Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27th anniversary ..

this year, it was on tuesday and the kids had decided to celebrate our 27th anniversary at fullhouse giza sunway. najmi had finally arrived home after a 3-month stint in labuan and the next day, is nadia's 26th birthday ..

we were there at 8.30pm and the food ordered was awesome, tq so much najmi. we'd received a set of 4 mugs and bowls from nadia & aliff whereas najmi & aamal had presented mama with chocolates and a carton of cigarettes to mr mama ..

thanks ALLAH for giving me the best despite of small hiccups here and there .. the birth of aliff, aamal & aqeel and seeing them grow to become who they are now is really the joyous moment ..

and to darling dearest, pls stay the way you are cos the inner you had really tied hani down .. insyaallah there will be more glorious and golden anniversaries to celebrate

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

friends ..

am praying that all hani's friends are in the finest of health and strong wealth. this list will be expanded from time to time and insyaallah, this page will always be edited as and when is necessary ..

guess all of us feel the same when dealing with friends .. the longer we know someone, the closer we feel tho we hardly meet and see them ..
  • zakiah ismail - we were classmates in the primaries (year 1 to year 6) before hani left to be in boarding school. being from the same kampung, we tend to cross path once a while till recently, hani was informed she's battling with bone cancer. during hani's short trip back home recently, tried to visit her but she was admitted in husm and no visitors allowed .. praying that 'mek' yah (our clan's nickname) banyak2 bersabar dan tabah menghadapi segalanya
  • rohaya abdullah - we are distant cousins but were together in boarding school and used to share beautiful and sweet memories. aya is now happily married and staying far away from us, the clans. we hardly see each other except for family functions and raya celebrations and do really pray that she's as healthy as ever ..
  • aznoran mohd noor - another distant cousin and we grew up together in the boarding school. noran is a successful engineer before she suffered from a disease. now, noran is still recuperating in her home sweet home in seremban. berdoa agar noran pulih dan sembuh macam sediakala ..
  • naimah othman - known as naim and hailed from kuching sarawak, we were dormates in asrama kenanga itm shah alam during our 1st year diploma. we were from different faculty where naim did insurance and hani was in the engineering. we were closed buddies besides azizah ahmad (food technology) and musirah muhamad (accountancy). all of us went our own ways upon graduating and had never crossed path .. till recently, we managed to meet and rekindled our friendship and sad to know that naim is still alone despite of being so 'hot' in her younger days
  • yati - hani didn't really know her full name since we just get acquainted recently. actually yati is the wife to hani's clan, asri muda. soon, they will be leaving to sudan since asri had sworn in to be the malaysian ambassador. tho we'd just met, hani feels that she's just one of us since we clicked immediately. bon voyage to yati & asri and insyaallah, we'll pay you all a visit one day ..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

salam salam salam

it'd been a while since nukilan hani was revisited .. nothing and no one is to be blamed except own self since hani is very occupied with 'mim aliff lam sin' MALAS ..

guess hani had been increasing few inches on the waist size and the mind is preoccupied with what's cooking had slower down the activities ..
  • had not been going out for jogging since december 2010
  • had not been on the treadmill since it's now in state of 'major fault'
  • had been baking at least 2 cakes a week - aqeel's home and he loves to eat
  • likes to cook lunch and dinner cos now so lazy to go out for simpler meals
  • been couch potato for hours in front of tv
  • spending more hours on fb

before things get more worst, hani had to change my lifestyle and looking forward to wear a beautiful kebaya on aliff's wedding, inshaallah this coming october .. wish me luck dear friends