlang di dunia akhirat and happy with what u'r doing now

15th feb
aamal's engagement - alhamdulillah it'd been a sweet and memorable one, will be updating the details later

21st feb
cek and ayoh's flight back to kota bharu after more than ten days in kuala lumpur

23rd feb
aqeel's registration day in sek men teknik gombak, first time staying in hostel and doing electrical engineering