Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iduladha 2010

oopss, sorry for letting this page full with spider webs .. guess been busy with aamal's wedding preparation

for another 2nd consecutive year, we'd celebrated hariraya korban @ aidil adha in kuala lumpur and my daughter aamal cannot be away from her very busy schedule. as usual, kami mengerjakan solat sunat aidiladha di masjid country homes before going to kak asiah abang din's place for breakfast. we were served with nasi minyak and ketupat pulut ..

from kak asiah's bungalow, we left to meet mak and the siblings at mak icah's house where abang tom was very busy at the bbq site. many varieties of food were on the table since we'd planned for pot luck and hani had brought along spaghetti, mak ngah with her pasembor and besides the lamb and chicken wings for bbq, mak icah had also cooked nasi lemak; it's just like the food galore event ..

left mak icah's house after zohor since we'd promised kak faizah abang ibrahim with her daging korban; they'd the whole cow for them and we really enjoyed the get together, the food and the laughter. we were there till almost 7pm ..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

big 5

last tuesday 9th nov 2010, it's hani's 50th birthday and hubby had arranged a surprised birthday dinner with closed family members and friends at our pondok; except hani's chomboy, aqeel who's in the hostel and kak faizah was in trapped in alor star, the rest of the quorum were able to make it .. kak asiah came with a full set of nasi tomato and kak ani abang faisal with the american chocolate cake ..

initially hubby had informed hani that he's taking the family out for dinner after maghrib but after the arrival of few friends, hani knew that he'd arranged something .. tq so much to my hubby who'd made the day as a special day, aliff, aamal & najmi who came back early from work and hani's closest buddies .. tq so much for the gifts and the prayers

hani had received hundreds of wishes and prayers from the fb friends .. tq so much for the thought and glad to know you