Thursday, December 29, 2011

bye bye 2011

another 2 days before the year 2011 bading us good bye and welcoming the new year 2012 .. really pray that this new year will be a better year for all of us ..

december 2010 - hubby and hani were very busy preparing for our only daughter, aamal's wedding whereas our youngest son, aqeel is struggling for his spm exam and aliff, our eldest son secured a stable job and had introdeuced us to his girlfriend .. alhamdulillah those episodes had turned out to be the beginning of a good and prosperous year to all of us ..

after their honeymoon in hongkong, aamal had decided to quit her hectic job and stayed home for a while. aqeel went to driving classes before the spm results are announced and aliff & nadia had tied their engagement in march and the wedding is scheduled to be in october 2011, currently nadia is a medical officer in seremban and both of yhem commute from nadia's residence in puchong ..

all this while, aqeel wants to be a pilot and he'd accumulated articles about pilot academies and their very expensive fees ... once the spm result is announced and after much persuasion, aqeel had opted to do foundation in business management at msu in shah alam and stayed in the hostel. tho being the youngest in the family, aqeel had shown a very high leadership quality and chosen to be the student leader for foundation students. alhamdulillah, aqeel had scored in his first term exam ..

najmi was back to the shore and aamal had done some part time job as photographer here and there. most of the time, aamal is managing anas easkey, the popular photographer in malaysia. in july 2011, najmi had decided to take a break from his job and enroliing for a full time one year master programme in akademi laut malaysia (ALAM), melaka, he is only back during weekends. now, aamal had secured a full time job in one of the production house in setapak and most of the working days, she'll be in sri gombak, her mom-in-law's house ..

aliff and nadia had really worked hard for their wedding which is just seven months after the engagement. her mom being away in saudi arabia and elder sister in the southern region, nadia had excelled in her sole preparation whilst completing her housemanship in hkl. exact dates and venues are then confirmed and all of us are looking forward for the event. we had decided to hold just a small reception for the groom side and had scouted for halls, alas we had confirmed to hold the majlis menyambut menantu in mokhdar resort which was previously known as duta plams resort .. alhamdulillah, majlis pernikahan selamat dilangsungkan di masjid terapung puchong perdana pada pagi sabtu 15hb oktober dengan mas kawen rm300 dan wang hantaran sebanyak rm20111. majlis resepsi sebelah pengantin perempuan telah diadakan dengan meriahnya pada sebelah malam di taman tasik putrajaya. pada malam sabtu minggu berikutnya, 22hb oktober sekali lagi keluarga nadia telah membuat majlis kenduri di kampungnya, masjid tanah melaka di mana kedua2 pengantin telah diarak menggunakan tandu diiringi dengan percikan bunga api. pihak kami telah mengundang kurang dari 500 orang jemputan ke majlis menyambut menantu pada hari sabtu berikutnya, 29hb oktober ke mokhdar resort country homes rawang. seminggu kemudian, kami telah menjamu laksa dan nasi daging korban di rumah ayah di pasir mas kelantan sempena majlis memperkenalkan menantu menantu kami kat kampung ... all the photos ada kat hani's facebook albums ..

since being a pensioner, hani had not been visiting klinik dr jamil in tasik puteri and guess it's a good sign .. medical checkup is normally done and alhamdulillah, both hubby and hani had not been suffering from any major hypertension, diabetise and heart problem. hani's migraine had subsided but am on the lower level of blood pressure. hubby is a smoker since 13 and he had avoided many appointments ..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

dearest ayoh

haji abdullah daud @ cekgu lloh, 80 is hani's mentor and he is my beloved father who had devoted all his time, money and energy to his seven children. jumaat 25 nov lalu setelah mengambil air sembanhyang untuk ke masjid bagi menunaikan sembahyang jumaat, ayoh telah jatuh terduduk yang menyebabkan tulang belakangnya patah dan retak ... rumah ayoh dikampung telah diupgrade where the bathrooms are fully tiled and so are the floorings .. semasa kejadian, ayoh had closed the room door and noone realised that ayoh was in there till ayu, youngest sister noticed that his car was still under the porch at 1.30pm ..

ayu had shouted to cek who was bathing her father (hani's grand father is 107 years and staying with mum) upon opening the door and ayoh was there flat on his hips and groaning in pain. ayoh could not move his body but trying to mumble something ... ayu had texted all of us in kl asking what to do next ..

cek had called din, ana's hubby, another sister who's staying not far from cek's house to help ayoh since lan, aya's hubby was at work. lepas solat jumaat, din came and so was the tukang urut ... upon receiving the message from ayu, dearest darling had asked hani to go home with the earliest flight on saturday and hani was at ayoh's bed for 2 weeks ..

being the eldest, hani had persuaded ayoh to go for full medical checkup and the x-ray had showed that the 4th spinal bone patah and ada serpihan. cekgu lloh refused to be warded and we had brought him home .. he's into the normal and traditional medicine until his another appointment on the 3rd jan 2012

alhamdulillah, cekgu lloh had been better tho his movements are still limited and with the aid of a squared cane @ tongkat kaki empat, he's now able to go to the toilet and tv hall ... alhamdulillah ALLAH

bestie ..

dearest hubby had presented hani with an ipad2 middle of the year ie before ramadhan this year .. initially hani was not that happy cos am expecting for a jewelley set, konon nak buat basahan kat rumah ... a gift is still a gift, so terpaksa accept

the whole of ramadhan, the ipad banyak digunakan untuk bacaan alquran but most of the games being downloaded are more for papa and aqeel .. normally hani will only be using the ipad for facebooking .. by the way, aliff & nadia as well as aamal & najmi has their own ipad2 ...

as time passed, guess the ipad has been hani's bestie cos it's very handy and user friendly. putera puteriku had downloaded hani's kind of games such as scrable and tetris. had been spending hours and hours of hani's freetime with it and ... tq so much dearest darling for the gift

beautiful quotes ..

more beautiful quotes to be shared after months of silence and this wall are fithy rich with webs ..

1. i asked life "why are you so difficult?" ... Life smiled and said "because you never appreciate anything that's easy"
2. i am an artist, i paint on a smile .. i am an actor, i i hold back the tears .. i am a doctor, i try to fix the broken heart
3. trust is like the glue of life, it holds everything together ... if you don't have it, your relationship wont be able to stick together
4. happiness is like a butterfly, the more you pursue it, the more it will fly away ... relax and take your time and it will come in itself and rest in your shoulders
5. dream about your ideal life, focus on it until you know exactly whay it looks like ... then wake upand do at least one thing everyday to make it a reality
6. sorry works when mistake is made, but sorry does not work when trust is broken ... so in life, do make mistakes but never break the trust
7. if he's an apple and you are an orange, celebrate your differences, make a great fruit salad ... love isn't about being the same, it's about being sweet with each other
8. if there's hope in the future .. there is power in the present
9. we have all been hurt by words before ... so before you speak think about how your words might affect someone else
10. death is not the greatest loss in life ... the greatest loss is when relationship dies inside us while we are still alive
11. true beauty is when someone shows you generosity, kindness or trust ... real beauty is seen in someone's action, not their reflections
12. love me, and i will move mountains to make you happy ... hurt me, and i will drop those mluntains on your head
13. for you they could be words .. for others they are swords, so be careful when you speak
14. if what you see by the eye doesn't please you, then close your eyes and see by the heart ... because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever
15. never chase love, affection or attention .. if it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having
16. the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch with, never say a word .. and walk away freely like it was the best conversation you ever had
17. others can stop you temporarily, you are the only one who can do it permanently
18. sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people .. if they care, they will notice, if they don't, you know where you stand
19. the importance of a person is never measured by the place that fills in your life .. but by the emptiness that leaves behind when the person is gone
20. never leave the one you love for the one you like .. because the one you like will leave you for the one they love
21. life is a math equation ... in order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives
22. confidence is admitting who you are, what you've done and loving yourself for what you've become .. no matter what others think of you
23. don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion
24. nothing destroys iron than it's own rust .. similarly, nothing destroys a person but his own ego
25. being in a relationship isn't about the dates or showing off .. it's about being with someone who makes you happy in a way no one else can
26. there is no limit to what can be accomplished, when noone cares who gets the credit
27. i have friends who don't drive limo or porshe .. but would walk in the rain with me