Monday, August 31, 2009

selamat berbuka

since friday, hani's family was on very heavy meal during berbuka puasa, maklum laa all of us are back home for cuti merdeka ..


hani had cooked nasi minyak with kari tulang, sambal sotong, telur ikan goreng and acar timun, for dessert we had fruit cocktail and air mangga for berbuka


as usual, there'll be a day in ramadhan when we'll be breaking fast at our favourite seafood restaurant in port klang. we'd ordered steamed asam ikan jenahak, a kilo of ketam goreng ngan cili, another kilo of sweet sour ketam, a kilo of buttered prawn, a medium helping of black pepper squid and a small plate of kailan ikan masin. we'd a jug of mango juice, kurma and kuih2 melayu are on buffet. hardly taken any photos cos all of us are so engrossed on the food; since we'd reached port klang an hour earlier, we'd managed to take a stroll along the beach


we'll normally visit mak on sunday and kak long had indirectly invited us to join her family and mak for berbuka puasa. kak long's besan, pn faridah en hasan (fara's mum) who hails from penang had paid them a visit. kak long had cooked nasi ayam with the complete condiments and we'd brought along the longan punch


hubby had planned nak jemput my brothers untuk berbuka bersama and hani had decided to cook nasi kerabu after receiving request from my younger brother aar in shah alam. since anuzi is back home in pasir mas, only fendi's and aar's family were around. hani had cooked tumis and sambal for nasi kerabu whilst my dear hubby had tolong gorengkan ikan celup tepung and daging kunyit. we're in a rush since nak bekalkan aqeel sikit food, aliff will be sending aqeel back to hostel since school will resume tomorrow

aar had bought kuih muih from the bazaar ramadhan and we'd mixed fruit punch besides tea o and fendi had brought along water melon

altho these last four days we were on heavy meal for berbuka puasa, we're all happy since we're still together with our loved ones ..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


received sms from my youngest sis, adik ayu at 8.20 this morning "kak long, awanis makin teruk, dah kena masuk wad"; called back home for more details, cek and ayoh dah ada kat rumah ana, my sister in tal tujuh, pasir mas

the bubbly nurul awanis bt mohd bakaruddin is hani's niece, eldest daughter to my sister ana, she's 17 years old and will be sitting for spm, in a boarding school since all this while she's getting full A's in upsr and pmr, had not been in a very good health despite of visiting so many doctors for this last two months

over the last month, hani had been on the phone with awanis for few times and been advising her to take things easy and not stressing herself for the upcoming trials and exams; well, with her being the eldest (adik2 semuanya jenis yang excellent), umi/abah's expectation being so high, the competition among the peers being so great had indirectly affects awanis. doctor's results had showed that she's suffering from tonsillitis and abnormalities of white blood cells ..

mama doakan agar awanis akan kembali sihat and be your bubbly self, hope to see you soon ..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

new me

hani's first anniversary in blogging and decided to change the image and presenting the new me - multi colored lady ..

today is the second of ramadhan and hani and family just came back from the mosque, performing isyak, sunat terawih and sunat witir; really hope that ramadhan this year will be much better than the previous years

had been cooking and today's menu is masak lemak kuning udang ngan belimbing buluh, daging and sotong goreng kunyit, dalca (kak melini bagi) and ikan goreng with ulam2an, we'd longan and ice cream soda too; as for kueh, hubby had bought kuih lompat tikam, badak berendam and tepung pelita at bch's bazaar ramadhan

yesterday hani had cooked asam pedas ikan kerapu, sotong goreng ngan sayur, ikan goreng and celur bendi for ulam; hubby had prepared sirap bandung and for kueh, aqeel had cooked his favourite ondeh-ondeh

Friday, August 21, 2009

JTAR escapade

friday, with aamal and aqeel, hani went to jalan tengku abd rahman (JTAR) for the escapade. it'd been a routine for hani to parade along this road before ramadhan and this year is also a no exception .. stalls for ramadhan bazaar are still not there and with the H1N1 in the air, not that many people were seen

my kids will try hard to avoid this place but yesterday, pity chomel and chomboy, they were forced to follow and hani had grabbed few boxes of kurma yusoff tayoob to be distributed to my closest family and friends. new shades, perfume and tudung were chosen and guess, hani'll be coming again before ramadhan ends

we left to setiawangsa for kenny rogers for lunch before collecting aqeel's stuff in hostel since school closes till 31st august .. selamat menyambut ramadhan al mubarak

Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy saturday

as early as 9 am saturday, 15 august, we left to batu 18 hulu langat for 'acara mmege poso' with the sms clans. well ramadhan is approaching and we'd planned for a get-together at one of the clans piece of land; it's very serene and beautiful ..

a friend, en suhaimi had sponsored kambing and dr zainal had volunteered to be the chef; very yummy nasi arab dimasak dalam kambing yang dibakar dalam tanah.

while waiting for the main dish masak, kami dijamu dengan beranika jenis buah2an tempatan, ada yang bawa durian, cempedak, rambutan, pulasan, dokong, duku and macam-macam lagi. dari pagi lagi kami dapat menikmati nasi belauk lauk ikan dan roti jala ngan ayam kuzi yang dibawa oleh clans ..

this is the finished product and it's really yummy and delicious, guess dr nal boleh jadi a good chef bila dah letih jadi surgeon nanti; we really eat and laugh ..

after 3 pm, we had to bade goodbye to the clans since my sis-in-law, kak ani abang zul pindah ke rumah baru in bukit puchong. from hulu langat to puchong, it's quite a distance and bila kami sampai kat rumah baru, only her son zarul and family yang ada cos yang lain were still in selayang for the last lorry trip. aqeel and hubby were full of sweat, maklum laa barang2nya banyak, she'd been staying in the same house for more than 25 years

mak ngah had bought a gated semi-d in bukit puchong with a 20 feet tanah tepi and it's a beautiful house; guess untuk mengemas nii will take the whole of ramadhan ..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

fardhu ain

alhamdulillah, semalam at 2 pm, hani menjadi tuan rumah untuk kelas fardhu ain datin nik noraini di bandar country homes. it's a big event and almost 50 ladies were there; tq jah, kak liza, ella, kak ani, kasmani who came all the way, nd anak beranak and the normal bch ladies yang telah memeriahkan majlis ..

tq yang tak terhingga to hasan@z, hubby ku yang telah sanggup mengambil cuti just to help me out in the kitchen, maklumlaa kita nii kan without a maid; my chomel is having her viva at 11 am thursday and it'd been two days since hani met her. aqeel is back home from hostel due to demam and batuk and aliff just left to melaka

since early morning, my brother nd had came to help us to clear the space .. hani decided to cook 4 kilos of nasi dagang, gulai darat 5 ekor ayam, jelatah nenas, timun and carrot as well as nasi impit and kuah kacang, no kuih muih was decided cos ada instincts that my close buddies will be bringing along. true enough, since 10 pagi, kak asiah abang din bawa caramel, then wati and kak melini bawa puding jagung and kuih sagu, kak faizah brought along cucur udang, jah bawa apam kukus and bengkang keladi, ella with her cake, kak liza ngan jam tarts and kak tengku bawa sebotol sirap siam; tq so much to all

my thanks also goes to luna, mike and aamal who came home just in time to wash the dishes siap ngan baju melayu bersamping and berbaju kurung pink lagi, their group's theme for the final presentation ..

it's the last class before ramadhan and class fardhu ain will resume back only after raya ...

Friday, August 7, 2009

sad week

it'd been a sad week since my last entry
  • to date, 14 people had passed away due to H1NI in the country
  • had received a call from my best friend saying that she'd just came back from hospital, her pneumonia gets worst in haze
  • terasa rindu kat an old friend and had smsed her but was a little shocked when she replied that she's having a health problem and still not ready to accept visitors
  • a clan's wife is still in umsc after 2 weeks at ampang puteri and till today, belum boleh detect sakit apa-apa; she's been complaining of severe pain kat semua sendi2 and at times, hardly recognize orang
  • a doctor, also another clan's wife is recovering from operation, she'd removed few stones from the gall bladder
  • just came back from visiting a clan's sister, pn roslina, a 44-year old lady who'd passed away this afternoon at serdang hospital due to burst of brain tumor (tumor was not known before) - alfatihah and takziah to pn azmah & family
* to all - life is too short and make full use of the short time left unto us

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nisfu syaaban

.. mari beramal

hari ini, khamis 6hb ogos 2009 ialah nisfu syaaban; hari mustajab doa, disunatkan berpuasa disiang hari dan membaca surah al-ikhlas sebanyak 1000 kali

maghrib semalam, di masjid, surah yaasin dibaca 3 kali; yg pertama untuk murahkan rezeki, yang kedua untuk panjangkan umur dan yang ketiga untuk tetap dan kuatkan iman

pertengahan malam, lakukan solat sunat, semasa qiam istifar sebanyak 11 kali dan baca selawat sebanyak 11 kali

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

haze, haze go away

after almost a week in heavy haze, alhamdulillah it rained this morning; tho' it's not a heavy one, it's just nice to clear a little of it

back home, hani is busy cooking since my eldest handsome is home for a week break and my chomel is busy with her short drama script writing for her FYP; just sent my youngest chomboy back to hostel on monday cos our weekends were too hectic and after his complaint "ngapa sekolah aqeel tak cuti while sekolah2 teknik yang lain dapat cuti a week due to H1N1''

lately nii, hani was a bit sad and confused after hearing the news that one of my best friend's husband is seriously involved with a younger lady since to me she's excellent ..