Monday, March 19, 2012

wish ..

as hani had updated the status in fb: how i wish my parents are here with me .. saturday 25th feb 2012, the first time hani boarded a plane home for cek's health reason since all this while it was ayoh who had not been so healthy; ayoh @ cekgu lloh is almost 12 years older than dearest mom @ cek ..

cek is suffering from severe fatique and tiredness which leads to insomnia and absence of appetite .. she suffered from irregular pulse rate which leads to problem of the heart and little blood stain in her urine; cek is so tired and unable to do much house work. hani wish that am able to lend a helping hand in this situation but distance is a hinderance. so many times, we had pestered cek and ayoh to stay with us in rawang and take a break from kampung, but still we receive a negative reply from them ..

with hani fully staying home, am able to cook for them and guess, it's much easier and more varieties of food choice available here .. during the day, hani is home alone and our pondok is so quiet and very serene for recuperating .. but as of now, both cek and ayoh are still not willing to leave behind their home and the surrounding ..

really wish that one fine day, cek and ayoh will be with hani here .. YA ALLAH, SIHATKAN DAN PULIHKAN KEDUA2 ORANG TUAKU

Sunday, March 11, 2012

al fatihah ..

lately, hani had been busy running around .. since hani's last posting, mum @ cek was not that well since she had lost her apetite and her migrain is getting from bad to worse by days; guess cek must be sooo tired in handling atok yasin who at the age of 107 is not able to take care of himself, ayoh @ cekgu lloh who's recuperating from his fall and sis aya, who'd just given birth to baby boy, mohamad naufal afham roslan a month ago ..

tq so much dearest hubby for letting hani balik kampung utk jaga cek and ngan aamal, hani had taken the earliest flight back on saturday 25th feb. youngest sister, ayu and niece, nabilah had awaited for us at the airport and we'd stopped over at kopitiam kita in kota bharu for breakfast. hani was so shocked bila sampai je kat pondok cek & ayoh, cos cek is so thin and was on drip kat rumah. actually the family had urged cek to be warded but she had refused and hani had consoled her again and again .. alhamdulillah, we managed to bring cek to the emergency ward husm kubang kerian; ayu, nabilah, aamal was with hani thru out the nite .. after the ultrasound and x-ray, cek is diagnosed with slight problem in the heart since her pulse rate is not constant and small stones in the kidney. cek had asked the doctor to be discharged and after completing 4 bottles of drip, cek is given an appoinment to see the specialist on monday, 19th march .. we reached home just in time for azan subuh. brothers anuzi and aar & family dah sampai balik dari kl to be by cek's bed ..

that same day, hani had received many phone calls from uncles and aunties saying that my grandfather, atok yasin who used to be under cek's care dah nazak kat rumah adik cek, cek ngah di kampung to'uban. since cek is still very weak, we left her with ayoh and we go visiting atok yasin .. on monday, with cek, who really insist to be with her father, ayoh and aamal (who's gonna fly back to kl with the latest flight) we visited atok gain and recited few rounds of yasssin .. atok passed away at 2.30am on tuesay 28th feb 2012 .. al fatihah and semoga ditempatkan bersama2 orang yang beriman ..

kat kampung, tahlil is done sampai malam ke7 and every nite is nasi hidang .. hani managed to be there every nite and had bade goodbye to cek and ayoh on wednesday, 7th march ie after 12 days away from dearest darling .. really pray that both cek and ayoh will be on their feet soon