Tuesday, December 29, 2009

you ...

dedicated to you ...

When all I need is a word of caution

You were there to give me the lecture of life

When all I need is a guide to manage my finance

You were there to give me gold plates

When all I need is a touch

You were there to give the real big hug

When all I need is a gift of hope

You were there to make my dreams come true

When all I need is a spark of light
You were there to give me the fire of love

When all i need is a brush of color
You were there to give me the whole rainbow

.... and thank you dear, for being you ..

p/s: a beautiful poem .. copy paste from somewhere ..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

fraser hill

immediately when aliff and aamal were back home after their final exam, hubby had decided to take a day break from his golf. all of us agreed to go up to fraser hill ..

coincidentally, all of us were dressed in shades of green and
we left our pondok at 10am, had our brunch in bch and left to rawang town for kfc jumbo to bring up ...

we reached fraser hill at 1pm and being a holiday, the small town was so packed with people, many new buildings are still under construction, temperature is around 20 degrees and it was raining cats and dogs ...

when everybody is so busy with their own tasks, it's not easy to be under the same roof and we really appreciate our quality time together ... do really pray that we'll always be together thru thick or thin ...

Thursday, December 24, 2009


hani is so happy cos my nieces had scored 8A's in the PMR announced today

  • ellisha rosli a.k.a ellis is hubby's niece ie: kak liza abang tom's youngest ..
  • nurul nabilah mohd bakaruddin a.k.a bella is hani's niece ie: ana and din's second daughter ...

warmest cogratulations to the proud parents and hani is so sure that kak liza & abang tom and ana & din are grinning from ear-to-ear , you all deserved that and bravo!!!

to ellisha and nabilah, there's still a very long way to go and may success be with you
always .. all the best in life - studies, love, career, etc ...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


since the start of school holidays, almost every weekends ada je jemputan kenduri kahwin and we'll try hard to go if time permits .. with our nephew's wedding in penang and puchong; followed by jah rahman's son in um hall; nurul's, zahar's daughter in taman tun, zualkafli's kenduri sambut menantu at kayangan heights and hubby's cousin in jasin melaka, our weekends were mostly occupied ..

last saturday, 19th dec we had attended maisarah and hafiz's wedding in kajang; sarah is ani and ayi's daughter, one of hani's close friend in tm .. had happily met many old friends then ... despite of the rain, ani had successfully organized a big wedding; the bride and groom look very sweet and radiant in their gold attire, the silat performance was excellent and the food served was so delicious

hani had joint liza & jai and sariah & sister at the awaited table and we'd visited the bride's beautifully decorated room .. tq jai for being the cameraman

family day dec '09

friday, 18th dec, cuti maal hijrah, at the club, kota damansara, hubby's siblings met for the saat's bunch family day; as usual it'll be futsal and table tennis matches between family mak icah and ciksan ..

besides sports, a large swimming pool awaits all of us, from the 2-month baby daymi to the oldies enjoyed the swim ... aqeel had cut his belated birthday cake and then we were treated dinner by mak ngah at the clubs cafe

Monday, December 14, 2009

happy 16th birthday

16 years ago, the long awaited baby was born in hospital besar kota bharu kelantan and we'd chosen the name muhamad aqeel farouqi which means raja yang cerdik dan berakal. our wish is that he'll grow up as a fine young prince and achieve maximum success in life

being the youngest of three, abang and kakak really worshipped adik and had tendered him with full love and care ...

chomboy had outgrown abang in height and being very active in rugby, he'd developed some muscles and lots of bruises and cuts

aqeel will be sitting for spm next year and mama really pray that he can fulfill his dream. he's to really focus in his studies and has to cut down hours on the field

pesan mama "jaga nama, jaga diri, jaga solat, jaga akhlak, jaga buku, jaga
girlfriend, jaga segalanya", inshaallah hidup chomboy akan selamat dunia dan akhirat ..

penang trip

last year, june we were in penang for ibrahim's a.k.a aim (anak kak long) engagement and this november we're there again for ijan's wedding; inshaallah next june we'll be hastling in penang for aim's wedding lak ..

the akad nikah was held at masjid negeri pulau pinang at 10 am and by noon, we're free with own activities .. this time, we managed to visit the toy museum, largest in the world; as predicted, hubby and aqeel will be enjoying every second of it .. it is an old bungalow converted to museum and since it's still a public holiday, the place was too pack with toys, the locals and foreigners

had dated kak liza and the family at padang kota in the evening and we really enjoyed the pasembog, rojak, laksa penang, char kuey tiaw and mee udang. then dropped by kat gurney drive to taste the ikan bakar, another round of rojak and char kuey tiaw kat sini lak ...

by 9 am on sunday, kak liza, najmi, hubby and hani were at penang street to buy the jeruk-jeruk and souveneirs; tak sah ke penang kalau tak beli jeruk mangga, salak and kelubi. were back in time to get ready for zulia's reception by 12 noon ..

dut to heavy traffic, all of us were trapped in the jam for more than 7 hours before reaching our pondok ..

Friday, December 11, 2009

sambut menantu

last saturday, saat's bunch (hubby's side) was very busy in mutiara indah, puchong untuk upacara menyambut menantu; yes, meraikan kedatangan zulia into kak ani's family and kak ani is hubby's 2nd sister a.k.a mak ngah to the nephew and nieces ..

zulia hails from penang and she is a typical anak mami beauty; zulia is the wife to zafrizan a.k.a ijan and he is the youngest of 2 boys. mak ngah had well planned the occasion; weather was good, food served was superb and the choices of songs played by the dj was so islamic and romantic and banyak pantun telah dijualbeli . black and grey was the theme and it's obvious at the beautiful pelamin and bilik pengantin ..

all of us had fun and it was a joyous day indeed ..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

zafri & zulia's wedding

saturday, at 10 am in masjid negeri, pulau pinang zulia sah menjadi isteri kepada zafrizan or ijan, anak bongsu mak ngah ani abang zol in a very sweet and simple ceremony; rombongan dari k'lumpur tak laa ramai sangat cos only adik beradik je ikut and kak ani will sambut menantu this saturday, 5th december

zulia's parents had invited us for kenduri at her house somewhere in gurney drive later; we were served with nasi kandar / campur and as for hantaran 7 berbalas 9, rombongan lelaki used grey and white while belah perempuan menggunakan color penang, ada turqoise, yellow and white ..

the next day, at 1 pm, reception belah perempuan diadakan at one of the hall along gurney drive and it was so meriah, dimulakan dengan bacaan selawat dan doa oleh zulia's father; my eldest, aliff firdaus was the pengapit and the food served was so yummy ...

we left to k'lumpur immediately after the bersanding ceremony and arrived our pondok 7 hours later; was caught in a very bad traffic lepas hari raya aidil adha ..

Monday, November 30, 2009

aidil adha

friday 27th nov umat islam meyambut hari raya aidil adha or raya korban; this year, kami tak balik kampung since we'll be accompanying our nephew, anak kak ani abang zul, zafrizan or known as ijan kahwin kat penang ..

initially, hubby had planned to visit mak at kak long's house malam raya, then leave for penang immediately after solat hari raya; since am not cooking for raya, hani's buddy kak asiah abang din had invited us to makan-makan kat bungalownya dulu before berjalan jauh ..

at 7pm thursday, hani dapat call dari kak asiah saying that adik abang din baru je meninggal and jenazah is still in hospital and nak kebumi malam raya kat our tanah perkuburan, we waited for jenazah and was at kubur till 12 midnite

all of us went for sembahyang raya and dropped over kat rumah kak faizah abang brahim yang jemput kami makan since kak asiah had been busy with her immediately family; ada nasi beriani ayam goreng, ketupat rendang and cakes; all the food was delicious cos kakak sorang nii is a food caterer ..

the thought of convoi with the sisters to penang dah tak jadi cos we'd not visited mak lagi; lepas je siap packing we went to see mak, and kak long had served us nasi and rendang ayam .. left to penang at 1pm and reached penang around 5 ...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


at 10 am today, monday 16th nov 2009 received a call from suhana, an old friend saying that my best friend, datin zariah ismail, 51, passed away due to cancer

had not heard from her since middle of this year since hani was rather upset; when texted her saying that hani missed her and her reply was "sorry am not very well and no visitors at the moment", not knowing that she's battling with breast cancer .. so sorry dear

very fair and quiet, zariah, as she's known is a very humble lady, not many knew she's a datin untill her son's wedding card was distributed more than a year ago. zariah was hani's classmate during our BSc engineering days in itm, shah alam. we were the mahasitua batch sponsored by telekom, our employer to further our studies, enjoyed our outings and bersukaria sessions together and she was driving a red satria bearing the reg no satria 52 then

we were forever closed since after graduation we had worked in the same building altho in different departments. we used to date for lunch especially on fridays, arwah is a very reserved lady and likes to keep to herself; hani is lucky cos am the only friend who managed to visit her at her beautiful mansion in sierra damansara after coming back from heart operations and she used to be very selective with her diet ..

al fatihah to zariah ismail .. semoga rohnya ditempatkan disamping orang2 yang beriman ... aamiiin

Saturday, November 14, 2009

plan tak jadi

yesterday, a saturday, out of 4 planned events, only 1 turned out good ..
  1. kenduri kesyukuran/tahlil rumah nako
  2. visit datin saniah in sec 3 shah alam
  3. singgah rumah adik, aar in bukit kemuning
  4. tengok dato siti nye live concert
lepas je hubby habis his golf, we (papa, mama and aqeel) decided to leave to shah alam to attend my buddy, wan rusli @ nako's kenduri kesyukuran/tahlil who will be leaving to mekah on sunday; he's staying in a beautiful bungalow in sec 11 shah alam; we reached their residence around 2.30 pm and few male friends dah sampai, the food served was good and yummy ..

alhamdulillah hubby managed to mingle happily among the clans since hani will only be the rose among the thorns, nako had requested all of us to wait since nak buat tahlil sekali lagi after solat asar; the doa selamat at nako's ended almost at 5.30 pm ..

hani had planned to visit datin saniah datuk zaini in her new 11-roomed bungalow before asar since they'll be leaving elsewhere then, had to cancel the appointment with a promise to see her some other days

alang-alang ke shah alam, had called my brother aaar to pay them a visit since my sis-in-law had not been around and aar is taking care of their 4 kids; the plan was also cancelled

earlier fendi called saying that zu ada extra ticket for dato siti's live concert at stadium melawati shah alam and hani had agreed to accompany her. sempat menukar baju and we had waited for them since 5.30 kat depan stadium and by almost 7 pm, hani felt so giddy and nak muntah, decided to balik ke pondok and had a nice rest while watching sehati berdansa ...

Monday, November 9, 2009


this syair by pujangga Islam Ilya Ibn Mahdi was sent to hani by tarmizi kassim, one of the sms clans on my birthday

betapa sering engkau mengeluh dan mengatakan bahawa engkau tidak punya apa-apa

padahal bumi, langit dan bintang-bintang disediakan untuk mu
begitu pula laman pertanian
bunga-bunga yang beraneka warna nan harum semerbak aromanya
dan burung-burung merpati yang merdu kicauannya.
air yang ada di sekitar mu berkilauan bak perak dan mentari yang ada di atasmu bak emas menyala

suku nomad di lereng dan puncak bukit membangun khemah-khemanya yang indah
dan adakalanya mereka beralih ke tempat lain

dunia dengan segala keindahanya disajikan untuk mu
maka mengapa engkau bermuram durja
dunia pun tersenyum
maka mengapa engkau tidak ikut tersenyum

jika engkau bersedih kerana kejayaan yang telah berlalu
maka mustahil engkau dapat meraihnya kembali dengan menyesalinya
atau engkau takut tertimpa musibah
maka mustahil engkau dapat mencegahnya hanya dengan bermuram durja
atau engkau telah lalui masa muda mu

maka jangan kau katakan bahawa zaman telah menua kerana sesungguhnya zaman tidak menua


sampai sekarang masih bermunculan dari bumi bebagai tumbuhan yang sangat indah
hingga seakan-akan berbicara kepada mu


9th nov 2009, monday, is hani's 49th birthday; hani was so quiet about the date but living in a family yang penuh ngan kejutan, well it was celebrated two days earlier among very very closed friends ..

it started with hani receiving phone calls from kak ani abang faisal, kak asiah abang din, kak faizah abang brahim and kak melini saying that they will be coming over to our pondok on saturday nite; aqeel was back but not aliff, and aamal had been so busy with her project, hubby volunteered to help hani cook dinner; nasi minyak, kari tulang rusuk lembu, jelatah and sambal belacan, we'd mixed fruit cocktail besides tea and coffee, kak asiah brought along the guava and mangoes and kak melini had brought the sago ..

lepas je makan-makan and cake cutting, it was also the nite for football final between kelantan and negeri sembilan; thus najmi, sakri and nizam dok terpaku depan tv whereas abang faisal, abang din, abang brahim and hubby having serious discussion kat luar, kami ladies nii apa lagi, bercerita ngan gelak ketawa ...

alhamdulillah, this year hani received so many sms, phones calls, emails and messages via facebook wishing hani the best on my birthday and am taking the opportunity to say thank you to all ..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

sweat sweat

lepas je syawal, hani had been jogging with kak faizah, who is suffering from diabetes, at the west emerald, we will normally go 5 rounds the lake unless the sun shines earlier. hubby had dropped hani kat rumah kak faizah on the way to office around 7.30 am and we will be walking for an hour, tak terasa letih sangat cos the walk will be full of cerita ceriti, gelak ketawa and chit chatting

lepas tuu, tengok keadaan laa, there are days bila akak singgah breakfast kat pondok hani before masuk sauna, ada hari hani breakfast kat rumah dia, there are days bila kami breakfast kat kedai and ada hari terus balik ke rumah especially bila laundry dah bertimbun or when expecting visitors

later, hani will be in the infra red sauna especially after a-one-hour dok depan tv, a korean movie 'sea of ambition' at 12.30 every monday to thursday

all this while, life is so goooood and stress free, when and how am i gonna start work???????

another weekend

lately, our pondok nii sunyi sepi since the three stooges are hibernating kat nest masing-masing, aliff is back in melaka, aamal is too busy with her final year project and aqeel is sitting for his final exam in school


hubby and hani had attended johari's son wedding in felda tanjung malim; it's more than an hour drive from our pondok and the journey via the oil palm plantations is rather adventerous. we reached johari's residence after 12 noon and many were there, had incidentally met an old telekom's colleague kak maimon abdullah and the family

meriahnya kenduri kat kampung nii since the lauk pauk dimasak secara bergotong royong and guess, seluruh penduduk felda nii keluar meraikan tetamu, we were served with nasi minyak, daging kerbau yang dimasak ngan rebung??? and ayam masak merah besides the tapai pulut and buah kurma for dessert

we were given a VIP treatment by the villagers and thank you so much joe for the bunga telur yang beraneka jenis dan warna ...

immediately after maghrib, we had left to bilal's villa in kota damansara for his kenduri kesyukuran, bilal and wifey, dr noreha will be leaving for haji soon; met the sms clans regular faces and managed to see dr norhayati all the way from kota bharu and aznoran from seremban

banyak pondok makanan yang disediakan, ada pondok nasi minyak, ada kambing panggang and the fried noodles stall, laksa shack and another stall is solely for the desserts, thank you so much for the yummy food and to bilal and noreha, selamat mengerjakan haji dan semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur

with tora & ti, pah, su and ha sempat menyinggah rumah nah dr zainal who leaves nearby and the gelak ketawa lasted till the wee hour, thank you so much to all .....


had left the pondok at 10 am to culik aqeel, went to giant gombak since aqeel dah rindu kat the bambinos pizza and bought his usual consumption. sempat singgah kat rumah kak limah, hubby's cousin in sri gombak before sending aqeel back to hostel; now is musim final exam and all the best to my chom boy ...

Monday, October 19, 2009

jamuan raya perintis

saturday, 28th syawal or deepavali 17th october, en aluwi, one of the clans had hosted jamuan raya at his residence in serendah. jamuan raya perintis yang dihoskan oleh lui dan cekgu sal ibarat kenduri kahwin anak; 3 khemah telah didirikan and we were served with delicious and yummy food; seekor lembu telah disembelih dan dimasak sup dan dibakar, kambing yang dibbq, pelanduk yang dimasak lemak cili api dan seekor kijang yang dijadikan rendang disamping nasi minyak, nasi putih, lemang, berbagai jenis kuih muih, buah tembikai, rambutan dan jambu besides air sirap and teh tarik

kami satu family; papa, mama, abang, kakak & tunang and adik had attended the jamuan since my aliff and najmi are closed to lui's eldest son, farhan; they were buddies in sms raub. we had came in groups, hani was the first batch to reach his residence and had met the long lost aminuddin and family all the way from ipoh and en zualkafli who came with his wife. pok ya and wife then joint us before lina and abang soh; many regular faces had attended the function despite of the heavy rain and traffic jam, anyhow it's worth the journey ...

most of us came with spouse and the kids; rahim, naka, bilal, wahab, tok rosid, sli p, pok teh, wan mad, asri, aziz and many more were around; hani had stayed for more than an hour before leaving lui's residence and had not managed to see dr yati, selma abe me, nah dr nal, ti & tora, noran and the family and many more who came much later

thank you daun keladi to lui and sal for being the greatest host ..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

baby daymi amni

baby daymi amni " the everlasting peace" is bellina and farizal's first born, cucu kedua kak liza & abg tom, mak's cicit or in short, hubby's cucu sedara yang ke 10.

daymi, a 2.5kg baby boy was born in prince court medical center on friday, 2nd october 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the truth

copy paste from sli p's mail


1. Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock

2. The road to success, is always under construction

3. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem, but if you think again, neither does milk

4. In order to get a loan, you first need to prove that you don’t need it

5. All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive or fattening or married to someone else

6. Since light travels faster than sound, people appear brighter before you hear them speak

7. Everyone has a scheme of getting rich, which never works

8. If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried

9. You can never determine which side of the bread to butter. If it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side

10. Everything that drops on the floor will roll to the most inaccessible corner

11. As soon as you mention something, if it is good, it is taken, if it is bad, it happens

12. If you come early, the bus is late. If you come late, the bus is still late

13. If you have paper, you don’t have a pen. If you have a pen, you don’t have paper. If you have both, no one calls

Monday, October 12, 2009

another open house

the first was for my in-laws and the second is for our bakal besan, najmi's parents

since they are coming after solat asar, hani and family only prepared for hi-tea; aamal had cooked spaghetti bolognoise and hubby had helped to cook rendang ayam and nasi impit whereas kuah kacang was frozen very much earlier; aliff bought the american chocolate cake from mum's for kak ti's (najmi's mum) belated 53rd birthday

everybody in najmi's family were around and they'd stayed till solat maghrib due to heavy traffic; hubby's cousin, baya and family who's staying in bandar tasik puteri arrived earlier

actually hani received many invitations for jamuan raya on the 10th sep but many had to be declined. papa, mama, abang, kakak & najmi (just came home 2 days ago) and adik had attended abang razak's open house during lunch time; kak mariah had served us with laksa and home made lemang and rendang ayam. we then rushed home to prepare food for hi-tea

after najmi's parents left, all of us had gone to kak asiah abang din's open house for dinner; we had really enjoyed the nasi minyak, mee tulang and laksa penang besides the hospitality of the hosts and guests